You can’t be an Achiever by Giving up

Some people will want you to stop doing what you love. They may try to detour you away from your dreams for lots of reasons but what if you decided to give it up? Would you be happy with that decision? Probably not. We can’t give up on things just because people expect us to. We should pursue our dreams and find the path that will take us to where we want to be.

We should want to conquer those things that we feel passionate about. We have to continue to believe in ourselves and stay on the path that will take us to our greatness. If we listen to the noise then we will stop or at least have setbacks. No one can live our lives for us so therefore it should be up to us to strive for success. Even when people think we’re unsuccessful. We should think success. Feel it and breath it.

Our gifts have a right to be utilized. We shouldn’t feel the need to hide our gifts. W will come across people who would rather not see us succeed and that’s just apart of life. We should want it more and we should want to prove them wrong.  Too many people give up on their dreams because they care so much about what people think. We should care about people but we shouldn’t allow them to dictate our lives.

Believe in yourself and refuse to give up. The challenges will arise but that shouldn’t mean that we’re unable to make progress. Our success is based on our thoughts. If we think “success” then we will become successful but if our thoughts our focused on what others have to say then we won’t be driven to be better. The process may be slow but if we believe wed’ll get there then we’ll get there.

In order to reach a certain level of success. We have to allow positivity in. Negativity will hinder us and it’s a distract that we could do without. People won’t always be happy with our movement but if we can make ourselves glad then that’s success in itself. Be determined despite what others think or say. There will always be someone who will try to ride our coat tail. They will try to knock us down but even if we fall. We should get back up and move, move, move.

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Life is Filled With ups and Downs

There will come a time when we feel a life’s blow. We may through some unbelievable things and wonder how we’ll get through them. It can be rough at times but if we’re filled with hope then we can come out of it like a champ. Have you ever been through somethings and felt as if it was going to eat you alive? Well, we can feel that way at times, especially when we have to deal with so many things at once.

Sometimes we have to find a place where we can gather our thoughts and try to deal with the things that arise the best that we can. No one can or should expect no troubles. We will go through something and when we do. It’s best that we have a support system but if there’s no support system available then we need to pray our way through. Of course prayer and works will help us obtain solutions.  We will be challenged sometimes it’s for a moment and other times it’s for long periods of time.

Although we may experience some pressure and some distress. We can surely overcome any obstacles that heads our way. We won’t face anything that we’re unable to handle but if we allow it to handle us then we can suffer a breakdown. When there’s on problem, there’s two, and three. It’s how we handle the problems that make the difference. Life is filled with all sorts of problems. We’ll have some good days and we’ll have some bad days. What we do with those days really matter.

Sometimes it takes us awhile to learn how to deal with the complexities in life. We may not know exactly how to deal with them at first but with time we’ll be able to handle them better. Sometime we allow our problems to get the best of us. We may try to deal with them and sometimes we’ll need some assistance dealing with our problems. Problems are apart of this world and we will have to learn how to deal with them.

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Be Encouraged the Road Isn’t Easy to Travel but it’s Worth it

Who ever said that going after your dreams would be easy? If someone said it well, I don’t believe it, it’s not easy and there’s no need to sugar coat. If it was easy then everyone will attempt to do it.  Sometimes people stay clear of complex things. They may feel uncomfortable trying to pursue their dreams. They may listen to naysayers and believe that they’re undeserving of making a difference. If no one else encourages us. We should at least encourage ourselves and proceed with confidence.

There will be times when we second guess our decision but we shouldn’t allow that thought to hinder us. Anyone trying to do something bold will have to deal with issues. If we keep going. Everything will come together. We should come in contact with those who believe in vision. Those who don’t understand may feel comfortable and that could create friction. When we come in contact with those who are unwilling to see our vision. We should pray for them and proceed.

There’s always hope even in the darkest situations. Life is difficult so we should expect some difficulties when we’re trying to succeed. Success doesn’t come easy and there will be times when tears and sweat roll down our skin. Don’t allow fear to settle in. Fear can cause anyone to stop or refuse to start something. We’re all talented and why shouldn’t we share our talents? “Shine Your Light.” Too many people stop pursuing the things they love because of opinions.

Find your niche and stick with it. Inspire someone to travel on the road to success. There’s so many that want to pursue their dreams but are unaware how to go about doing so. The first thing one needs to do is remove fear and then make the first move towards their goals. Goals are meant to be accomplished. They don’t have to sit somewhere and collect dust. Make it better for yourself by being fearless.

Success isn’t easily earned but it’s possible to accomplish it. Our mindsets will have a lot to do with it. Yes, there will be days that we feel fatigued, there will be days that we wonder if it’s worth it. It’s worth it. There’s pain and there’s gain. We will be rewarded for our efforts but we shouldn’t settle for being mediocre. We should want to be great. In order to be great we must be willing to keep traveling on the road that will lead us to where we want to be.

Getting Over the Adversity

Everyone goes through something. Some face more challenges than others. What we go through could either make us stronger or could take a lot out of us. We will shed those tears and we may allow doubt to make its way in but we shouldn’t allow it to have a permanent residence. Although we must face trials. Trials are meant to teach us something and we should go through them with stride. Just because we weep that doesn’t mean that we’re weak.

It takes a lot of strength to endure a lot of the things we have to endure in this world. We’ll come in contact with people who will teach us lessons and they’ll even cheer us on. We shouldn’t forget those people who help us along the way. We shouldn’t forget those who add value to our lives. Everyone needs help and for those who think that they don’t. They will soon find out that they’re wrong.

