The Journey is Filled With Challenges

Don’t be dismayed when faced with many challenges while on the journey. The challenges build growth and that’s where we gain experience. The best way to cope with challenges is to feel confident that we’re overcome the adversity. Life can be quite challenging. There’s always hope. Doesn’t matter how many people try to hinder progress on the journey. “Visionaries” excel anyway.

Not everyone will understand a visionaries vision and sometimes many challenges arise because of it. Not everyone is meant to understand. No amount of challenges should discourage a dreamer. In fact we all should push harder. Refusing to give up. Continue to be confident. Never be afraid of the adversity. The adversity creates “development.” There will always be at least one person who provides encouragement. The first to encourage should be self.

It’sounds important to have patience. Success takes time and although the journey may be filled with lots of adversity. There should be times of joy and continued growth. There’should no need to be overwhelmed but if stress occurs. Taking brings is necessary. It’s very  difficult to work while being overwhelmed. Some meditation will help and regrouping.

There’s a lot of unpredictable situations while on the journey. May not know exactly how to deal with the situations at first. That’s why  it’s important to take some time out. Anyone who has traveled the journey realizes just how challenging the journey can become. Some days will be filled with fatigue but when the “determination” kicks in there’somewhere no stopping the visionary.

If we’re expecting to get ahead then we’ll have to find creative ways to do so. Sometimes we’ll have to be very secretive in order to make it to the next stage of the journey. There will be all sorts of road blocks. The hecklers will heckle about. The critics will shout out their extreme criticism. Don’t be discouraged. No amount of heckling or criticism should stop the shine.

Don’t allow others to dim the light. So many will try. Apart of the whole process. If we’re able to get through the most difficult patches on the journey then we’re on the right track. “Rise up!” No time for thoughts of failure. If there’s attempts then failure has surely occurred. Keep believing and continue to enjoy the experiences all the journey. The journey won’t totally complex.

“The Storm Will Pass Over. Be Patient, Confident, and Full of Faith.” By: Tanikka Paulk  ( Tanikka Paulk)

Here’s a Post About the Difficulties on a Journey.

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The Adversity and the “Process”

Life will be filled with ups and downs. Some we may expect and others are unexpected. Nothing comes easy. Childbirth, moving to another location, or getting through school. Life is filled with all sorts of difficulties. We have to learn how to get through them the best way that we can. When we come across trial after trial it will teach us how to endure. Learning how to adapt is important and if we don’t learn how to adapt then we will have tremendous difficulties with any part of the “process.” Trying to accomplish something great requires a lot from us.

Yes we will feel fatigued but we can get through a process a lot smoother if we search for the most effective ways to do so. Not everyone will want to learn how to get through difficulties in life. Some may fall prey to adversity. Adversity can swallow one whole if they’re not equipped to get through it. Having adversity hit “us” at the most unexpected of times can throw us off guard but we can quickly get back on track. Don’t allow adversity and challenges to prevent you from going through a necessary process.

In order for us to move to higher levels in life. We must “grow’ and if we’re unable to grow then we will stay in the same place filled with misery. Time allows us to grow and time will teach us a lot of things. We can’t complete a process if we haven’t learned one thing. If we refuse to learn then we’ve admitted that “we” refuse to grow.  Growth is apart of a process and some may be unwilling to grow so they will refuse to go through a process. Sometimes we’re selected for a long process and we must generate the strength that will be needed for a long process.

There will be times when we feel as if we want to stay in bed for days. If we’ve experienced an intense time during the process then we will feel fatigued. Fatigue will occur but that doesn’t mean that we can’t make it through the process. Yes, we’ll need to take breaks, breaks are necessary but we shouldn’t give up. Some people choose to give up because they remove the “faith.” If the faith is removed then one will stop and that will leave them filled with regret. So be thankful for the process. It will get you where you need to be.

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A Reality Check

We’re all important and have something to offer. We will come in contact with people who may not see our worth and that’s alright because there’s always someone who does. In this world people can be selfishand self centered so they may not want to see others “rise.” Not everyone will be thrilled that some are trying to better themselves and others. Some may be genuinely happy for others and some may not want to see others do better than them.

