How to Tell That Your Dream is a Great one

Sometimes we come up with ideas and have a vision but never seek it. Once a vision is in motion, it can either flourish, or it can stand still. Once a vision displays brightness. It will attract attention some of it wanted and unwanted. When your vision consist of “greatness” it will generate lots of attention and it may not please all. That’s alright because no one can please everyone. We shouldn’t stop dreaming and living our passion because some people are irritated about it.

If your dreams, visions, and ideas include helping others and making a positive difference then why shouldn’t one go fourth with them? Those who are fearful of being left behind may behave insanely because they fear that you’ll go on ahead without them and in some cases one may need to do so. When a vision is large. It will be a bit complex and it can take some time to reach the next level of the vision. Yes, one will come across resistance, in fact there may be a lot of it. Those are clues that your vision is meaningful.

People may want to claim it as their own but as long as you have proof that your vision belongs to you then there shouldn’t be anything to worry about. It’s unfortunate that people aren’t willing to come up with their own ideas but we will have to deal with all sorts if things and dealing with difficult people is one of them. Just because we face adversity while living our passion that doesn’t mean that we should give up on them. We should believe that we will be successful in every area.

Anyone who decides to take a risk will come in contact with some resistance. We may find it near or far but it’s something that happens. A grand dream will make people want to get involve somehow. They may not ask to be involved but they may force their way in. We have to be stern about our vision. We do not have to allow anyone to be apart of our dreams who are in no position to be apart of it. We should be very protective of it and not allow anyone to take what we’ve worked so hard for away.

Once people feel that your dreams will generate something golden. They will want a piece of it. We should share but we have to be careful with our decisions. If people refused to be with us when we were in the lower process then we may not want to being them on board. Anyone who can’t walk with you when you have very little shouldn’t be apart of the completion. We’ll realize who can and will be part of our visions. It’s important to choose wisely. “A big Dream Will Generate a Crowd.”

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay Free to use Even Commercially