Live Your Dreams Anyway

Sometimes we have to learn the hard way. We may think that we’re making a difference and in fact we probably are but not everyone is accepting. If you have idea, goals, and you have a dream then it’s best that you keep to yourself or share with someone you can trust. Not everyone wants to see others excel in something. One can get more done in silence. We should share our talents with the world but unfortunately not all will want to see it.

When working in silence, there’s so much that gets completed, there’s n distractions from the naysayer’s that way. It seems the world is so messed up and those who earn their treasures can be condemned for it. It’s sad that people refuse t embrace one another and demonstrate love but that’s all things are and we must deal with it the best that we can. Anyone wanting to invade a person or people’s everyday lives, can’t possibly be happy, people should be able to do what they want to do. Whether people agree or not.

The best way to keep your dreams and ideas secure is to thank them to the Lord. Unfortunately envy comes into play and it has caused a lot of people to stop living their dreams and that is so unfair. If you truly want it and you want to make a difference then no one should stop you. It may be difficult but it can be done with “determination” and “persistence.”

That’s why it’s important to surround ourselves around positive people. Surround ourselves around visionaries. Being around those who understand your dreams, ideas, visions will help get you through those tough times but those who don’t want to understand will try to crush them. Don’t allow anyone to make you fearful because you’ve chosen to live your dreams. Live them and if you have to do most or all of the works in silent. So be it but don’t give up. Giving up is what a lot of people want dreamers to do.

“Don’t Allow People to Kill Your Dreams. Keep Going Even if you Have to Accomplish Them in Silence.”

“Open the Door to Those Dreams”

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Sometimes it’s for Development Purposes

Sometimes we go through certain things because we need to change some things in our lives. It could be because God wants us to get closer to Him and focus on the good. Life is filled with all sorts of situations. We will go through pain and sorrow. There’s no way of getting around it but where there’s pain there’s pleasure. We will experience the good and the bad. If we never went through anything then we wouldn’t appreciate a thing.

Life is what we make it and yes sometimes we will fall down but we have the capability to get back up. There will be those bright days and there will be those gloomy days. We should appreciate all of them. A lot of us have felt more hurt than we would like to have gone through but it can either make us or break us. Going through pain is suppose to build us. Make us stronger and of course that won’t work for all but if we have a never giving up mindset then we’ll be just fine.

Our thoughts sometimes get the best of us. We sometimes think of the bad before the good. We allow negativity to embed in our minds and when the positive comes. We may not recognize it. We can do so much but it’s hard to get things done when we’re down and out. That’s why it’s important that we surround ourselves around positive people. Those people who will lift us up.

It helps to read some good books and listen to soothig music. That will help our thoughts. We sometimes get into tough situations because our mindset isn’t where it needs to be. We all need someone and anyone claiming they don’t, they’re not being truthful, no one wants to be totally alone. If we keep thinking about the good then good will come into our lives. Too much negativity can ruin things for us.

Time can Slip Away

If we’re not careful, time can get from other us, we could miss out on some big opportunities. We’re not living if we’re not enjoying our loved ones, those who mean so much to us, and if we’re not enjoying the scenery. We should cherish the ones who stand by us no matter what. Those who stay near us even when there’s fire. We’ve wasted time. I’m sure everyone has wasted precious time. That time that is gone forever but there’s the right now time. Time to do something that can change our lives for the better.

We may waste time thinking about things that really aren’t important. Wasted time on arguments that should’ve and could’ve been avoided. All that wasted time is gone, it could have been used to love, to make a difference. As long as there’s breathe in our bodies then there’s time to say something, do something, even if it means blinking our eyes. Just because we’ve lost time. That doesn’t mean that we’re defeated.

Time won’t stand still and we shouldn’t stand still either. A lot of people have stopped or haven’t started living their dreams because they’re afraid of time. How many times have we put off things because we’ve said, “I can can do it later,” and find out that later never comes? The later turned into forgetting about it. That tasks never received completion. Wasting time can be devastating.

Time belongs to each and everyone of us. We could choose to use it wisely or we could give it away. Giving it away can hinder us but it doesn’t mean that it will stop us. Enjoy time on this earth. Enjoy the sun, the rain, the moon and the stars. time is so precious and so many have lost it for good. We should appreciate every second, minute, and hour. Time won’t wait for us so we have to cherish it and thank God for our time. We never know when our time will be up. Hold that loved one tight. Savor the time.

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