Laugh Because Sometimes it Really is Funny

Laughter is a joy. We may shed some tears but laughter fixes things. There’s so many funny things going on. Sometimes the laughter keeps going like the enigizer bunny. There’s a lot of comedians out and although not all are professional. They’re still funny. I mean funny. Those tear jerkers keep coming.

It’s a joy to laugh. ¬†What would we do without laughter? Some people may have difficulties laughing. Some may have difficulties smiling. For those who choose not to smile or laugh. They just don’t know what they’re missing. When the laughters produce tears that’s when you know something is truly funny. Oh boy, there’s some funny stuff going on, the laughs keep coming.

Some people are too funny. It’s almost like people unintentionally produce laughter. Laughter is laughter. We should be thankful for being able to laugh. It helps us stay happy. Who doesn’t want to be happy? Sometimes we’re the butt of the joke but it’s still funny. Have you ever laughed so hard that makes your side hurt. There’s where I am right now.

There’s some jokers and some comical material floating around. We never know when something funny will head our way. It can happen in our home. It can happen on our jobs or it can happen online. It doesn’t matter what day the laughs come rolling in. Those laughs will make us feel better.

It’s so entertaing. My goodness. Some people are so talented. All they have to do is open their mouths and the laughs come rolling in. There’s people out there that are just that funny. Comedy can be seen or heard anywhere. Once one gets a dose of it. They may not stop laughing. “Still laughing.”

Laughing can make someone’s day. It surely makes my day. All of the comical junk moving about. Who can deny laughter? I don’t see why anyone would want to. Some of this stuff is funny. Too funny. Ha, he, he.

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Laughter and More

There’s something to smile about and there will be something to laugh about. Laughter is good. It helps generate calmness in us. The nest laughter is the ones that keep going and going. It can make someone say, “I can’t stop laughing.” A good comedy show or reading some funny material may be a good way to generate laughter.

Have you ever laughed so loud and received a strange look? How about laughing about something that happened awhile ago? We should be able to laugh. It makes life more interesting. We should have fun. We don’t need to be consumed with stress and laughing can release some stress.

Some people may have a hard time laughing. They may be going through somethings and find it difficult to laugh. It’s unfortunate when that happens. It’s quite sad when laughter can’t be generated. Life would be so bland if we didn’t have something to laugh about.

Watching comedians perform is another great way to burst out some chuckles. Life can be so difficult at times and we need a way to release some of the pressure. Sometimes it can seem as if we forget how to laugh and how to enjoy life. Life shouldn’t be all serious we have to have a bit of fun.

It doesn’t appear that too many people are enjoying what life has to offer. There’s lots of work and minimum turn down. We can’t consume ourselves with heavy work loads and not find some sort of entertainment or “relaxation.” We may take things we shouldn’t take seriously and that can create stress.

When we laugh. The stress leaves us. We have to find ways to channel the stress and laughter can assist with that. With all the tragedies in the world. We have ro find a way to let the frustrations of such traumatic events go. A big “smile” and a long laugh can go a long way.

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Ever Experienced Long Lasting Laughter

When one takes a look at somethings they may find some funny in it. There’s always something to laugh about. Everything isn’t funny but somethings are real funny. If you take a look around you can find something to harty ha, ha, ha about.

Could you imagine life without laughter? Laughter relieves stress and we can sure us that. I love watching comedies they’re quite entertaining. Watching comedians put on a performance amazes me. It takes a lot of talent to do what they do. Take Kevin Hart for instance. He’s a funny guy. Those expressions he makes really are the kicker.

Another funny comedian is Earthquake. Although Earthquake doesn’t receive the recognition he deserves. That doesn’t take away his comedic humor. It’s a joy when we receive that side jerking laughter. It’s as if the laughter will never end. When life tries to kick us in the rear. We should find something to laugh about.

Laugh after an argument. One of the parties more than likely said something funny. Oh but it’s not funny when the argument is taking place but something probably would be funny afterwards. Anyway, we can find something funny every single day. Even when we think about the comedic side of a loved one who passed on.

I remember one of my uncles would love to make people laugh. He was super funny. Everyone would gather around to hear his jokes. Life is short and sometimes we waste it on being upset about things we can’t change while we could use that time to laugh.

No matter how challenging life gets. A few laughs can ease the pain. We will feel sorrow but we should thank God for the joy. Laughing is a joy. Sometimes we’ll think about something and laugh out loud. This will happen. Sometimes we have to force ourselves to laugh. Those are the days when we feel a bit sorrowful but the laughter will pep us back up.

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Let the Funny in

We have to enjoy life alright we don’t have to but “we” should. Yes, we should enjoy what life has to offer. Catch a laugh, some giggles, and some chuckles. Have you ever laughed so hard that your side hurts. A good kind of hurt. We;;, you know what I mean, don’t you? Listening to jokes or watching a funny movie is so enjoyable. I love laughing. How about you?

Laughing relieves stress and that’s something so many of us can use. I really enjoy watching comedies in fact I’ve watched one today and oh boy! Funny is an understatement. I’ve faced a lot of challenges and getting some laughs in certainly made my day. Today is a good day. Another thankful day. I so greatly appreciate it.

When was the last time that you laughed? I know some people aren’t into comedies but shouldn’t we at least try to be happy. Laughing soothes us. I don’t know anyone that doesn’t enjoy laughing. Of course it may seem as if some people don’t enjoy laughing but deep down they wouldn’t mind a giggle or two. Sometimes if you look outside your window you can find something funny.

A bird chasing another bird or a dog chasing his tail. You never know when a laugh will make it’s appearance. I love when there’s something laugh about. Laughter tears is a whole lot better than tears of sadness. Be grateful that we’re in a position to laugh.

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