The Lessons are There and Sometimes There Needs to be a Closer Look

Life on earth is filled with all sorts of lessons. We’re continuously learning. There is something to learn each day. Some may not want to be in the learning process at all times. There’s so much to “discovery.” Keeping an open mind is necessary and there are times when we may not feel so over joyed about discovering the new. There are many reasons why we should try to learn more. There’s all sorts of cultures to be apart of and within the cultures there are lessons. God continues to teach all a lesson and a lesson doesn’t actually mean that there is trouble. Lessons can help create a better person and can also help build strength. Of course not all would like to learn certain lessons but learning is a good thing.

Sometimes we’ll need to look deeper in order to find what it is we need to find. To seek out and to take in what is necessary. Some areas of life may not be so clear. It’s not always easy “to understand” what is taking place at first. If there is a need to discover then the discoveries will occur. Some may choose to tune out the lesson because of not wanting to go through the trials. Going through the battles can be rough but we’re capable of getting through. There are hard lessons and lessons which will add value to our lives. There are some lessons which remain in our membranes for quite sometime.

The lessons which are learned could be a gateway to better living. Rising above the challenges and taking on situations which we may not have been prepared for earlier. There are some who may not be in any “position” to give a lesson. In a lot of cases what’s occurring is apart of some man made punishment. Yes, we’ll learn a lot in school, there are just somethings that school can not teach. Life lessons must be experienced. We’ll learn about life lessons outside of the classroom. “The world can be quite harsh and some of the lessons can cause a lot of heartache but in time the wounds will heal.” (Tanikka Paulk)

Every lesson is a way to grow. There should be a desire to grow and to become better in someway. Some are afraid of any growth at all. There are some lessons that we’ll like to forget. There are some people who we’ll like to avoid. They’re tactics may not be the best course of action. Not all should project the lesson. There are some taking on positions in which they’re not qualified for. There will be some lessons which are extremely “beneficial.” There are some we probably can do without.

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