Make it Happen Despite the Twists and Turns

Life will challenge you. There will be times where you’ll have to push a little harder. No matter how hard things seem don’t feel defeated. Our thoughts may try to dicourage us from meeting our full potential. The ups and downs will come along and the ins and outs. We will have to duck and sometimes dodge.

The harder it is the more accomplished we’ll be. We must face the hardships but with determination we can get through them. Strength is generated through continuous action. When we’re in the war zone. We need to think of ways of coming out of it in one piece. Our abilities are great. Sometimes we become a bit fearful when we hit with lots of challenges at one time. If we don’t go through the mess then we won’t grow the way that we should.

We can surpass the hard stuff. We can overcome the negatives. Some will tell us that we’re not capable of doing this task or that task because they refused to withstand it. Be bold and jump over those hurdles. We’re built strong but because we allow our minds to get the best of us. We end up slipping. There’s nothing that we can not bare. We may think that we won’t do well with the challenges that come before us.

Don’t settle for anything less than excellent. If we don’t face adversity then we won’t reach excellence. Everyone won’t go through the same obstacles. We’re different and we’ll start different we may finish in different manner. Whatever we face, we’re built to face it, we shouldn’t feel as if we won’t come through it. There may be some scrapes and bruises but they will heal. Our mindset will determine whether we come through it like soilders. The troubles are somewhere waiting but we have the armor to defeat troubles. Be brave and get through it somehow.

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Jump Over it if you Have to

Let no man stop you. No one can stop God’s plan. Not one. We sometimes immobilize ourselves by our thoughts. Someone throws something out there and we start to “believe” it. Who are they? Who can tell you what you can and cannot do? You can but if you want. I wouldn’t suggest telling yourself that you can’t do something. If an obstacle gets in the way. Jump over it and “keep moving.”

If we want to do something extraordinary then we will need to think “extraordinary.” It starts with our thoughts. Sometimes we fall prey of the pity myself syndrome. We shouldn’t do that. There’s a lot that we can accomplish but we can’t do it if we’re fearful and if we haven’t allowed positive thinking in. We should start “inspiring” ourselves then inspire others.

It takes courage to be “different” to not go with the crowd. So many have fallen because they decided to follow the crowd. We should want to be unique. We all have something to offer and why should we allow some challenges to hinder us or defeat us? We can do some great things by “transforming the mind.” When we believe it can be done then it can.

Having will power is very important. Being motivated and determined is something we’ll need when wanting to conquer something great. Greatness is within us and although we may not always show it. It’s there. Get over the hurdles. Jump, run, and even if you walk over it. That will do.  Utilize your gives and be courageous.

“Don’t Give up on Your Dreams.” It doesn’t matter what anyone tells you. We all have the ability to perform, take action, and progress. Not everyone will attempt to do it. It’s up to them but we shouldn’t hide our talents and gifts. We’re blessed. We can do amazing things because God has instilled it in us but He gives us choice. We may not talk or behave like His son Jesus but we are created to (Amaze). Do some great things. Help others and be what God called you to be. It’s that time. It’s “uplifting” time. Spread some love. LOVE.

“Keep the Soil”

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Utilize as Many Sources as you can

There’s money to be made but we have to know where to search and what is best for us. For some having one source of income will be sufficient but for others they will need to combine numerous sources in order to see the light at the end of the tunnel. That’s basically what it’s like being a freelancer. We have the flexibility but we must not rely on one resource. It can be unpredictable and we never know when clients will stop paying or sites go under so putting more eggs in the basket is smart.

Some days we’ll do pretty well and others may seem a bit slow. That’s how it is sometimes but there’s comfort in knowing that we can pick up and go anytime we need to. We shouldn’t settle for less when we can have the best. We should do some research to find what options we have when we need to combine resources in order to make a living. At times it can be quite challenging and other times it’s as simple as ABC.

We’ll learn that sometimes we may have to take on tasks that may seem tedious. If we want to move we’ll have to accept somethings that many may laugh at but we’re looking for end results. Sometimes you have to start small in order to get the big fish. Don’t despair when there’s a little coming in at some point. More will come with continuous effort. Having many resources down’t mean that you have to work yourself to death. You can work fewer hours and still make a living.

