I’m Doing What I’m Doing and it Includes Proceeding

There are many needs and there are many benefits. Where will the along’s be headed to next? The direction the pathway has opened up more than one door actually. There will be all sorts of transformations. It may appear as though the travel is alone most of the time but there are others observing what is to come. To be, to the being, to the transformation. The opinions aren’t diverting my path the noisemakers haven’t caused the “confidence” to lower. There is building occurring. Most will have to travel alone when on their journey.

The adversities occur but there is learning while the challenges arise. I’ve observed how many react to the environments and some have perceived my niceness as a weakness. What many have though of me=Tanikka Paulk I’ve used as fuel to continue to be driven to the up scaling motion. There are many visions looking upon me=Tanikka Paulk. They’ve misjudged, have dished out their opinionated ways, and have thought that their actions could cause my decline. There is a purpose. There’s the continued directions and I’m in positions whee there is authority.

There is no time to be concerned about what others have to say about

(youTanikka Paulk). The attention should be focused on creating a better society, country, and world. “There are some of the most captivating historical moments shared presently and in the future.” By: Tanikka Paulk. There is the need to guide and the sometimes need to follow. “Leadership” will involve such actions. Although there are some disagreeing about the decisions there will and should be continuing of. My purpose is to be fulfilled. The attitudes aren’t by any means controlling my actions. What shall be decided just shall be.

There is the desire to incur the finalization. Along the way there have been some modifications but there is rejuvenating occurring. There should be gladness because there will be more “law abiding.” That’s what this country needs. Completeness seemed to be far away but really is near. What some have hoped for they’ve found that their perceptions were off base. “The ones who are suppose to be along are and the ones who’ve tried to dismiss the purpose have been returned.” BY: Tanikka Paulk.

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“Key Word Cooperation”

Here I am continuing to move in the purposely direction. The “gold and the silver” connected in the most imaginable ways. Yes I’ve been chosen and although there are some who’ve disagreed with the decisions the “Government” has made they’re refusing to back off there should be the “reaching” to the furthered heights. “Movement, movement. continued movements I say.” (Tanikka Paulk). Analyzed, visioned, thought of the next steps to be incurred. What have they expected of me=Tanikka Paulk? Could the question be what have I expected from People? Written by: Tanikka Paulk

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Their Biggest Mistake Shall be Revealed


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Expressing may not be Enough it’s the Proof Which Tells

Some are so in denial that they’re unwilling to understand just where proof stands. No matter what’s said there will need to be proof. Takes more than work of mouth in order to receive what is desired. The proof is going to tell what so many may want to know or need to know. For some they’ll want to hide proof because of their actions. Not wanting to accept that what occurs should’ve occurred. When persons rights are violated there should be some willing to stand in some instances there will be just “one” willing to take a stand. When it appears as if so many are against there will be at least one or one other willing to defend.

Being expressive is necessary however there are some continuing to be out of place. The proof needs to be provided because there’s so many injustices. Imagine how many individuals are incarcerated because of their rights being violated. Knowing what the rights are can save a person or persons from many hardships. There are so many needing to have individuals take stands in order to be freed from the injustices. There’s individuals as well as agencies continuing to violate the rights of not just African Americans but of other minorities. Yes, we all should be alert and stand firm. The brave ones will stand up no matter how many persons on projecting attacks.

Focused on Taking Care of Rights

When individuals rights have been violated being expressive is necessary. “No Person Should Tolerate Being Victimized Over and Over.” By: (Tanikka Paulk). There are some too afraid to take a stand, too afraid to speak up, too afraid to make any movements at all. If persons continue to remain silent about the injustices then there will be more and more destruction. The further one climbs the more likely there will be individuals wanting to pull down. There should be thoughts of wanting to provide positive changes and create a more stabilized economical system.

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How to Deal With Unfair Treatment

How About Light.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

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Stand up for the People

We all know that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a man that stood for equality. He believed that everyone deserved to be treated fairly. Where are those beliefs today? Do we just turn away from those things that could help us grow and prosper? Leadership seems to be tossed out while everything goes hay wire.

People all across the world are becoming victims of injustice and bullying. Whether it’s authority figures or citizens but lives are being affected by the tormenting related to bullying. Shouldn’t everyone be considered to have worth? Why are some treated unfairly and others treated with respect? Lots of questions that no one wants to answer. The sad part is no one wants to deal with the issues that plague our society. Sweeping those issues under the rug won’t make them go away. We had to deal with inequality, civil rights violations, and threats amongst a group of people. Today those issues exist but things have deepened.

People are becoming too fearful to speak out about important issues. Youth violence, black on black crime, and injustices within the justice system. We can yell, “Take a Stand” but until the fear is removed. There will be silence. Not only people are afraid to speak out but some may not be concerned about many of the issues that create a more dysfunctional society. The concern doesn’t hit home until it hits home. Too many lives are being affected by not dealing with issues before they become gigantic. We can nip some of the issues in the bud before hand and other issues will take a little more work.

We need church leaders to be more active within the communities. There certainly needs to be more leadership. The police are continuously asking for assistance with matters that plague our communities. We can’t just think that those issues will just go away.

We’re in a time where youth are no longer respecting one another or respecting anyone who disagrees with them. Youth violence is at a all time high. Shootings occur everday and a young life is taken due to ignorance. The youth seem to be enraged but enraged about what? That’s what we need to find out. We can overcome a lot of these issues if we stop pretending that they don’t exist.

