Do Good Anyway

It’s not easy to turn the other cheek when people are doing things to you but it’s better to do so than to not so. When we do the right thing or do good things for people. We will feel better and we please God. It’s better to go that route then to be spiteful. What people do to us doesn’t go unoticed.

I’ve always frowned upon bullying but no matter how many people express their concerns about it. It will take place. It’s the way people think. Even if we’re being bullied. We shouldn’ allow it to turn us into hateful beings. Now, we have a right to not deal with people who bully us, we have to protect our minds. Doing good anyway is a blessing in itself.

Of course we will do things that some may not preceive as not good but if we figure out it isn’t “good” then we should decide to get on that good bandwagon. There’s great punishments for doing bad things to others. We all know that evil is in the world and we will come across it. When we do we have to figure out how. The best way to do that is to carry our faith with is. Keep God and Jesus close and continue to do good.

There will be some instances where our minds will want to shift to bad ways of thinking. When that happens we need to insert good thoughts in our brains and get back to doing what is right. Caring for others is something we all should have within us but for whatever reason some stray away from it. It can happen when we’ve been hurt severely. The world is rough and if we don’t be careful. It can make us hard and cold.

It’s important to love one another. Embrace others and encourage others. I will never stop loving people no matter what they do to be but I may keep my distance. When that happens, I’m loving some people from a distance, and I’m protecting my sanity. It’s unfortunate that everyone isn’t considered but that’s how it is.

“No Matter What. Love Will Always be Within me.”

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay Free to use Even Commercially