Pretending to be Supporters

Wow! Really? When some people pretend to be supportive just “smile.” We’re born to face challenges and just because we go through them that doesn’t mean we have to allow them to hinder us. Some people are challenging in their own way but when we understand who they are we’re able to deal with it better. Why pretend? People have their own motives. For some it’s because they want money and so they decide to be underhanded. Sometimes we have to distance ourselves from people who we know mean us no good and sometimes we just have to play the fool.

When they say they’re your ally but they’ve showed you different. Back away slowly and keep your “Moves private.” Talk about the sunshine or whatever they’re not interested in. Simply keep going with your real allies and be happy about it. It amazes me how people can stare you right in your face and pretend to be on your side but working against you. It will reveal itself or someone will get mad and tell. Whatever. Throw some good on them.

When they go left, go right, when they say no. Say, “yes,” and so on and so on. When they ask you what your plans are. Say, “I don’t know”, let them think that you trust them but you really don’t. Every time you try to make that move, they say, “I’ll see about that,” wow! Does that sound like an ally? Nope! Some people are so miserable and I feel sorry for them because they’ll always be alone and single.

Don’t pretend to be an ally when you’ve demonstrated enemy behavior. Don’t pretend say and you’re a “Priest, Evangelist, Minister and Woman of God” when you’re trying to hold your daughter back. I believe that this shall pass. No man can stop “God’s Plan.” Oh they can try but God intervenes. Know who your allies and enemies are. Stop thinking that you have more power than God. No one does. He will set the record straight and if you think you’re lonely now. You’ll be alone and wondering where everyone went. We’re suppose to love everyone. Love our enemies and those who come up against us.

“A mother can carry a child in the womb and have absolutely no connection with their child.”

“Keep your enemies close so that you can watch them slip up.”

“Don’t vent to the ones that claim that you can trust them.” They just want the information so that they can reveal it.”

“If you want to know where the snake is. Look in the backyard. It’s either in the backyard or they live under the same roof.”

“Some doors should stay shut.”

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