We Have to Stand up for Ourselves Somehow

Bullying has always existed. Jesus was bullied, he experienced taunting, and he was hated. If Jesus was bullied then we’re certainly gone to be bullied in someway. Bullies are hurt and damaged people. They’re not really that tough. They may want others to believe that they are but deep down there’s the wounds. Bullying is a serious issue in today’s society. Not everyone knows the best way to “conquer” it. Some victims are afraid to stand up to bullies. Usually bullies are group formed. They may not want to take someone on alone so they form groups to attack their victims.

Bulling is a big problem within the school system and online. Duncan A. US Secretary of Education  (2015) said, “Children can not get a quality education if they don’t feel safe at school.” It’s hard for an adult to remain focused when being bullied let alone a child. Bullying is also a major problem with technology.  How can one stand up to bullying and bullies? Sometimes ignoring works. A lot of bullies are seeking attention. In some cases a bully may need a hug and to know that someone cares.

If we allow bullying to continue then it will corrupt our society as well as our communities. Most bullies are fearful and what works with fear? Love removes bullying. Love conquers all things. It’s love that they may be seeking. To feel loved and appreciated in someway. The fear is connected with the anger and when they’re angry they will lash out at the closet person to them. A good way to stand up is to call a bully out. Let them know exactly what they’re doing and let others know.

Most bullies want to remain hidden and aren’t up to challenges that involve lots of people. People turn their heads when it comes to bullying but they’re not thinking that bullying can affect them also.In fact just watching someone being bullied affects us. By not standing up the bullying can continue to go on. We have to analyze what type of bullies we’re dealing with. Are we dealing with the need affection bullies or are we dealing with the attention seeking bullies?

The way that we stand up all depends on what type of bullies we’re dealing with. Bullying causes severe issues and it certainly needs to be addressed. Some bullies are dealing with underlying problems that we’re caused in childhood and lead up to their adulthood. Sometimes it takes a professional to help the bully become whole again and other times it takes a whole lot of love. Whatever the reasons for the bullying we all should take a stand. We can’t always remain silent. Remain silent only when necessary but other than that. We should be take a stand.

Both teens and adults are suffering with bullying on and offline and anyone having a social media account is bound to experience some form of bullying. It’s almost like an epidemic. Bullying causes wars and it makes our society dysfunctional. It can be tackled but everyone must be on board with tackling it. It’s easier for bullies to bully through technology because they don’t have to face the victims. They’re approach is formed through technology and the bullying is assisted with the keyboard.


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“Children can not get a quality education if they don’t feel safe at school

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay Free to use Even Commerically