Envy Destroys Relationships

When envy presents itself, it can really create an end to any relationship, it can cause deep pain. If one chooses to be envious of another’s accomplishments or whatever they have in their lives then they risk losing whatever friendship or relationship there is. People who are envious will intentionally hurt the persons their envious of.

They either want what they have or they want them to stop shinning. Once a person displays that they have an envious nature then it’s best to eliminate time spent with them. Sometimes we may find that the people closest to us are the ones who display envious character. We may feel pain because we didn’t expect them to make us feel this way. The best thing to do when dealing with envy is to acknowledge that it exist but refuse to allow it in our space.

People who are envious will be on the attack. They may not be suited for friendship or if they’re a relative then one may have to distance themselves from their relatives. We don’t have to accept being attackedin anyway and we certainly don’t have to accept envious attacks.

It’s unfortunate when people can’t be happy for people who are trying to advance. It’s something we will have to deal with and understand that envious people exist. Just like evil exist. We may feel disappointined and sad when we come in contact with people who are envious towards us but time will allow healing.

We can choose to remain cordial with those individuals who chose to attack us but we don’t have to tolerate their behavior. Envy destroys and it disconnects. Some people may not ever stop being envious. Some may perceive their envious ways as being good but they are so wrong. Protect yourselves against envious people. They don’t deserve to be apart of your life. Instead of displaying envy. People should choose to display love.

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Make Peace With Yourself

A lot of people aren’t able to rest in their minds because they can’t stop thinking about the what if’s and the “what did I do?” Even when we’ve done things that aren’t pleasing. We should ask for forgiveness and live. No one can change the past but you can make a great future. Smile and fly high in the sky. Believe that you’re worth more than gold.

Close your eyes and rest when it’s time. You don’t have to fight the battles within your mind. What’s done is done and what will be will be. For now, live life to it’s fullest, and know that you’ve made progress. If we find out that we’re headed in the wrong direction then we need to make changes to get on the “right path.” Love yourself enough to forgive yourself. The past is just that. What ever you’ve done before has been washed away.

Tell yourself that “you’re special.” You have a heart and despite what others may say or have said about you. You have given

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to your brother. You embraced others in your own special way and your heart is as big as Texas. Every emotion is “real.” Allow yourself to be happy and ease your mind. Don’t think too much. Don’t allow anger to get the best of you. Learn to wait and be patient.

A tear drop doesn’t mean that there’s sadness, it means that there’s joy, joy to know that you’re unforgettable. If no one ever told you, “thank you,” here it is. Sometimes it takes something drastic to figure who our “real friends” are. Those who never were will make their way out of our lives. The tears that were shed are for a reason. Strong emotions is what makes it real. Keep your head up. Love Always.

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