As long as we try to do something then there will be production. If we don’t give up then we’ll see “progression.” There’s progress even when the movement is slow. There’s action taking place even when it doesn’t seem like it. We can make good on doing many tasks and those tasks may not require us to drain our energy. So don’t think that you’re not accomplishing anything when you’re doing freelance work.

You can accomplish a lot,especially when you put many resources together, it can make a big difference. Don’t worry about the traditional workers laughing at you. They don’t realize that freelancers are on to something.

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Look Pass the Noise

If you ever come in contact with the burdens in life. It’s best to proceed and find your inner peace. Anytime you’re doing something that people aren’t satisfied with or don’t understand then they may you into their cloud of misery. Don’t bother because will only create bigger issues. No matter what one does or says. Someone will be dissatisfied with it. If we have something to say then we should have every right to say it and if we want to do something it’s our choice. It’s up ti us whether we want to suffer through the consequences or not.

Don’t focus on the noise that’s created to detour you from whatever you’re doing. Focus on trying to improve and focus on “growth.” Not everyone wants to see others prosper and they may not be so thrilled about others trying to reach their goals. Don’t be dismayed when there’s rocks thrown directly at the most vulnerable place on your body. The noise is set up to stop whatever the journey that you’re trying to take. Don’t feel abandoned because of the turbulence that moves about.

Someone will always deny you of something and that’s something we have to accept. Don’t stop moving because there’s boos here and there. We must understand that we’ll face adversity at some point in our lives. It can be over rather quickly or it can linger on but we must stand tall and keep moving. Allowing ourselves to tune somethings out is alright. We don’t need to take in everything. When things are stumbling we should continue to stay on the path set up for us.

We will face tough guys and gals but we’re also tough and can overcome. Our purpose can not be fulfilled if we give up. It doesn’t matter how much screams, taunts we come across, we need to make our way through all of it. We can not get anything done if we’re constantly bothered by the spectators noises. They will make noise and that’s something we may have to deal with but they can not stop our show.

Too many people have broken down because they allowed the noise from mothers take a hold of them. God gave us gifts and we allow them to “shine.” If we hide them then we’re not showing what God has placed in us. Some great people become great leaders because they went through the noise. They may have stumbled a few times but they made it. No one should give up because they had to experience the shouts and thumbs down. When there’s a thumbs down. We should have thumbs up.

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Big Dreams can Come True if we Believe

It takes a whole lot of determination in order to make those dreams come to life. A lot of bumpy roads and hills to climb. It easy one bit but is it worth it. You better believe it is. It’s worth going through the pain and the roughness. The thoughts of reaching that place of comfort certainly makes it worth it. We can’t accomplish our goals if we’re not making any preparations to do so. Not everyone will dream big. Some may not dream at all. The dreamers will think outside of the box and they believe in what they’re trying to accomplish.

Even if no one else believes in them. They will always believe that they’re capable of reaching those heights. There will be people who will try to block the journey but we should keep moving. There’s doubters and people who wonder why some dream at all. There’s nothing wrong with wanting better. In fact we should want better. If we listen to people who don’t believe that dreams come true then we won’t try to reach them.

Our mindsets have to be on the path that will lead us to comfort. Some people refuse to dream big or small out of fear. Fear hinders us in so many ways. If they remove the fear then they would move in the right direction. Sometimes we hold ourselves back by our thoughts. Dreams will have outlandish dreams and people will look at them crossed because they can’t believe they would even attempt the goals they have in mind.

Some may think that some dreams will take too long so they become impatient. Not having patience will certainly stop someone from trying to succeed. In order to succeed we have to start and we have to believe that we will be successful with whatever we’re trying to accomplish. We should be our own cheerleaders and stop thinking that we’re not capable of getting things done. We may not work as fast as we want to.

We will experience setbacks and that’s alright. A little movement is better than none at all. We have to want it so bad that it hurts. If we’re afraid of pain then we better not dream because there will be some pain. We have to constantly remind ourselves that we’re “visionaries.” There’s no way that one can stop a dreamer and a visionary. We will keep going even if we experience some setbacks.


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It Will Happen Just Know it Will

Anytime we decide to do something that will stand out or is controversial. People will react. They may not react the way that we want them to but they will react in some way. Not everyone will be happy with our goals and they may let us know just how displeased they are. Some may perceive these people as haters but they may just be dissatisfied with what’s happening in their lives. If we look beyond the spectrum then we will find that trying to bring others down will only hinder us.

