It’s Simply up to you

People will try all sorts of things to try and detour us away from what we’re purposed to do. Our purpose can not be prevented. We can slow down or speed up a bit but what’s been set for us will be. It doesn’t what people say or do. They can not stop the “devine plan.” We have to tune a lot of things out in order to advance to the next level. Sometimes we’ll have to disconnect from certain people so that we’re in a position to get more done.

God already knows what we will and will not accomplish. He gives us choices. Either we follow a plan or we miss out on opportunities that are designed for us. We will experience times where we wonder what’s next. Those are crucial times. We should meditate and pray. If one doesn’t believe in prayer then they should reflect so that getting off track is avoided. Delays will occur because everything won’t go smoothly. We will learn to adjust to mishaps that will occur on our path. Of course some wonders will occur because somethings won’t make sense at first.

The more we tune out things that could hinder us the better off we’ll be. People will try to stop us from proceeding. Once we build toughness. Their efforts will lessen. Everyone is gifted and have the ability to accomplish some great things. If we don’t allow ourselves to share our talents then we will be doing a disservice to ourselves and others. As time goes on. We will learn how to deal with certain situations better.

All the hoopla that goes on will lessen. When we’re on our journey we have to continuously embed positive thoughts into our minds. If not then we will become sluggish and feel despaired. Everyday we have to tell ourselves that “we can get it done.” If we refrain from encouraging ourselves then we’ll slow down for sure. Not saying that we won’t accomplish our goals but there would be tremendous delays.

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Believe in the Possibilities

We can achieve a whole lot through action and through changing our mindsets. In order to be “productive” we should surround ourselves with positive people and positive influences. If we’re constantly in a state of negativity then our progress will be hindered. We really should set out to do better. It’s a wonderful thing to be apart of “growth.” We certainly have to believe in ourselves because if we don’t then who will? We can do great things but we must believe that we can.

Listening to negative communications could embed in our minds and that will cause us to stumble. It’s very important that we listen to those soothing melodies and listen to encouragement. Sometimes we have to stand back and just give a long sigh and then start again. Just because something is complex that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. We’ve been given many gifts but it’s up to us to utilize them. If we allow our talents and gifts to go to waste then that’s so unfortunate.

Believe that we can do more then people say that we’re capable of doing. Go the extra mile. If it won’t help us develop then we may want to tune it out. If people are overly critical then we may want to tune them out. We can’t be productive if we’re constantly accepting everything that won’t help us in any way. In fact if it isn’t helpful to you or others then let it go. We can sometimes get stuck in the belief that just because someone says it, it has to be so, not true.

It’s possible but if we don’t work towards those goals then it won’t be possible. We will have to consider a whole lot when stepping out on the possibilities. How many people can we help along the way? Will our journey be beneficial to us and our families? If so then why shouldn’t we go for it? Those who tell us that it’s impossible are the ones who were afraid to try. Trying is a step. Sometimes we’ll have to take small steps in order to reach our destination. A little movement is better than none at all.

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How to get Ahead

Anyone who’s ever tried to do something out of the norm knows the difficulties that can enter into their life goals. We can find ourselves feeling a bit worn out due to resistance from those who aren’t too pleased with the path we’ve chosen to take. We simply have to find ways that will work for us. If we don’t then we won’t be able to accomplish any goals.

The resistance will come. It doesn’t matter who you are. We have to go around it. If one way didn’t work then try the other way. The best way to get ahead is to remove toxicity. Toxins will create havoc and will slow one down tremendously. Blocking out the negatives is necessary. Our productivity will be lowered if we’re focused on the negatives.

We have to put in maximum effort and avoid those things that won’t help us elevate. If we stick to those things then we will make some headway. It really doesn’t matter who wants us to stop what we’re doing. We shouldn’t give in to it. We can’t expect growth to occur when we listen to naysayers. We will be challenged and we have the capability to “overcome” those challenges.

Our mindsets have to change. Thinking about positive events will help us stay focused so that we can elevate. Sometimes we’ll need to shut off everything but the lights and whatever source we’re using to work with. There will be times where we are extremely productive and there will be other times when we’re not as productive.

The key is to keep moving as some may say, “grinding.” We can’t allow the worldly things to prevent us from creating a future for our families. Getting ahead means putting somethings aside or away. We will have to let some people off the train. For those who are willing to assist us. We should keep them aboard. Whatever we decide. We should make sure that it’s something that will offer us “growth.”

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The Final Results Will Tell

When we’ve decided to set out on our adventure or path. We will come across lots of challenges but that doesn’t mean that it’s not worth it. If we’re so easy then everyone would be trying it. We can’t expect to be in a shell. We have to grow and growing will require that we go through some pain. Although trying to “elevate” will cause us great pain. We heal from it. Some of what we go through teaches us a lesson and other times it’s for our development.

