Be Comfortable With Yourself

We all could use some improvement and we should be thankful being who we were created to be. It appears that a lot of people are uncomfortable being themselves. We can’t pretend to be anyone else when God designed the way He wanted to design. Yes, we can make some changes, but we should be happy with who we are called to be.

If we are ubhappy with ourselves then we should find the reasons why we feel that way. It could be tgat we’re really unhappy with our circumstances and not unhappy with ourselves. We should find the root cause to what’s making us feel uncomfortable being ourselves. We were given a purpose and we can’t and shouldn’t change.

It’s not about changing ourselves. It’s about improving ourselves. We should be thankful because there’s people who are going through hardships and never wanting to change who they are. If we love ourselves then we wouldn’t want to be anyone else. We should be comfortable in our own skin.

If we feel uncomfortable with our environments then we can either leave it or change what is making us feel uncomfortable. The majority of the time it’s our situation and environments that create our stress and may have some believe that changing themselves will change the situation.

An example of this is a husband who emotionally abuses his wife. Because of the abuse the wife is uncomfortable with her circumstances but not with herself. It’s not about her wanting to be someone else. It’s about her wanting her situation to change. We should be unaware that we can’t change people. People have to want change but that doesn’t they pretendto be someone else.

Even if we pretend to be someone else that doesn’t mean that we are. We should love ourselves enough to know that we are who we are. Loving ourselves will eliminate the thoughts of wanting to be someone else. First we must love ourselves. It’s really about changing our situation and not changing who we are. We can’t be anyone else but ourselves.

“Be Yourself and Love it”

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Having That Personal Relationship

If we want to get to know ourselves better then we need to spend quality time with ourselves and enjoy the peace that surrounds us. When one has been through so much in their lives they begin to appreciate the things they may have overlooked before. There’s nothing wrong with being your own friend and besides that. Having a relationship with God and Jesus certainly beats having to deal with false friends.

Anyone who feels that they have to have a million and one friends in order to feel validated is insecure. Some people fear spending time with themselves. Perhaps they can’t stand themselves so that time spent won’t be beneficial until they learn to love themselves. We may see people who appear to be happy but they’re really not because they haven’t accepted who they are.

Loving yourself is the first step to security. Loving who you are and what your make up is. We should learn more about ourselves. We should inspire ourselves and treat ourselves with compassion. We may not be able to control how others view us or treat us but we certainly can do something about how we treat ourselves.

Loving yourself means that you feel thankful for God’s creation. People may not love us the way that we want them to but when we love ourselves it makes a world of difference. If you ever wondered why people are so mean or out to get others, it’s because they don’t love themselves, they’re consumed with self hatred.

When a person hates themselves they will lash out at anyone they come across. They may pretend while there’s people around but when the lights go off. They’re some of the most unhappy people and they are consumed with bitterness. It’s one thing when others come up against us but it’s extra detrimental when we come up against ourselves.

We should love others but we should also love ourselves. Be thankful that you’re flawed and accept that you will make mistakes. Others may not understand who you are but as long as you do that’s what really matters. When we’re unable to accept who we are. We lose sight of the most precious and meaningful things in life. We spend our time wanting to be accepted by others instead of accepting ourselves. I love who I am.How about you?

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Don’t be Your own Critic

If no one in the world encourages you, do it yourself, if we “uplift ourselves” then we’ll become more productive. We seem do better when we feel better about ourselves. There’s enough critics in the world and we don’t ┬áneed to be our own critics. A little criticism from the outside world will occur and sometimes it’s needed but too much of it can cause a breakdown.. That’s why it’s so important that we encourage ourselves. When we start to feel low we should tell ourselves some very positive things. Stick with positive thoughts. If someone says something that makes you feel bad then tell yourself something that makes you feel better.

The world can be a cruel place and if we allow the cruelness of the world to seep into our minds then we will suffer greatly. We should read positive material and listen to positive communications. Of course we’ll be exposed to some negativity but it shouldn’t be apart of our everyday lives. If we have negative friends then we need to “build” positive friendships. Negativity can cause our health to decline. There’s enough problems to deal with we don’t need all of that unnecessary stress.

We’re exposed to negativity when we watch the news and other television programming. That can enter into our thoughts and affect us. It’s so essential that we expose ourselves to “good things.” I love listening to inspirational music and that helps remove that negativity from my mind. Sometimes we have to learn that we deserve better. If we’re not good to ourselves then how can we expect others to do the same?

We’re teachers and learners and we have a choice whether we want to learn how to be kind to ourselves. “Kindness” is something that this world could use more of. Believe that you deserve the goodness that’s promised to us. If you’re tormenting yourself then it’s time that you stop! Don’t do it. Start today. Tell yourself that you’re special, deserve to be loved, you’re filled with goodness. “Spread Some Love.”

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Pass Them on by

When you find that some people want to dump on you, pass them by, don’t waste your time on it. Have fun and do what you love. We only live on this earth once and why should we waste our time trying to get through to negative people.

They’re doing is testing the positive people. Keep moving and help those who really want to see you soar. There’s so much that we can be apart of and we should want to be apart of “growth.” For those that don’t, well, they can stay far away.

We have to learn to do what we can and make a difference but understand that “no one can help all” and I won’t try. There’s no way anyone can do it all and absolutely no one should expect it. Time to keep it moving. It’s time to use a different pathway.

Help those that want to be helped. Try to be with people who want the best for you and all others “pass them by.” Love them but move away from them. It’s possible that some can be preceived to be negative but they really want to push you in a different direction.

Find the Right Spot

It’s time to find your place. Looking out for others is great but we must learn to look out for ourselves as well. One can become fatigued trying to help everyone so help you and your family. Helping at least one person makes a difference.

Move in the direction that will offer you the most. Sometimes a person comes to the realization that they have to leave a lot of people behind. If people are trying to weigh you down then take that flight elsewhere and find your destination. It’s time that we look at for ourselves. That doesn’t mean we’re being selfish but if we don’t look out for ourselves then we will flop.

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