The Necessary Changes for Further Growth

There will come a point of time when making a decision to move from one place to another is necessary. Change is a good thing however some changes may not be welcomed. Some fear excelling and moving from their comfort zone. We should want to be apart of “growth.” to learn new things and meet new people. One may never know just how much a joy a change can generate. Of course it’s difficult not knowing what will occur. Not knowing if things will turn out just right.

We simply have to make a decision to move forward. Staying in one location may not be what’s best. There may not be any growth in a present location. Some choose to travel across the globe to experience different cultures and to engage in different activities. For some it’s a career move or even a better living move. Whatever the reasons are to move ahead. The “decision” should be though out.

Taking a risk is something so many may not want to do. There can be a lot of regrets if risks are taken. Staying in the same position isn’t growth. Moving from here to there may just generate what’s needed. Some get so stuck in what they know and refuse to explore. At some point there should be some exploring taking place. When the time if fitting there should be some traveling going on.

Greeting new people and enjoying fun activities. Helping others and being surrounded by “positive people.” Perhaps for some it’s a whole new life. Transforming from what was to what is. Out with the old and into the newness. There should be some growing taking place. Recognizing where to settle is an important decision. Once decided then there should be some “preparations” to do so.

No one should feel bad about wanting and moving ahead. Leaving some behind is necessary. In fact some really need to move forward and go alone but end up with company. Life comes with all sorts of decisions and we may not always make the best decisions. If we’ve considered the pros and cons and the pros outweigh the cons then the move is right.

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Having Real Friends is a Blessing

Sometimes we’ll find out that those who we perceive our friends are really enemies in disguise. That’s why so many people consider God and Jesus their best friends. They will never turn away from you and they will be there no matter what happens. It’s so sad to say that a lot of people are only out to get what they can get so they will pretend to be your friend. They’re looking for personal gain. We should continue to love people but be careful because not everyone is friendly.

Some people are so giving and have a heart so people may perceive that as a weakness and try to take advantage of others. It’s similar to the homeless woman and her friend being so trusting that she allowed a man to take off with her car. Everything she owned was in it including her dog. All she could think about was the dog. We can be so trusting and think that people have our best interest at heart but on reality they’re only trying to obtain something from us.

Real friends won’t try to harm you in any way. They will respect you and want what’s best for you. If they’re trying to bring you down in some way then they’re not real friends and that’s why so many choose to be their own friend. They rather spend time with themselves than to constantly run into people who only care about themselves. We have to love ourselves enough to understand it’s alright to protect yourself from people but we have to socialize so we can’t totally cut people off.

We keep learning and sometimes we have to be careful who we really consider as friends. We may think that they’re our friends but they may have a motive and agenda. There’s way too much hate. Hate will only create a wall between mankind. We should be filled with love and understanding.

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Be Determined to Make it Happen

Sometimes we have to be pushed in the right direction but once that happens, we should be motivated, and be determined. We will came across people who want us to stop what we’re doing. We may have to work extra hard in order to arrive at our destination. No matter what “keep going.” Don’t settle for less. Strive to not only be the best but strive for “greatness.”

If you want it really bad then do all you can to “make it happen.” If there’s a few bumps in the road and you fall, don’t despair, get back up and continue on. We will make mistakes, perhaps some bad judgements, but those things shouldn’t stop us from completing our “goals.” Move foward and continue to think positive and surround yourself around positive people.

There will be cheerleaders cheering you on, hecklers, and some naysayers. All of them have something to offer. The hecklers will push you. They’re the ones who will help you produce thicker skin. You’ll need it. Be courageous and remain focused. Don’t doubt yourself because if you do then you will become unproductive. You don’t want or need that.

There will be people who are willing to help you along the way and there will be those who want to trip you. Watch out for those who want to set traps for you. Not everyone can handle seeing others “prosper.” It doesn’t matter how many doubters you come across. Continue to be full of determination. The journey won’t be easy. Nothing worth having is. Concentrate on the good things and learn from the disappointing experiences.

All the sweat, tears, and hard work will and is worth it. You won’t face those trials for nothing. Don’t allow the tough times to get you down. Keep pushing and think about all that you’ve accomplished and all that you will accomplish. No one has the power to stop you. No one but you and don’t allow your voice to drown your dreams.

Are Toxic Friends Really Friends

Have you ever came in contact with someone or people who are really toxic? They drain your energy but you try to give them chance after chance. Sometimes you have to close the door because no matter what you do, they will come up with something that will give you a migraine, it’s unfortunate but it’s in their character and personality.

It could stem from their childhood or it could just be that they have a dangerous competitive spirit. Anyone who has a friend like that needs to sever the friendship in order to protect their mind. The deeper the friendship, the larger the exposure to the toxicity, that sort of friendship is so unhealthy. You can try your best to assist them but it won’t work. They want what they want at any cost.

Don’t feed into their tactics, they may set traps for you or others, due to their selfishness. Imagine coming in contact with a large group of toxic people. It can make someone feel depressed if they allow it. Toxic people may not care that they’re that way and some of them are that way because there’s no one around to give them the desire to change. They remain toxic and they continue to lose good friendships.

If you have a loving heart then you’ve probably came in contact with some toxic people, it’s as if they seek those who are “giving,” and those who will tolerate a lot. No one has to put up with that, if the person or persons are unwilling to change, it’s best to walk away. Life should be enjoyed and we have enough to deal with so dealing with toxic people can be avoided. Of course you won’t always avoid them but you can avoid them most of the time.

Success Isn’t the Same for Everyone

Some people may believe that being successful means that they have to have a lot of money. For some that’s the only way they perceive it. Is it really so? Huh? Well is it? I’m just asking? Success is in all of us. It’s when we wake up in the morning. As soon as we hear those birds chirping, we’ve experienced success, we made it to a brighter day.

We can experience success in our homes, in our relationships, and in our careers. Not believing that we’re successful will lead us to become demotivated and that’s not good. We should feel the passion and feel strong about each positive step that we’re apart of.

Yes, we should want to be financially stable, live comfortable. We should want to live in peace. How can one become successful? If they’re living and have their needs met, they’ve hit the success mark, there’s more but we have to be patient for it. Wait on it. Success could be delivered to us or we can work hard to obtain more of it. We’ve already experienced some “success” in our lives. It’s not hard to believe that we’re already successful. Transform our minds and believe that more good things will head our way.

How many people look at others and wonder how did they become successful? You really want to know. They believed in themselves, they had someone to believe in them, they didn’t give up. Giving up should never be an option. We should work smarter towards our goals and refuse to be defeated.

People will tell others that they’re not as successful as the next person but that shouldn’t hinder anyone from trying to reach the goals that they feel they should reach. Having success is living, living each day to max, enjoying each moment. Learning from the good and bad times. We can improve our success level but in order to do that. We must change our way of thinking. We can’t stop trying to do better or stop trying to be better than we were the day before.

“Believe That it can be done. Believe That You Will Accomplish it.” (Tiki33)

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