We shouldn’t shy away from adversity. We need it and although we may not always want to experience it but we need it. Our growth depends on it. The pain that comes along with traveling on a journey isn’t pain that will stay with us for a long time. It’s temporary. We may not understand why at first and it could take us to the middle before we understand.

No amount of success is immune to the toughness. In order to gain we must go through the pain. Difficulties apart of the game. Once we get pass those rugged stages. We will become a brand new person. Some aren’t fond of any process so they will stay clear of it. That isn’t beneficial but we all have choices and some of us will choose the easier routes.

Difficulties can help mode us. If we plan on reaching the top then we better understand how to fight our way to the top. We can expect to be great if we are unwilling to take adversity. The process can change in remarkable ways. It may take so patience is definitely needed. We may feel fatigued at times but we shouldn’t allow a little fatigue to stop us.

We should try our best to work our way through the webs. We may look like prey so being on guard is a great way for us to see what’s coming. We should be determined no matter how tough it gets. Oh yes, it will be tough, without a doubt. When all is said and done. The time, effort, and pain will all be worth it. That’s how it is and that’s how that goes.

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Find Other Ways to get it Done

There’s many ways to go about doing things. We should find the best ways, the most effective ways, and those ways should produce “abundance.” Sometimes we try to accomplish something but there’s a fork in the road and we wonder how in the world are we going to get around it. The best way to get around obstacles is to regroup and rethink. We may have to take some time to think about which way we would like to go. Once we’ve declared what will work best. We must stick with it. In order for us to create success. We have to be willing to deal with the good and the bad. We have to have continuous action.

A setback doesn’t mean that a failure has occurred. It means that we may have to try whatever it is we’re trying to accomplish one more time. If we try the second time and it still didn’t work then we need to try it again until we’ve hit the gold mine. Yes, it make take a couple of tries before we’re able to complete the task at hand. If one way doesn’t work then we should try another way. The most important thing is reaching to that desired place. We want to advance and we need to find the most effective ways to make that happen.

We shouldn’t be discouraged when something falls through. It could be the timing. If the timing is off then it won’t happen. It has to be fitting so we may become disappointed until we understand why things went they this or that way. As long as we’re putting in effort. We’re achieving. We can’t achieve anything by standing still. There has to be some sort of “movement” going on. We can conquer a whole lot but we must be willing to go through some storms in order to do so.

“Be Like a Tree and Grow”


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Don’t Allow Anyone to get in the way of Your Success

Anyone not wanting to advance just isn’t that enthusiastic about life. Doing better and getting better is a good thing. Unfortunately not everyone wants to see others succeed. That means that those trying to succeed will have to put in extra effort towards their goals an dreams. It may not seem fair but in away the resistance can help one develop. Experiencing difficulties is to be expected and even when there’s some trying to block one’s success. No one should allow that to happen. If anyone allows others to in the way of their success then they probably didn’t want it badly enough.

Being able to achieve is a beautiful thing and even when the progress is slow. There’s still “progress.” It’s a blessing that we’re given gifts so why should we waste them? If we don’t try to create “movement” then we’ll be in the same position time after time. It doesn’t matter if it’s family and friends, they shouldn’t have the power to stop you from succeeding in whatever you’re trying to succeed in, they shouldn’t try to hinder but they may. Sometimes people lose it when their family member is trying to move up. They may feel left out and try to do things to hinder their success.

There’s things one can do to Increase Their Success Level

  1. Don’t Listen to “naysayers.”
  2. Try to Remain Focused on Your Goals.
  3. Take Breaks. That’s Very Important.
  4. Work in a Negative Free Environment.
  5. Surround Yourself With “Achievers.”

No one can stop anyone trying to move forward but the person in the mirror. If we’re not “determined” then we may give up on our dreams and that’s something we can regret later on. It won’t be easy trying to go after those things that really want but it will be worth it. Anyone trying to block us from getting ahead in life should take a sit. If one can’t uplift others then they will always be in the back of the line. Success is achieve through continuous “action.” Making an effort is a start but making continuous effort will help one reach their goals. Goals are meant to be achieved.

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What Should we Ignore

There’s nothing wrong with having fun but when it becomes a bit much then we should put it to the side. If something will delay us and it isn’t beneficial then we don’t need to deal with it. There’s things we should ignore. We can choose to ignore those things that aren’t important. If we have work to do then we certainly need to put play away.

Certain people should be on our “do not disturb” list. Some people get a kick out of wanting to pull our leg. Well, it’s up to us if we want to entertain it or not, of we decide we don’t then we can ignore their requests. Sometimes people need to take care of business and when it’s time to take care of business then we should. Not everything can be ignored.

Sometimes we’ll need to stop and deal with a few things but if something can wait then we may want to attend to it later. Sometimes some people may want to interrupt us for whatever reason. If we know that they just want some kicks they we can “ignore.” That’s what we have to do sometimes. There’s a time to be serious and when it’s that time. There’s no room for jiggling about.

