Don’t Stop Moving

No matter how many people doubt you the “movement” shouldn’t stop. We can not allow people to dictate what we’re purposed to do. Our talents and our gifts are meant to “shine.” Don’t insecurities of others to stop you from achieving your goals and reaching your destiny. People will try to get those who are trying to succeed to stop doing what they’re doing. Those who made the decision to not pursue their dreams have nothing to do with you. Keep moving and enjoying the journey.

There will be times where people will spill out the negatives at you and in return they should receive the positive. If one doesn’t have what it takes then people wouldn’t be trying to bring them down. A lot times people simply want a reaction and the best thing to do is to keep moving. People who waste time trying to stop others from reaching their potential are those who believe that they have none. They may believe that they have no talent and that’s their way of thinking. It shouldn’t be the mindset of an achiever.

The best thing that anyone trying to pursue their dreams is to ignore the naysayers. They will be on their job maybe not getting paid but they’ll be working. “Encourage” yourself to go stronger and harder. In order to be defeated one has to surrender. If you’re determined then surrendering isn’t an option. When it seems people are trying to throw a wrench in your plans, smile and keep going, they’re wasting time instead of trying to better themselves. We should listen to positive messages and read positive communications.

Not everyone is meant to be on our team and we have to accept. In fact some people you would’t want on your team anyway because they will only try to drag you down. When people are traveling on a journey or working on their assignment they may find themselves working alone most of time. There’s nothing wrong with working alone. A lot is achieved that way. There will be a time when others will need to get on board but one must make sure that the right people get on board.

It’s not easy trying to pursue your dreams when people are so focused on competing against one another but no matter how many competitors there are. We should remain on the right path. If we believe in ourselves then we’ll fare well but if we doubt ourselves then we won’t succeed. Even if it takes some time to make it to those goals. It will be well worth it because it feels good to be apart of productivity and accomplishment.

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The Writer and the Adventures

Where are the “writers?” Writing is certainly like therapy. Writers are expressive people and some have extraordinary lives and there’s others that live unpredictable lives. It doesn’t matter what sort of life a writer lives as long as their passionate about their work then they’re on the right path. One has to feel good about what they’re doing and it doesn’t matter how much struggling they have to endure as long as they know where they want to go. Everything will be on the “rise.’

Can Anyone be a Writer?

Anyone can be a writer but not everyone wants to be one. Some people aren’t that interested in writing about stories and adventures but they may be great at telling them. Writing can be as simple as ABC or it can be quite difficult depending on what type of writing one chooses to be apart of. I choose to write on a variety of topics and love to project boldness. Whether it be fiction or nonfiction if one wants to try their hand at writing then I would suggest that they “love” it.

Some writers may feel insecure because some people may tell them that they’re not writers. Anyone who receives compensation for writing is a writer. There’s some writers that chose to be unseen and there’s some writers like Toni Morrison who wants to inspire others to tell a story or the story. Toni Morrison said, “If there is a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, you must be the one to write it.”

Whether you’re a writer or not. Be passionate about your work and inspire others to achieve their dreams. We all could use some inspiration and someone wants to take the leap but something could be holding them back. They may need some encouragement. You never know who needs it so it’s best to project inspiration and watch who affects.

Writing takes my breath away. It allow me to express exactly what I want to say. I’m intrigued by it. I adore it and I’m passionate about it. Even when I’m feeling a little low. Writing will get me going. I can go to far away places and I’ve seen many faces. Writing is within me and it really makes me feel.

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It Takes Courage to Live Your Dreams

Not everyone can or will try to grab hold to their dreams. Adversity is apart of one’s dreams. There’s no way of getting around it. It takes a lot of courage to stand alone. It also takes courage to go in the other direction. The road won’t be easy but if one is determined then they will conquer what they’ve set out to conquer.

Having courage doesn’t always appear right away. Anything worth having will take hard work. Some days will seem longer than others. That’s what the journey consist of. People will tell you to turn around because of their fear. No one should give up on their dreams. Even if one has to take a step back. That’s alright but they shouldn’t throw their dreams out the window.