Those are things that we must understand and face. We can’t think that it will always be peaches and cream. We have to take the good with the bath. We should be caring and want others to “prosper. ” Unfortunately not all will feel that way. Even if others want to see us fail. That doesn’t mean that it will happen.

Life will challenge us, test us, and give us a kick in the rear. We’ll learn and grow even if it’s a little. Life teaches us. We teach others and we learn from them as well. We become the teacher and the student. We can excel in one area and not do so well in another. That’s something we have to accept. Whatever we’re good at. We should strive to be better. Our success will depend on how much we’re determined. We have to be hungry for it.

Even when others say to us that we’re not capable of achieving this or that. We don’t have to say a word but we should prove it. Proof is the truth and it’s reality. Are capabilities are enormous but we have to believe it. If we don’t believe then we won’t achieve. We can to boost our confident. Not arrogant but confident. There’s a difference. Once we’ve accomplished something complex. We will strive for more. When reach our desired level. We will have that sigh of relief.

“Help others and Love one Another”

“Love yourself first”

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As Long as God and Jesus is There

God and Jesus can soothe us when we feel the troubles around us. They can heal when we’re sick and comfort when we feel sorrow. When feeling overwhelmed with whatever it is that creates it. God and Jesus can fix it. We may not be able to understand and find solutions to every problem but they can.

Sometimes it takes deep meditation with our Creator and His son in order to generate son calmness. We may not understand why certain situations arise or why we have been selected for the frontline but we don’t have to bare it alone. If we place our thoughts on the words spoken by Jesus. We will surely feel comfort.

A friend or relative may not give us the comfort that we need and it is wise to seek the comforts from our  Heavenly Father. There’s a lot to go through in this world and we need some guidance. Man may not lead us in the right direction but God and Jesus will always lead us in the right direction. Faith that we’ll get through whatever it is that causes discomfort. We can get through it and there’s nothing that’s place on us that we can not bare.

We may feel as if somethings are too difficult to face but that’s not so. Life will generate challenges and some are bigger than others. Even if we suffer pain through them. We can find healing through the comforting words from God and Jesus. We shall be restored.

Sometimes we have to spend long periods alone. Alone with God’s words and alone to gather our thoughts. We live in a troubled world so we need to break away from those troubles. We can become consumed with thoughts of wanting everything to come together on our time. It simply doesn’t work that way. God’s timing is the perfect timing. Those problems may find us tomorrow but once we trust God and Jesus to handle them our worrying will fade. We will face all sorts of adversity but as we become more spiritually connected. We can deal with them a lot better. That’s what “faith” does.

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There’s a way to Make it Happen


The path one takes could be long, short, or filled with all sorts of adversity. When we go through trial after trial we may think that we’re going down the wrong path. That’s not necessarily true. Difficulties create development and just because something is difficult that doesn’t mean that it’s not something we should be doing. Adversity is apart of life and it will follow us no matter what paths we take.

We shouldn’t fell despaired because things don’t seem to be coming together. It’s like a dance competition that’s coming up. There’s practice after practice. People are missing steps bit somehow everything comes together the day of the competition. That’s how things go sometimes.

There’s no need for us to stress about whether our paths are right for us. If you feel as if it’s something you should be doing then do it. No one can say what’s right for us. We have to do what we feel is best for us. Once we get over the thoughts of failure. We’ll feel better about our chosen path or paths. People will have their opinions about our decisions and choices but that doesn’t mean we have to go with what they’re saying. If it’s meant for us then there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

Don’t avoid paths because their difficult. In fact we should want our paths to challenge us because that will help us grow. We should want to get better and learn more. The easy route what help us in anyway. Those challenges will do more for us than we can imagine. Although we may become irritated about having to go through so much.

We can’t fall into the trap of not being capable of succeeding. A lot is expected of us and that’s why things may seem so difficult. Difficulties shouldn’t be a deterrence. It should motivate us to work harder. We should push ourselves and if we don’t then others will.