It’s alright to tune some things out. If we need to concentrate on certain tasks then we don’t need any outside distractions. We certainly don’t need if we have deadlines to adhere to. When we have some free time then we can play around if we choose to do so. Ignoring something doesn’t mean that we won’t pick it up latet but if it can wait then let it wait. Sometimes we have to let people know that we need to complete our tasks. They should understand and if not then that’s too bad.

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Hold Your Head up High

We live in a very competitive world. People doing whatever it takes to win. Winning is alright but what about succeeding? If people are trying to stop others from succeeding then they’re doing a disservice to themselves. Of course they may not view it that way but they are. If we don’t accomplish something that can create a brightet future then that can hinder those who come behind us. The ones who try to hinder those who are trying to succeed could be holding their children back. Those who are trying to accomplish great things could be the ones who open up doors for the ones who try to hinder children.

People probably aren’t thinking that way but they should. It doesn’t benefit us to stop others from excelling. It only creates more problems. Bigger problems actually. If people are trying to weigh others down for whatever reason then they will have to figure all to get around it. There’s always ways. We shouldn’t ferl bad about trying to achieve and trying to set up things for the future. Anyone trying to make us feel bad about that is a helper. They hinder. They ferl bad when they see others trying to accomplish their goals or “live their dreams.”

It doesn’t seem fair that people rather try and sabotage one’s goals but this happens when competitiveness is in the works. No mattet what comes up against us. We can overcome. We should hold our heads up high and feel good about where we’re headed. No need to keep looking backwards when good things are in front of us. If we give in to those who want us to stop prospering then we will suffer a defeat.

Some may give up because they feel it’s difficult but difficulties are apart of the “process. ” We either accept or we simply give up. Giving up shouldn’t be an option. We have to push ourselves and block out what needs to be blocked out. Never allow anyone to stop you from creating a better future. We should all want better and we can have it. No mattet how tough it gets. Keep going, keep believing, and feel confident.

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Persistence and a Whole lot of Determination

If we really want it then we’ll take those tears, pain, and fatigue. It won’t come easy but with determination we can accomplish some great things. Sometimes we kind of play with ideas and dreams but those dreams that really touch our heart will be the ones we go the extra mile with. We must remain motivated and dedicated to whatever we’re trying to seek. Some days will be rougher than others but we can get through it. It takes a whole lot of courage and a tough mindset to go after certain dreams. They all take courage but the ones that require us to be on the front line will take some extra toughness.

No matter how hard it gets stay driven and passionate about your work. No matter how many people try to get you to turn around. “Be determined” and dedicated to your craft. Some aren’t driven enough to keep going or they’ve allowed a setback or two to stop them from continuing on. We should take the risks necessary to advance because we only come this way once and we should do things that keeps us going. A craft that helps others and puts a smile on our faces is a craft worth holding on to.

People will try to tell you to stop what you’re doing simply because they’re not brave enough to do it themselves. If you really want it then you will go get it. You’ll take the falls, the pain, and the headaches. Yes, pain will be included when trying to pursue your goals and dreams. The pain is worth it because the end result will make our lives better. Be persistent and don’t allow what others say detour you from “Making Things Happen.”

When the tears flow, wipe them away, keep moving. There’s always someone watching and wanting to experience the same courage a dreamer experiences. There will be times when it’s extra tough but all that toughness is certainly worth it. Don’t despair when things seem a bit slow. Go harder, stronger, and be driven like a mad scientist. Even if there’s long hours. When you reach your destination. You’ll feel the joy and be so grateful that you started and completed.

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When it’s Time to Work get it Done

We should have fun. Enjoy life and living but when there’s work to be done. Thoughts should be on the tasks at hand. It doesn’t matter what’s going on. We have to work. Well, not everyone, but for those who do. We have to grind. When there’s work to be done. We have to put the play away.

Working may require noise reduction. If we can work through the noise that simply up to us. If we work alone then we may not have to deal with so many distrations. It doesn’t matter whether we work alone or as a team. Work will get us to where we want to be. Work doesn’t mean that we have over do it. In order to get things done we have to act. Action needs to take place. With “action” there is no progress.

If we want something done we may have to do it ourselves. Performing tasks alone isn’t a bad thing. It’s amazing how much work can be done when faced alone. Sometimes we’ll receive assistance with our tasks and other times we will do it alone.

Don’t fear having to do a lot of tasks at once. If it becomes to stressful then the pace may have to decrease. As long as the work is complete that’s the important thing. Unless there’s a timeframe or deadline we shouldn’t be concerned. Making progress with our tasks should be something we desire.

Don’t feel unsettled if your work isn’t what others expect. We all work differently and work on tasks that suit us or tasks that have been chosen for us. No matter how small or large your work load is. Work is work. When we have to perform tasks we should do it knowing that we will live better. Without work there’s no pay. No pay won’t produce “progression.”

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