We all have a “purpose” and we all have talent. Some may have to look a bit deeper but it’s there. If one decides that not to utilize their talents then that’s their choice but don’t knock others that have the courage to do so. If one throws shots at a dreamer then they are stooping to a low level. Psalms 110:1 says, “A Psalm of David. The Lord says to my Lord.: Sit at my right hand until I make Your enemies a footstool to Your feet.” When others try to pull you down. That simply means that they are behind you.

Not everyone feels the need to “uplift.” Therefore they may feel more inclined to yank someone and hope that they don’t get back up. No matter how hard people try to stop you from reaching your goals and living out your dreams. It’s up to you whether you want to give up and give in. Don’t settle for mediocre when you can have greater. Too many people have fallen victim of the crab mentality. It happens all over the world but that doesn’t mean that we have to be apart of it.

Keep shining. Display your good works and even if some bad works are displayed. They are forgiven and Man can’t do what God can do. Can get an Amen? Be encouraged and inspired to do great things. We all have the capability to inspire someone somewhere. We will come across some resistance but if we believe that we can then we can. As long as we’re here. We’re in a position to improve and get better.

The hecklers will do their jobs but we must be determined to achieve “success.” No matter how hard it gets don’t give in to defeat. There must be tears, pain, and development during the process. It won’t be easy but it will certainly be worth it. Don’t turn away from your dreams no matter how many people chase you. Failure is an option an option Tanikka Paulk refusing to take.

“Continue to Shine Your Light”

Embracing the Visionaries

We should try to spend time with those who have the same or similar goals as we do. They’re more likely to embrace and encourage those on the same path as them. If you have a “vision” then you should nurture it and be very careful with sharing it. There’s always someone somewhere waiting to sabotage your vision. Visionaries are compassionate about their dreams. They usually dream big and are determined to make sure that the dreams become reality. If we’re constantly surrounded by those who want to see us fail then we may start to believe everything that they feed us.

We should focus on our goals and help others achieve theirs.  A vision can become reality with consistent action. If we want to achieve something then we will need to have the drive to do so. Stay close to those who are dreamers. They will believe in you because someone believed in them. They will give you the pep talks and help you along the way. We must learn to tune out somethings. Every word shouldn’t be embedded in our heads. Some people will try to get us off task and they will want to use the crab mentality.

We must remain vigilant and keep going stronger then we did yesterday. We have to do more and grow but we must surround ourselves with those who believe that we can do it. Those who want to see “progress” occur. If a person refuses to accept that you’re capable of doing great things then they shouldn’t be in your space. Visionaries want to see others achieve great things. They want to be apart of “growth.”

We shouldn’t allow anyone to kick our dreams to the curb. We’re all capable of accomplishing a lot of things. We all can make a positive difference. Instead of trying to knock others down because they have contributions to offer. We should embrace them and encourage others to “make things happen.” We should especially encourage our youth. They’re visionaries as well. In fact a lot of have and are coming up with some great ideas. We should encourage them to let their gifts flourish.

If we don’t surround ourselves with those who want to see us do better then we may be hindered with our visions and dreams. If people are trying to tell us to push our dreams aside then those are the people we may want to refrain sharing our ideas and dreams with. Our visions hold value and they deserve to “shine.” We shouldn’t try to hide our gifts just because people aren’t pleased with them. We should want to rise up and continuously get better. Put those ideas into action and be very determined.

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Be Brave on Your Journey

There’s way too many people who are forfeiting their dreams due to fear. What are they afraid of? It’s possible that they’re afraid of what others may say and think. It doesn’t matter what others say because they can’t live for you. Fear hinders and it cripples us in every way. When we decide to remove the fear and be brave then that’s when we’re in a position to go further.

How can we move towards something when we’re fearful? Of course when we do something out of the norm it will make people upset but that’s life. If we don’t take opportunities then we will regret it. It takes a lot of courage to live your dreams to challenge yourself to be better than before.

We should encourage others to aim high and encourage them to inspire others. People tend to lean towards fear because they’ve heard so many horror stories about others going after their dreams. Of course it isn’t easy but it is worth it.