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What can we do to Stop Youth Violence

We’re losing our youth to gun violence but why? What’s causing them to have a lack of compassion and be so filled with rage? Some may think that it starts in the home or it comes from violent rap music. Can we really blame youth behaviors on rap music? There’s something that’s going on deep inside of their minds and no one is trying to find out what that is. For some it may have to do with being poverty stricken. That can cause them to feel angry and desperate but there’s more to it.

An article on Corrections.com suggests that youth violence could be a result of lack of family structure. Well, that could be part of it, but that isn’t the whole story. People seem to turn to lack of parenting as being the number one cause for youth’s downfall. Lack of parenting and dysfunctional environments could have something to do with their rage but that isn’t the entire reason why youth are violent. If they feel disconnected in some way or feel fatherless then they will become angry. Youth love attention just like anyone else. if we’re focused on other things then they will turn to bad influences.

A lot of youth turn to gangs in order to feel some sort of acceptance. If we can’t reach them then the gangs will and not in a good way. We must supply them with avenues that will detour them away from anger and violence. We must find out what they’re compassionate about and try to connect them with those passions. If we don’t find some sort of solution then we’re not only losing our youth but they’re gearing their violence toward the older generation as well. Yes, parenting has something to do with the dysfunctional behaviors within society, but parents shouldn’t take all the blame.

We need our community leaders joining forces and helping their communities come up with some solutions to the gun violence epidemic. If we don’t do something soon. We will find ourselves engulfed with violent and aggressive behavior. Something has to be done. Law Enforcement are continuing to scratch their heads. Law Enforcement, Educators, Parents and Community Leaders need to join forces and try to tackle this someway and somehow. Each day there’s reports about youth losing their lives. Senseless violence. Enraged violence.

Some youth may be hard to reach because they’re so far gone but “where there’s a will there’s a way.” Prevention is better then being reformed. In fact those who end up in the juvenile system or in prison seem to be more inclined to return. If we don’t head it off then we will be seeing a very bleak future. If they feel that violence is the answer then we need to know why they feel that way. Our communities will continue to suffer if we don’t find some solutions to youth violence.

“There’s a Solution but we Just Have to Figure out the Solution” T. Paulk

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When Will it end

We’re losing so many. Every single day there’s a report of anothet child murdered. Their lifeless bodies lay in the streets. So many where have the leaders gone? People may want to turn and point fingers at parents but it runs deeper than that. There’s hurt, despair, and hoplessness in the air.

Mothers crying and having to bury their children. We’re losing them. We should be furious about this epidemic. The shootings near and around schools. Where are the strong voices? The mentorships should be presented. It’s so sad to hear the screams of the victims parents and relatives.

The pain runs deep. I too have lost lots of relatives to gun violence. One was like a brother to me. It’s insane. Why are our children so angry? Desputes aren’t settled through communications. The bullets scatter all around. The noise from the gun shots wake up neighborhoods. What are we to do.

Prayers and continuous action should occur. No one wants to touch the sensitive topics but we can’t sweep them under the rug. Youth violence and black on black crime is real. Turning our heads and covering our ears won’t do. When it hits home then there’s a wake up call. The future looks bleak. So many of those children could have been lawyers, doctors, and law enforcement officers.

We need more than rallies. We need voices touching the youth. They need to be heard. There has to be a way that they can release their frustrations. We have to turn their hopelesdness around. Why are they so angry? Why are they afraid to smile? There’s no way that we can turn away.

Evey time we open our eyes and turn to the news. There will be another shooting and another life gone. Law Enforcement is working overtime. So many of them are shedding tears because they feel the pain. They have children and it pains them to see a child laying on the hard concrete with no life. It’s mournful.

What are we to do? The leadership has to grow. We have to find a way to reach the youth. We may not be able yo reach all of them but if some can be reached then we have to try. It’s not easy hearing about all of the tragedies that surround our youth. The tears flow every time there’s a report. Prayer plus works.

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Leadership Isn’t What you say it is

Leadership is bold and moving. Anyone can claim leadership but can they display it? There’s different levels of leadership. In order to lead. One has to be willing to learn. No one knows everything. We’re continuously learning. We may need more leadership. The youth can use more of it and dedicated mentorship.

Some people may not want to take on leadership roles. It’s not an easy position but it’s a rewarding one. Leaders have to go through the pain. They have to get tougher. If a leader weeps. They may think that they’re not built for leadership but that’s not true at all. Strong people cry. A lot of relief can occur that way.

Every leader has experienced some bad. It won’t all be good. Leaders put themselves on the battlefield. They fight for people’s rights. They face wars and some were close to destruction. Leaders don’t give up but they may take a step back to regroup. Leadership involves “action.” It requires one to be aggressive at times but filled with compassion.

The compassion should be there. One should understand what leadership consist of. It will require lots of work but in time the position will become easier. Although it will be easier. Those rough days will still come streaming in but one will be better equipped to deal with them. Some may enjoy hearing the title but there’s more to it than that.

Leadership shows. It produces what a community or city needs. It involves the will to “grow.” Without growth there’s no progress. We can’t be apart of a movement without a leader. We need more and there’s no denying that. We really need leaders who aren’t afraid of stepping on some toes. Every leader has said something that someone didn’t agree with it. That can’t be prevented.

Leadership involves an increase. Increase in knowledge. Increase in time and increase when it comes to giving. Leaders have to take a lot of flack. They will have to go through storms and be prepared to be yelled at. One has to be willing to take the good with the bad.

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