Make Decisions That Will Help you and Others Grow

People will have their opinions. They will want to control what is done but they shouldn’t make decisions that ill hinder others and prevent “prosperity.” If it will help develop you and others then it should be apart of our lives. Some people will allow the dysfunctions to carry on trying to hold things together. If a person can’t uplift, encourage, and appreciate what others are trying to accomplish then perhaps there needs to be adjustments.

We should be able to handle other people’s growth. Shouldn’t we want the best for our communities and for others around us? Even if a million people tell us to stop doing something. That doesn’t mean we have to stop or we should stop. If it will benefit people then it should continue going strong. Appreciate that other people are trying to get better and help others gain.

We should base our decisions on the ability to progress. If people are trying to detour you from progressing and you give in then you’ve made a bad decision. Let us start encouraging ourselves and others. Courage people to make decisions that will help produce growth. There’s a lot that we can do but if we continue to discourage others from moving ahead then we’re not making great decisions.

There’s no need to try to convince people to not be apart of continuous growth. Let others make decisions that will “build” foundations. If we want to make a decision that isn’t consider the norm then that’s alright. We never know where we may land.Our decisions could create abundance and shouldn’t people want abundance?

We all are dreamers. Dreamers of something. In order for communities and our  society to grow we have to change our way of thinking and a great way to do that is to stop allowing people to hold us back. We may not always make the best decisions but we should at least make some decisions that will assist in someway.

Lets start uplifting and encouraging people to reach the top. Our opinions are just that but our decisions can be life changing. Think “abundance” and think about how much we can accomplish with making the decision to encourage. Encouragement goes a long and so many of us can do a whole lot by not allowing others to control our decisions that will help us be better people.

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There’s Room for Everyone

There’s no need to push, throw down, or attack there’s room for all of us. Why should there be this need to bring others down? We’re all capable of greatness but it appears that everyone believes that. If people believed in themselves then they wouldn’t feel a need to try to prevent others from elevating. We should want the best for one another. There’s talent all round but people act as if no has talent. They will be mean to others so that others are intimidated and so that they’ll give up.

Don’t allow others to cause you to stop doing what you’re doing. If people are unable to accept others talents and ambitions then that’s too bad. Everyone has the right to try to reach their dreams. We all should be filled with hope and be happy that others want to “rise.” I’ve noticed that people are so in tuned with trying to compete with others that they refrain from polishing up on their craft. They become envious of others gifts.

Instead of embracing one another. They will try to bring anyone down that’s trying to accomplish something. Why? Why can’t we do what we love and people just accept it? If you feel you’re not where you want to be then try to get there but you don’t have to bring others down to make yourself feel better. It just won’t work.

Too many people are unhappy because they’ve been attacked for doing what God has put inside of them. It’s pretty annoying and I don’t think anyone should give up on their dreams because of what others say or try to do. We all have talents that should be shared with the world. Don’t be afraid to share your craft. God has given us the right to share the gifts that no one can take away from us despite them trying to do so. “Let Your Gifts Shine.”

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A Little Inspiration Goes a Long way “Smile”

Our focus should be on the things that matter. The things that truly inspire us. If there’s no inspiration then we probably won’t get what we need out of it. Everyone has the capability to “inspire” but some choose not to do so and that’s up to them. We have to be driven by something in order to accomplish some of the things that will get us to where we need to be.

How can we Stay Motivated?

We can stay motivated by telling ourselves that we deserve to have that dream. We deserve so much more. If we feel deserving then we we’ll want to stay on course. We shouldn’t allow the thoughts of giving up in our minds. If we do that then we won’t accomplish the things that will help us in the long run. Another way to stay motivated is to listen to motivational videos and read motivational quotes. They help out tremendously.

How Damaging can Negativity be When You’re Trying to Stay Inspired?

Negativity can be very damaging. It will drain your energy and you will want to stop being inspired or inspiring others. Negativity is like a cancer. It can slowly take your life away. Too much of it and you can become depressed. It’s best that those who love to inspire others surround themselves by people who love to do the same. Surround yourself around visionaries and people who enjoy being positive. The negativity can send one off course and sometimes it’s hard to get back on course.