“Encouragement” helps us get through those tough times. Even if there’s only one person to encourage us to do better. That makes a world of difference but we shouldn’t refrain from encouraging ourselves. We should be our biggest fans. It’s not easy dealing with the situations and circumstances that’s handed to us but we’re able to come through them. We can stand up tall and claim “survivor.” Surviving is the most rewarded experience.

Some people suffer tragedy after tragedy and they show strength by continuing to tell their story. We end up further when we go through those complexities. When we face those long days, we should be thankful for them, those days add something that we really need. We can rise above it all but we must have the mindset to do so. Sometimes we have a pity party. The Why me syndrome. That could cause us to suffer a decline if we don’t quickly release it from our thoughts.

Making progress is something we should want. Being able to get over those things that have created setbacks for us is truly a blessing. Forgiving those who have hurt us deeply will release a lot of pressure off our hearts and minds. Taking steps to get to the next level is apart of the process. I’ve cried many nights and worry invaded my territory but I’m getting better. The more I pray the better it gets. Don’t despair when you have to face adversity. Adversity builds us up. Take it and allow it to create a better you.

“Allow Adversity to Build and Create a new you”

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The Days Offer Improvement

Are we really wasting time? Even if we make a tiny step, that tiny step is improvement, we mad an accomplishment. It’s a wonderful feeling when we decide to make improvements on ourselves. It takes courage to do so and we should take advantage of improving our lives when the days are offered to us. How many people refrain from improving in some way? They may fear not being accepted because they’ve changed in some way.

Whether we improve our skills or improve our minds. Improvements are a way for us to flourish. There’s so many ways to improve. We have 7 days in the week to do so. One of the ways we can improve is to believe that we will get better. Listening to motivational messages will help us and creates better environments. The more that we improve. The better our world will be.

Improvements occur when we surround ourselves with those who encourage people to strive for the best. If we surround ourselves with those who are striving to improve then it’s highly likely that we will want to do the same. Those who disapprove of our changes will only bring us down and we should continue on the path of improvement. There’s choices in that matter. One can either limit their time with people who tea us down or one can completely eliminate them from their lives.

Positive thoughts will inspire us to be better people. Helping others is apart of improvement. Removing toxic people out of our lives is a great way to help us live better lives. Toxicity can cause us to experience a decline. Improving ourselves will help us help others “improve.” A little movement is better than none at all and if we’re making some progress then we should be thankful for that.

Society could use more “growth.” If we all make even the smallest changes then we will see our society improve. It won’t be perfect but it will be better and better is a whole lot of improvement. Everyone can benefit from working on themselves. Working on ourselves will encourage others to do the same. When they notice positive changes within us then they will be willing to place those positive changes with themselves.

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Love has to be in it

If you want to achieve something rather big or small. You need to put love in it all. “Love” will keep things going, it allows us to stay motivated, it makes us do things outside of the box. If you’re passionate about something then no one can stop your flow. They can try but that love conquers. It drives and it delivers.

Some may not accept how much love you put in yoir work or daily activities. It may drive them mad but that just shows how strong that love is. Don’t worry about the ones who are unable to love. “Spread the love” and everything will fall into place. Smile when achieving the goals. There’s people out there who are afraid to take a leap so they won’t demonstrate love.

We work better when we put love in our work. We grow stronger through love. If we despise our duties then we won’t fair well in them. No matter how many people hate on your achievements. Don’t stop. Put more love into it. Love harder, stronger, lomger. There should be joy in “movement.” How can anyone get anywhere when they don’t like what they’re doing?

Not everyone will understand where you’re headed and they may try to send the dogs on you. Love them, move through the hate, and know that great achievers have to go through some pain. The pain won’t last always. It does get better just keep loving. There’s always someone who want to see you make it. The important thing is to make sure you make it.

Focus on that path and keep moving ahead. It may take some time to get that destination but if you believe you can do it and if you love it. Move, move, move. Some may try to take your love away because they don’t want to see you achieve anything at all. That should make one go harder. No matter how much hate surrounds you. Love anyway.

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Your Vision Isn’t for Everyone

“Never Give up on Your Dreams.” Oh yes, there’s people hoping that you stop what you’re doing, but don’t stop. They will try to discourage you and undermine everything you try to accomplish. That shouldn’t be but it is. Unfortunately we can’t control people’s mindsets but we can try to reach our goals.

If you don’t try. You’ll never know what could have been. So it’s better to give it your all and be thankful that you have the gift. Sometimes people are less receptive of others ideas because they don’t understand them. That’s alright. Your “vision” isn’t for everyone. In fact no one should want everyone in their vision because some people are vision destroyers.

That’s why you hear so many people telling others to stop telling everyone about their ideas. Not everyone will be happy about it and envy exist. Sometimes you’ll have to work alone. Sometimes you will have to tune people out in order to get things done. No matter how tough it gets, keep going, and “keep believing.” Some people are intimated by people following their dreams. They may have an idea that your abilities will take you far and they may want to trip you up.

No one is immune to adversity. We all will face it and some of us will face it more than others. If you know you’re on the right track then stick with it. Don’t allow noise makers to hindet your goals. They will try to do it but you must be strong enough to endure it all. Turning back shouldn’t be an option. Those who are afraid to live their dreams will try to rain on other people’s dreams.

Listen to inspirational pieces. Watch motivational videos and most importantly. Surround yourself around visionaries and positive people. Don’t allow the negativity to drawn you out. Everyone has a right to do what they love. They have a right to live their dreams and they shouldn’t be made to feel bad about it.

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