There’s Always Hope

We will go through challenges and we will feel sadness. Even when the storms head our way. There’s a way to overcome. Certain situations will bring us closer to God. We’re not hopeless. We should be “hopeful.”

People will do things we don’t agree with. They will hurt us and want us to suffer. Through our pain there’s healing. A broken heart doesn’t stay that way. It’s not easy when we come in contact with people who hurt us over and over again. We can decide to stay angry or we can heal.

Through trials we become stronger and wiser. We’re suppose to “progress” not regress. We move in steps. Allows us to get closer to that door. God has a plan and purpose for our life. He wants us to be happy. He wants us to be free.

Sometimes we suffer because of our choices and even when we make bad choices. We can correct them. We don’t have to tolerate certain things. We shouldn’t allow people to mistrear us. We have to believe in us and love ourselves.

Life changes. We may see things one way but it turns out another. If we have a bad day, we should still be “thankful,” that bad day could turn into a good year. We have to have faith. Everything won’t come together in our time but in God’s time. God works things out for us but we must allow it.

When we rush things. Things can fall apart. We have to make decisions that are difficult but we’re strong. We can’t allow defeat to be apart of our vocabulary. It’s time that we rise. Rise above the things that cause us to be down. Broken hearts are meant to be healed. In time we bounce back and we’re strong than ever. We can smile through pain. We can laugh through pain. The more we laugh and smile the close we get to true happiness.

Continue to be Filled With Hope.

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay Free to use Even Commercially