Who Inspires you?

I often found that my inspiration comes from the Lord and Jesus. My earthly inspiration came from my grandmother and great grandmother. They strength that they had within them was remarkable. They’ve saw so much and withstood the battles they had to face. I was truly connected with my father’s mother because we had so much in common. She faced a lot of adversity but still found time to encourage others to stand by “faith.” The love that she had for her family and anyone she came in contact with truly amazed me.

My great grandmother was a giver. She would give to those who needed and she would often pass by and hand some money in my hand and then walk off with a smile. She raised me so the connection was strong. She faced discrimination up close and she would tell us some of the stories that made my eyebrows go up.I tried to imagine going through some of those things but my mind couldn’t handle it. You don’t forget about those people who make an impact on your life.

“Inspiration is Something we Shouldn’t Hesitate to Share”

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Shine a light so Bright

When it seems so dark and the room spins. “Shine Your Light.” Someone somewhere could use some light. They could use a bit of inspiration. Sometimes others may try to dim our light and we may do it to appease others. Should we dim our lights? Not at all. We should be glad that we have a light to shine.

Shining your light as to do with sharing your talents with the world and living your dreams. Even if others become irritated with your dreams. You have a right to hold them, ebrace them, and be one with them. If anyone tries to stop you from moving forward with something positive don’t you dare stop.

Too many people have refused to allow their light to shine because of fear. Fear that they won’t be accepted. Envy will cause others to want someone who projects inspiration to quit. Quitting won’t inspire others. Getting back up will. Everyone is talent filled and why shouldn’t everyone have a right to shine? We can do great things but that can’t happen if we’re riddled with fear.

It doesn’t matter if those close to us want us to stop what we’re destined to do. They should encourage us to do what we love and get better but unfortunately it doesn’t always happen. God gave each one of us a gift and He wants us to share it with the world. What’s the use of hiding our talent?

Everyone could use some inspiration. You never know who you will inspire. Someone out there is so afraid to pursue their dreams and I want to encourage you to go for it. Don’t allow others to dictate your life. It’s time that we encourage one another to “grow.” Rise up and reach for the stars.

We have the capability to accomplish some awesome things but if we listen to the negatives then we’ve unable to do that. People will try to discourage others out of fear. Fear that they may do better than them. There’s room at the top for all. If you want it then you should go after it. Dream big. Live it, Love it, and Embrace it. Accept those blessings.

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Try to Avoid Cynical Comments

Don’t you just loathe those cynical comments? Those comments that make your eyebrows go up. I’m sure you’ve seen them around. To be honest it’s easy for anyone to produce them. Some may not care how they make others feel. Some may feel that they’re anonymous and that it’s alright to be rude. Well, people do have choices but is it wise to be cynical, they’re using a tactic? What tactic? They’re using the get attention tactic. When one is being cynical they realize that most people will want to respond.

Once you respond to the cynical comment, the person has gained your attention, and then the drama begins. Being cynical is annoying and sometimes people could care less about that. They just feel that they’re doing something that will generate the attention they’ve been seeking. Just because one is being cynical does’t mean that they’re a bad person. It just means that they want some attention and for some reason they seem to think that being cynical is an effective way.

Producing cynical comments can do the opposite. People won’t want to deal with rude comments. They may want to avoid the persons who project them. If one has to be cynical to gain attention then that clearly demonstrates that they have some insecurity issues. There’s ways to get attention without being cynical. If you want to rise above it then try a different approach. Cynical is in the same group as sarcasm. I’m sure everyone has tried to be sarcastic at some point. That too can be annoying.

Some people will go overboard and they will not only be cynical but will try to use other tactics to get to the person or persons they’re trying to get attention from. If one wants to gain attention then utilizing their gifts will work out better. We all have talent and we should allow them to “shine.” “Be kind” and try to improve those comments by using some pleasantness in them.

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