Anything that offers us growth and improvement is worth the heartache and pain. We can’t expect great things by not going through the roughness. Fear takes a hold of ao many people. If we go through life being fearful then we won’t accomplish the things that will offer us “growth.”

We have to challenge ourselves and we can’t do that if we’re fearful. There’s always someone who will try to encourage us to be great. If people aren’t encouraging us to do better and to go after something that will positively impact our lives then they’re the ones we don’t need in our circle. We should surround ourselves around people who want to see us achieve.

We need to do something extraordinary. Something that will not only help ourselves but others. We should be brave, strong, and inspired to advance. Sometimes we have to take the leap.

If we continue to shy away from greatness then we will stay in a mess. There’s nothing wrong with wanting better. We should be happy when we’re in a position to elevate. Remove fear and move, move, move towards greatness.

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Have to Keep Moving

If you believe you can overcome and you believe you can achieve then you can. Our mindsets are important. A mind filled with hopes and dreams can accomplish many things. If we want it then we will have to figure out a way to obtain it. Continuous effort will produce results.

We shouldn’t become discouraged if our progress is slowed down. A slow movement is still a movement. Great things can be achieved through persistence. Believing in self goes a long way. Of course it would be nice if others believed in us but the most important thing is that we believe in ourselves. Even when the hurdles make their way in our lives. We can overcome.

Everyday that we wake offers us an opportunity to grow. We can become stronger and wiser. We should allow the brightness in. Enjoy our days and complete a task or iwo. Hard work can produce a lot for us. We don’t always have to work hard. We should find the smartest way to work. We’re given gifts that we can decide to use or not.

Time moves quickly but we’re able to get a lot done in a short time period. In order to make a lot of progress. We may have to tune somethings out. Meditating will help us work better and it will help us feel better. Even when we face challenges. We can push through them. We can win battles by having faith. A dream doesn’t occur with hopelessness. It occurs with”hope.” We may have to push harder than most.

We must accept that a lot may be required from us. There’s a way to solve an issue. As we grow. We’ll figure the best solutions to our problems. A dreamer doesn’t quit. Their minds continue to ponder. Their hearts grow stronger. They’re believers and achievers. Believing it can be done is apart of “greatness.”

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Live it With a Smile

If no one stands by you or supports your “movement” or journey don’t despiar. Most people who pursue something worth pursuing in their lives will receive resistance in some way. Smile when people try to make it difficult because that means that you’re doing something that shales them. Some people may get irritated with your journey. They may wonder why you’re even bothering with a “vision.” Well, good, somehow their attention is drawn.

Smile through and through. Somewhere somehow the inspiration will flow and those who are envious will be that way but keep moving. Anytime a person decides to “advance” somehow they will receive some flack but the person who tries to move should be self supportive. Be happy that you’ve been chosen for the assignment. If people are honking then you’re on the right track.

If it wasn’t it then people wouldn’t view every move you try to make. They may try to discourage the process but praise God that you’re able to accomplish even the smallest of things. Not everyone hates but some may get irritated with something they either can’t do or refused to do. A smile can change a day.

Those who try to stop someone’s growth is insecure about change. They may not feel secure that one is trying to better themselves and help others do the same. They will try to get you off point because of fear. Competitiveness can interfere somehow and people become troubled because of it. When it’s time to “shine” then do so. When it’s time to work then do so.

Give into your passion. It’s ashame that some people whether see people standing still in order to boost their ego instead of wanting growth. It doesn’t matter what people say keep with the journey because God has a plan. Only those who are intimadated will be concerned with those trying to pursue their dreams. The cheerleaders will cheer, the hecklers will throw stones, and the critics will criticize. Smile through and through. If people are trying to stop what God has given you then that says a whole lot about where they are.

Be glad when you have an assignment. Be passionate about what you’re purposed to do. Leaders lead and encourage others to do the same while haters hate. One has to love themselves in order to not hate on others. If they try to stop what can make a positive change then they must not have too much going on in their lives. Kerp going and smile ear to ear. The promises from God won’t fail. Blessings to all.

“Smile you can and will Produce Growth”

Remember successful don’t care who tries to grow and help others do the same. It’s the insecure who have a problem. They will work hard to stop anyone’s dreams because they eother chose not to live theirs or they were afraid to do so. Live it, breath it, and smile about it.

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