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The Expected Occurs

She often wondered what it would be like to be in a different space. She often compromised and settled because things were so difficult. Complicated to say the least. Her ❤ heart grew fonder but she kept the feeling to herself. Wanting more out of life stayed in her thoughts. Why should she settle when she deserves so much more. A woman with children who feel she deserves more but isn’t fighting hard enough to make any headway.

Sometimes we experience the unexpected. We don’t always mean to feel a certain way or for situations to occur but they do. The heart isn’t at peace when it feels something unexplainable. It’s tough and it’s unsettling. Facing difficult situations can be troubling but placing those thoughts away because of the complexities.

She indulges in her expressiveness. Perhaps the day will come when she meets her destiny. The destination of her choice could be in the works. Perhaps. Unexpected things occur and we may not know when or how but life can be unpredictable. So she waits. Waits for whatever life offers her.

Everyday seems complicated for this writer. Her world seems filled with madness. Sometimes she smuttered with things she would rather not bother with. Chasing dreams and filled with wonders. She doesn’t know what tomorrow holds but she’s prepared for whatever it generates. Her heart transforms a million times. She wonders what will happen in her complex story. The misunderstandings and the drama that surrounds makes her want to relocate to some unknown destination. She ponders about some memories that stay with her. She giggles at something said.

The unexpected can occur at any monent. She’s unsure how the whole thing will turn out. The attacks that come up against her. She hopes her dreams will come true. She’s tired of despair. She looks at the door and wonders what’s behind it. Perhaps she will find out in the near future. “Door”

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Be who you Were Designed to be

We are who we are and not who people say we are. God created us in perfect inage because God is perfect He’s flawed free. When we enter this world. We may change but we’re still the person God created. We may make mistakes, have bad judgement, and make bad choices but those things don’t make us.

We all have our own set personality. We can “grow” and we can change somethings about us but we’re still God’s creation. Lots may not accept us for who we are and that’s something we have no control over. We shouldn’t hold it against them if they’re unwilling to accept us. If everyone is thrilled with us then we’re doing something wrong. Although we’re suppose to love one another. It won’t happen. Some will love us unconditionally and others may hate us to the core. As long as we love ourselves that’s what truly matters. We have to be accepting of ourselves.

We don’t live for the world. We live in it and we must understand that we won’t be able to please everyone and we should try. Some will be disappointed with who we are. They may not accept our flaws. We become flawed through actions. Entering a troubled world and allowing it to control our thoughts. Flawed or not. Someone will “love” us for who we are. They’ll love us for our flaws and all.

We can get better.That’s if we want to do so. It may take continuous efforts to be who we desire to become. We’re still who we were but when we make changes. We become a better form. If a person is unwilling to accept you for who you are then that’s their choice. We can recommend that people change but we can’t force them to do so. We have to desire change.

Our love for self will help us love others. We must first love who we are in order to embrace others. We shouldn’t even desire for everyone to be accepting of us. We should expect to be respected and although it doesn’t always happen which is dissappointing. We should expect it because even a person who has sinned a 1000 times deserves respect. We musr remember when we judge another. We’ve opened the door to be judged as well. Be who you are but if you want to change somethings about yourself then feel free to do so. We should want to become a better version of ourselves. That version before we allowed the world to change us.

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Keep on the Path That’s Been Given to you

Journeys are made to take us to a place where we can shine, laugh, and accomplish. Some journeys are filled with rockiness and attacks but those things shouldn’t prevent us from walking or running on a path that was designed for us. People will become angry at us and will try to chase us down for doing something they’re probably afraid to do or can’t do. It doesn’t matter how many spears are thrown at you. “Keep Moving and Keep Believing.” Even if you have to travel alone it’s worth it.

No one can live another person’s life and too many people are busy trying to live people’s lives when they need to live their own. The ones who try to stop someone’s assignment are wasting their precious time. Time that could’ve been spent on polishing their craft or getting better. The dreamers and the ones with vision will learn how to keep moving about. They will fight and find techniques that will help them cope with wolves. Don’t despair when the hurdles are placed before you. Move more, grow, and refuse to give up.