There’s way too many people who refuse to take that risk and achieve what they’re capable of achieving. ┬áIf you don’t do what you’re passionate about then you will regret it. It’s better to conquer that fear than to be fueled with regret. Doing what you love will produce better results than settling.

We don’t have to settle for less. We should try our best to achieve those dreams. It isn’t easy at all but it’sworth it. You will face troubles while traveling on your journey but all those trials will create a better you. Sometimes the road will become rocky. You may shed tears but they will try up and you’ll be back at it again.

I encourage anyone to live their dreams because we only come this way once. Those one person conversations will take place. You will have days where you have to uplift yourself but that’s apart of living anyway. Go for it and despite what people say about living your dreams. You shouldn’t give up on them. Be brave and go for the passion.

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It can be Done if you put Fourth the Effort

We live in a hard world. There’s not a day that goes by that some bad news is reported. People are doing some of the most unspeakable things. Not everyone will be nice or treat us the way that we want to be treated but that shouldn’t stop us from doing “good.” It isn’t always easy to turn the other cheek. Yes, we will become angry when people cause harm to us, but with prayer we can overcome it. When we understand how the world works we’ll be able to deal with it better.

If we’re willing to grow then we must be willing to take some of that pain through our growth period. We should strive to be better and do better. If we put in the effort then we will be able to accomplish the things that will get us to our heavenly home. I don’t want any part of hell do you? I don’t want to think about it. If we need to make some changes then we should make them. The world would be a better place if there was more good.

Where there is darkness, let their be light, we are the light but we may not always allow the light to “shine.” There’s good inside of us and although we may make bad choices in our lives. That good is there. Even when people cause us pain we should try to heal and remove those thoughts because if they stay in our minds then we will do or say things we will regret. Let the light shine and be a blessing to others.

It doesn’t feel good to be talked about, lied on, mistreated in anyway but with the help from the Lord and Jesus we can overcome those things. Pain is in the world and we can’t control what others do or will do but we can change ourselves. It may take some time but putting in that effort is a start. We can handle things better when we meditate on the Lord. We’ll have a better understanding of how we can’t change things but we can change the way we deal with certain situations. Have a blessed day!

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A Smile Goes a Long way

We never know what people are going through, how hard they’ve worked to get to where they are today, or why they choose to smile when they’re facing trials. Smiling helps put us in a better mood. It offers a bit of peace. It certainly feels better than frowning. Of course we’ll feel sadness, anger, and disappointed but if we try to smile when those emotions head our way. We’ll get through it. Some people would rather hide their beautiful smile that God has given them. Why not share it with the world?

There’s no one on earth who hasn’t been through adversities. We’ve been through the rain, storms, and pain. Some of us feel it everyday but we don’t have to be stuck in a storm. We have the capability to come out and an easy way to help us do that is to “smile.” There will be people out there who would rather erase our smile but we shouldn’t allow it. If we smile at them then perhaps they will change their attitude and smile back at us.

Can you imagine not being able to smile? We should be thankful that we’re able to smile because there’s people in this world who aren’t here to smile and there’s people who are unable to smile. We will go through things and yes, it’s hard to deal with at times, but through those challenges we shall grow. Offer a smile to someone and you may just change their lives forever. You never know who needs your smile. When we smile we show that we care.

“Go Right Ahead and Smile”

Yes, there’s people who smile but are going through a whole lot of pain, but they rather smile than to show the pain on the outside. When others see their smile they may offer some kind words which will brighten up their day. We never know who can use our smile and kind words. There’s so many going through and why shouldn’t we help them get through if we can? Try it. Smile and see how it goes. You never know what impact your smile will make.

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Keep on That Track

Who said it would be easy? Someone probably did but they were wrong. It’s not easy trying to follow your dreams and traveling on your journey. You’ll come across some wolves and they will want to devour you. You may meet people who want to guide you in another direction so that you don’t meet your goals. You’ll face envious people, who would rather see you fall on your face, and they may pretend to be a friend.

