Ever Experienced Long Lasting Laughter

When one takes a look at somethings they may find some funny in it. There’s always something to laugh about. Everything isn’t funny but somethings are real funny. If you take a look around you can find something to harty ha, ha, ha about.

Could you imagine life without laughter? Laughter relieves stress and we can sure us that. I love watching comedies they’re quite entertaining. Watching comedians put on a performance amazes me. It takes a lot of talent to do what they do. Take Kevin Hart for instance. He’s a funny guy. Those expressions he makes really are the kicker.

Another funny comedian is Earthquake. Although Earthquake doesn’t receive the recognition he deserves. That doesn’t take away his comedic humor. It’s a joy when we receive that side jerking laughter. It’s as if the laughter will never end. When life tries to kick us in the rear. We should find something to laugh about.

Laugh after an argument. One of the parties more than likely said something funny. Oh but it’s not funny when the argument is taking place but something probably would be funny afterwards. Anyway, we can find something funny every single day. Even when we think about the comedic side of a loved one who passed on.

I remember one of my uncles would love to make people laugh. He was super funny. Everyone would gather around to hear his jokes. Life is short and sometimes we waste it on being upset about things we can’t change while we could use that time to laugh.

No matter how challenging life gets. A few laughs can ease the pain. We will feel sorrow but we should thank God for the joy. Laughing is a joy. Sometimes we’ll think about something and laugh out loud. This will happen. Sometimes we have to force ourselves to laugh. Those are the days when we feel a bit sorrowful but the laughter will pep us back up.

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Pass Them on by

When you find that some people want to dump on you, pass them by, don’t waste your time on it. Have fun and do what you love. We only live on this earth once and why should we waste our time trying to get through to negative people.

They’re doing is testing the positive people. Keep moving and help those who really want to see you soar. There’s so much that we can be apart of and we should want to be apart of “growth.” For those that don’t, well, they can stay far away.

We have to learn to do what we can and make a difference but understand that “no one can help all” and I won’t try. There’s no way anyone can do it all and absolutely no one should expect it. Time to keep it moving. It’s time to use a different pathway.

Help those that want to be helped. Try to be with people who want the best for you and all others “pass them by.” Love them but move away from them. It’s possible that some can be preceived to be negative but they really want to push you in a different direction.

Find the Right Spot

It’s time to find your place. Looking out for others is great but we must learn to look out for ourselves as well. One can become fatigued trying to help everyone so help you and your family. Helping at least one person makes a difference.

Move in the direction that will offer you the most. Sometimes a person comes to the realization that they have to leave a lot of people behind. If people are trying to weigh you down then take that flight elsewhere and find your destination. It’s time that we look at for ourselves. That doesn’t mean we’re being selfish but if we don’t look out for ourselves then we will flop.

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