Just a Matter of Time

If we don’t give up, we’ll discover some glorious things, we will engage in remarkable opportunities. Giving up shouldn’t be apart of our vocabulary. If we want to do great things then we will need to push harder and develop strength. It doesn’t matter what heads our way. We can accomplish a lot of things if we focus on them and if we believe that we can. Believing in ourselves is very important and if no one else believes in us. We shouldn’t discourage ourselves. Too many people give up on doing some remarkable things because they feel as if it can’t be done. They either have little to no faith.

Even if we get off to a rocky start. We’re able to get to reach the finish line. Don’t allow setbacks to discourage you from accomplishing goals and to live out your dreams. Imagine what we can accomplish if only we remove fear and those negative thoughts that love to weigh on our minds. If the going gets tough. Don’t stop try to figure ways to make the process a bit easier. Life is challenging so we all know that a lot of tasks will be challenging as well. It may be difficult to be positive at times but we need positivity. It will help us along the way.

“When you find something you love. You’ll go all out and give 100 percent.” Dream, dream big, strive for excellence. We all could use improvements and when we travel the road to excellence. We will grow and become stronger. It takes strength to live out your dreams. It takes courage to start the process. We all have a purpose and it shouldn’t be taken advantage of. Everyone has a talent and a gift but some choose not to expose it.

Sometimes aggression will need to take place in order to advance. We shouldn’t just want to see ourselves “progress” but we should want to see and help others progress as well. If we all give a helping so many of us could do the unexpected. There’s a lot that we’re capable of doing but it can’t be done if we don’t “believe.” Believe that you can achieve. Believe that you’re a conqueror. We conquer through love and dedication.

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Live it With a Smile

If no one stands by you or supports your “movement” or journey don’t despiar. Most people who pursue something worth pursuing in their lives will receive resistance in some way. Smile when people try to make it difficult because that means that you’re doing something that shales them. Some people may get irritated with your journey. They may wonder why you’re even bothering with a “vision.” Well, good, somehow their attention is drawn.

Smile through and through. Somewhere somehow the inspiration will flow and those who are envious will be that way but keep moving. Anytime a person decides to “advance” somehow they will receive some flack but the person who tries to move should be self supportive. Be happy that you’ve been chosen for the assignment. If people are honking then you’re on the right track.

If it wasn’t it then people wouldn’t view every move you try to make. They may try to discourage the process but praise God that you’re able to accomplish even the smallest of things. Not everyone hates but some may get irritated with something they either can’t do or refused to do. A smile can change a day.

Those who try to stop someone’s growth is insecure about change. They may not feel secure that one is trying to better themselves and help others do the same. They will try to get you off point because of fear. Competitiveness can interfere somehow and people become troubled because of it. When it’s time to “shine” then do so. When it’s time to work then do so.

Give into your passion. It’s ashame that some people whether see people standing still in order to boost their ego instead of wanting growth. It doesn’t matter what people say keep with the journey because God has a plan. Only those who are intimadated will be concerned with those trying to pursue their dreams. The cheerleaders will cheer, the hecklers will throw stones, and the critics will criticize. Smile through and through. If people are trying to stop what God has given you then that says a whole lot about where they are.

Be glad when you have an assignment. Be passionate about what you’re purposed to do. Leaders lead and encourage others to do the same while haters hate. One has to love themselves in order to not hate on others. If they try to stop what can make a positive change then they must not have too much going on in their lives. Kerp going and smile ear to ear. The promises from God won’t fail. Blessings to all.

“Smile you can and will Produce Growth”

Remember successful don’t care who tries to grow and help others do the same. It’s the insecure who have a problem. They will work hard to stop anyone’s dreams because they eother chose not to live theirs or they were afraid to do so. Live it, breath it, and smile about it.

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Don’t be Surprised who Will try to Hinder you

Unfortunately we live in a competitive world and sometimes people will try their best to stop the process. Why? Well, envy is the main reason, and whatever you’re doing it probably makes them feel bad. We can not do anything about the way people react to our journey. No matter who works hard to try to stop us. We should continue on.