Not everyone is pleased with those who are on a path to something great. They may feel uneasy and envy may come into play but don’t allow it to detour you from what instilled within you. We can do some awesome things if we try but if some are unwilling to try then they may try something else. They may try to get you down. They may try to make it difficult for you. It will be difficult. It won’t be easy but it’s certainly worth going through if it will make a better life for you.

We should be encouraged and know that the adversity will come. No successful being have avoided going through adversity. Some are still facing challenges but they’ve learned how to deal with them better. Some have chosen to give up because they felt as if things were out of control and they didn’t want to deal with it anymore. As long as we believe that we can achieve then we can. We shouldn’t give up just because we face adversity.

Sometimes we’ll have to constantly encourage ourselves on the path we’re taking. We may have eliminate some people from our lives. Those who try to weigh us down shouldn’t be involved in what we’re trying to accomplish. We will lose friends or perhaps people we thought were friends, So what. We shouldn’t be concerned with that because we’ll gain the right connections and we’ll learn to surround ourselves with those who have similar interests. “Don’t Give up on Your Journey Just Because People Want you to.”

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Fighting Difficult Battles

Some will go through battles some of the toughest battles and others will have it easier. Life can be unpredictable and we may not understand why we have to go through certain things at first but in time we will realize why we went through so much. Preparing for battle requires that we put on the armor. Sometimes we’ll go through battle after battle. It may seem as if we barely have time to breathe.

We develop strength and we’re molded when we battle. It’s a process and training period. We may not be happy with the process but it will only make us stronger. Sometimes we try to avoid going through certain processes because we don’t want to feel pain. Sometimes we suffer through more pain depending on the situation. Battles will be painful and life is sometimes painful. We may come in contact with enemies who want to see us torn to pieces.

We must remain strong and keep fighting. Sometimes it may seem as if we’re battling alone. We’re never alone. God is with us at every moment. He allows us to go through somethings so that we will develop. If we didn’t experience some of what life has to offer then we wouldn’t grow. It’s not easy having to fight but it will teach us what we need to learn. It will cause us to rise above.

We will have to find a way to defend ourselves against the attacks. The attacks in our home, on our jobs, and a lot of time in the Lord’s House. We will find out that even the one’s closest to us will end up trying to battle against us. That’s when we stay in constant prayer and meditate so that we’re able to get through it. It won’t be easy and there will be times when we become very upset but in time we’ll learn how to deal better.

As long as we’re in training. We’re learning so we shouldn’t expect to have it all together but we should be getting better. We’ll be challenged often and we must understand that. We should be discouraged when enemies and those who we thought were with us come up against us. This happens and we have to find the best ways to deal with it. Are you facing a battle or battles?

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Giving Thanks for the Wonders of Life

We never knowknow where we’ll end up. We go through experiences that could prepare for the next phase in life. We’re constantly learning. When we go through things that seem like drawn out battles. We shouldn’t seem them as downfalls but they’re the door to something better.

So many of us have been through some of the harshes challenges but we made it through. We stood firm and captured what we needed to capture. We can’t grow by standing still so we have to endure somethings that will make us move. Adversity is our foundation and we should be thankful for it. Thankful for the molding and for the shifting.

When it’s all said and done. We’ll figure out why we had to go through certain challenges in our lives. Some of them occur from our doing and others to get us to where we should be. Life can be unpredictable and even when we get knocked down. We should get back up with praises. The journeys of life generates strength for us.

Some of us need more lessons so that we’re prepared for a position that’s created for us. We can’t be placed in certain positions and not be prepared. We have to endure some long and painful experiences for the assignment that we’re called to complete. We may fret when we’re going through but in time we will realize that those experiences are necessary.

We learn to be patient and we learn how to handle things effectively. God wouldn’t put us through anything that we’re not capable of overcoming. Sometimes it is difficult for some to overcome because of their mindset. They may allow those challenges to defeat them first through the mind and then through the body.

Life will challenge us and some of the challenges we’re prepared for and others we have to prepare for. We should appreciate the experiences because they could lead us to the best opportunities. Life can kick us when the sun doesn’t shine but it can offers us some wonderful and joyful memories. We should be encouraged and don’t allow adversities to dicourage us from “movement.”

“Overcome by Storms and Transforming”

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