Don’t Appreciate me God has A Plan

No,no,no the one that’s there gets no respect. Why? I mean it makes no sense. How many men would appreciate hot meals, back rubs, fresh hair cuts for free? Well, that hubby didn’t. Oh no. What kind of man looks at his wife on the ground and doesn’t try to help her up? Terrible.

Why would a husband try to compete with his wife? A wife isn’t a competitor. She’s a wife. You’re suppose to care for her and cherish her. My goodness. Why wouldn’t you spend time with your children? Selfish. Trying to make your wife look bad and trying to claim my ideas. Get your own. Laughing at me when I’m in pain. Is that what husbands are suppose to do?

Getting upset when you don’t get your way. “Stand on Your Feet.” Stop relying on your mother to get everything for you. Shopping like there’s no tomorrow and putting all your orders in my name. I don’t wear men watches, size 11 Lebron shoes, and I don’t need to order clothes I’m not going to wear. That’s how water and lights get shut off. Don’t worry. Your mom will cover for you. From Boy to boy. Sometimes men aren’t allowed to be men. Perhaps they should “stand alone.”

How many husbands are envious of their wives or children’s achievements? That’s not how it’s suppose to be. You should support your children. Encourage them to do better. You should want them to excel. If the husband is out of order then the whole family is out of order. The husband is the head and the leader. He should be guiding his children and setting an example.

Becoming angry when they put your shoes on. Well, you took the shoes away, what kid wouldn’t want a nice pair of shoes on their feet? They may say, “I want some Lebron shoes,” seiko watch or some MCM beats. The ones that make good grades should receive something. Everything for yourself. Spending like crazy and allowing your mother to take care of you. Shame, shame, shame. Men should be men. No relationship with your children is just awful.

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