If you find that your spouse isn’t being supportive then you can either find a way to deal with them or you can fight back. Fighting back doesn’t mean being vengeful. It simply means doing the opposite of what they want you to do. Keep progressing. Keep moving and finding those avenues that will get you to the promise land.

We shouldn’t be surprised who will come up against us. It’s human nature to be competitive. Should we compete. Yes, and no, yes we should want to improve ourselves, but no we shouldn’t be so competitive. If it causes distress then we should tone it down. We don’t have to dim our lights for anyone.

God gave all of us a gift and we don’t have to hide our gift or gifts for anyone. We should be happy that we’re in a position to utilize our gifts. If we stop doing what we love or are destined to do then we’ll be miserable. People may try to control situations and others but our Heavenly Father has the final say. Be careful when dealing with envy. Envy has no heart. It will try to destroy anyone it comes in contact with.

When people are dissatisfied with themselves. They want others to feel the same way. They may create all kinds of havoc for those trying to progress. It’s unfortunate but that’s how it is. We should encourage ourselves to keep going and remind ourselves that not everyone will be happy about our journey. Some people hope that we fail because they don’t want us to surpass them. Be encouraged. Your vision isn’t for everyone to understand so there will be wolves trying to devour you. Keep praying and believing.

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Give it Your Best Shot

The going gets tough but that doesn’t mean that you should stop pursuing your aspirations. We shouldn’t give up and in when we’re challenged. If a break is needed then take it but you wouldn’t be satisfied if you gave up. We all have to go through something. Sometimes we’re hit with force. That could have something to do with needing to become fierce.

Are strength is built through adversity. We learn better problem solving. It doesn’t how hard you’re hit. You should get back up and do it again. Make improvements while traveling the journey. It’s a live in a learn situation. Be determined even when you’re challenged.

Who hasn’t been challenged? We all have at some point. Some of us may face continuous challenges but we learn how to dissect them. Sometimes you have to uplift yourself and tell yourself that you’re capable of completing those goals. Not everyone will have the support system that will encourage  us to aim higher.

Don’t feel despaired when you have to face difficulties when you’re trying to accomplish something. Easy won’t produce growth but the toughness will. We have to be challenged in order to learn what we need to learn and to make our way to greatness.

Be encouraged and keep moving. There’s always someone wants to see us “succeed.” There’s also those who would rather see us fail. Not everyone will want see you aim high but not shouldn’t stop you from doing so. If you’re being pulled down then find a way to climb back up.

Challenges shouldn’t prevent you from doing what you love. They are there to help you advance. We’re all capable of living our dreams but we have to be prepared to come across some rough spots. If we think we won’t face problems while pursuing our dreams then we’ve fooling ourselves.

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Live Your Dreams Anyway

Sometimes we have to learn the hard way. We may think that we’re making a difference and in fact we probably are but not everyone is accepting. If you have idea, goals, and you have a dream then it’s best that you keep to yourself or share with someone you can trust. Not everyone wants to see others excel in something. One can get more done in silence. We should share our talents with the world but unfortunately not all will want to see it.

When working in silence, there’s so much that gets completed, there’s n distractions from the naysayer’s that way. It seems the world is so messed up and those who earn their treasures can be condemned for it. It’s sad that people refuse t embrace one another and demonstrate love but that’s all things are and we must deal with it the best that we can. Anyone wanting to invade a person or people’s everyday lives, can’t possibly be happy, people should be able to do what they want to do. Whether people agree or not.

The best way to keep your dreams and ideas secure is to thank them to the Lord. Unfortunately envy comes into play and it has caused a lot of people to stop living their dreams and that is so unfair. If you truly want it and you want to make a difference then no one should stop you. It may be difficult but it can be done with “determination” and “persistence.”

That’s why it’s important to surround ourselves around positive people. Surround ourselves around visionaries. Being around those who understand your dreams, ideas, visions will help get you through those tough times but those who don’t want to understand will try to crush them. Don’t allow anyone to make you fearful because you’ve chosen to live your dreams. Live them and if you have to do most or all of the works in silent. So be it but don’t give up. Giving up is what a lot of people want dreamers to do.

“Don’t Allow People to Kill Your Dreams. Keep Going Even if you Have to Accomplish Them in Silence.”

“Open the Door to Those Dreams”

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