When traveling on your journey. You will face all sorts of challenges but that doesn’t mean that you should give up. If following your dreams was easy then everyone would be trying to pursue it. It’s not easy and someday’s it will be downright tiring. Yes, you will feel fatigued, the fatigue is just an example on the toughness. It’s well worth it. You will receive rewards along the way so don’t think that there’s nothing but challenges. There’s more to your journey.

You will find those who want to grab your attention and there’s nothing wrong with communicating a bit but if they aren’t willing to lift you up then it’s a waste of time. There’s a lot of people in the world who gave up because they faced adversity. Adversity is something that we all should face. If we didn’t then we wouldn’t learn and grow. Don’t feel bad when people don’t understand the travel. It’s not for everyone.

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You will have to let some off and you’ll pick some up. Pick up those who are willing to add and not subtract. If they’re full of negativity then they’re not the ones you need to have traveling with you. There will be those alone times. You may feel as if you’re the only one in the world. You’re not but it could feel that way. Keep pushing your way through the bumps. You were made to “soar.”

“Dream and Live it”

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Believe in you at all Times

It doesn’t matter who you are, what you’ve done, or what you’re doing. There will always be someone waiting to try to take you down. A lot of people have stopped living their dreams because they’ve faced attacks. They’ve came in contact with envious people. The world is filled with them. There will be groups of people who will try to take you down but don’t allow it. If no one else believes in you. Believe in yourself. Believe that you’ll make it through every test.

We can’t control what others do or try to do but we can control how we deal with it. If they attack then put on your armor and pray. Some may not believe in the “power of prayer” but I do. What “evildoers” try to do to you and anyone else will not prosper. When people try real hard to get next to you, it’s because they see something in you that makes them angry, you intimidate them and it drives them crazy. They would rather you stop doing what you’re doing.

God has placed something special and that could displease some but smile and “keep going.” People waste time on people who they think are talented. They want you to go away because you make them feel bad. What you accomplish or will accomplish is “heaven sent.” Sometimes people become angry because of the people who love you. Never stop dreaming and believing.

Think about all those who were determined to make it to their dream destination. They had to push their way through a screaming crowd but they made it. It isn’t and it won’t be easy but it’s worth it. Anyone trying to do good or trying to help others will receive their rewards and for those who try to hold you back, will suffer the consequences, it may not be today but it will come. God won’t allow those things to continue. He is always in control. Those trials are meant to make “us stronger.”

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Visionaries and the Vision

Your vision isn’t for everyone. Have you ever had an idea or wanted to pursue something and felt as if you had no support? It’s not that no one supports you, you probably haven’t found the right people to support you, only visionaries will understand visionaries. That’s why you’ll hear people say, or read where it says, “hang out with visionaries.”

You want to surround yourself with people who understand where you’re coming from and if they’re envious then they’re unwilling to support you in anyway. Sometimes visionaries make people feel bad. Of course not intentionally but because they’re “creativity” is so overwhelming. People get angry because it’s either something they haven’t thought of or something they’re unable to do.

You really have to watch out for people who talk negatively about your vision. That means that they would rather see you put it to the side because they can’t stand to see you or anyone else succeed. It’s not fair but that’s the world we live in. You may find that your friends are unwilling to be your friends any longer because of your journey. That’s alright because it’s time that you move forward and allow the right people in your life.

Lots of visionaries travel alone. They may find themselves working alone many days and nights. If you want to preserve your vision and visions then you will have to keep some of your ideas to yourself. Letting everyone know your every move could cause a deterioration with those visions. Not everyone wants you to prosper. Even if groups of people try to hinder your visions or visions, don’t stop, and don’t give in. A lot of people may not be with you but it only takes one person to believe in you.

A lot of people stopped dreaming because they listened to what other people had to say. Those who try to turn you around aren’t in any position to “uplift” you or anyone else. Don’t be surprised when family members turn against you. Some do it out of fear and others do it because they’re actually envious of you. That’s alright. You can’t allow that to prevent you from proceeding. You have a purpose, you have gifts, and talents and you’re suppose to allow them to shine.

“Live Through Your Visions”

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