Sometimes You’ll Have to Duck and Dodge

Trying to pursue even the simplest of things well what one may seem as simple, could be quite difficult, it all depends on what’s in ahead of us and in the way. Anyone who has ever tried something out of the box or something that one may not consider as normal will generate a lot of attention. Of course there will be people who won’t be pleased about our ‘movement.” Some may want us to stop so that they’ll feel better but don’t stop. No one should ever stop doing what they feel they should be doing or need to do.

Sometimes we will have to seek all sorts of ways in order to “Make Things Happen.” We’ll come up against some of the most puzzling of things but those things shouldn’t detour us away from our destiny. We’re destined to be great. Everyone has a gift and they have every right to share their gifts. It’s not easy at all and yes you will have to jump, run, and duck. All kinds of setbacks will come at you but don’t give up. Never consider giving up!

If it’s worth having it will be difficult to obtain. If you have to go through trial after trial then “grow” and learn from it. If you don’t learn anything then you may be traveling down the wrong path. Push through the pain and the difficulties. You may have to travel alone or someone will come in and try to guide you a bit but don’t expect to have someone hold your hand through the process.

One has to build strength while they’re trying to pursue their goals and dreams. If the fear takes hold of a visionary then they will have to find effective ways to get rid of those fears. The storms will certainly roll in but one can surpass storms if they stay encouraged. Removing bravery will not do. If a person refuses to put away their fears then they will surely fall and may have a hard time getting back up. Keep going no matter how many boulders come rolling towards you. Everyday won’t go smoothly be prepared to fight through those difficult days.

It’s important that growth occurs when one is on their journey. There will be some incidents that will teach us to do things a different way. What worked for one may not work for another. We’ll have to find a way to get through the fire. In order to reach our desired destination. We must go through pain, disappointment, and the unexpected. With all of the mishaps that can occur. Always believe in yourself and always “be encouraged.

“Get Through it!”

Have to Keep Moving

If you believe you can overcome and you believe you can achieve then you can. Our mindsets are important. A mind filled with hopes and dreams can accomplish many things. If we want it then we will have to figure out a way to obtain it. Continuous effort will produce results.

We shouldn’t become discouraged if our progress is slowed down. A slow movement is still a movement. Great things can be achieved through persistence. Believing in self goes a long way. Of course it would be nice if others believed in us but the most important thing is that we believe in ourselves. Even when the hurdles make their way in our lives. We can overcome.

Everyday that we wake offers us an opportunity to grow. We can become stronger and wiser. We should allow the brightness in. Enjoy our days and complete a task or iwo. Hard work can produce a lot for us. We don’t always have to work hard. We should find the smartest way to work. We’re given gifts that we can decide to use or not.

Time moves quickly but we’re able to get a lot done in a short time period. In order to make a lot of progress. We may have to tune somethings out. Meditating will help us work better and it will help us feel better. Even when we face challenges. We can push through them. We can win battles by having faith. A dream doesn’t occur with hopelessness. It occurs with”hope.” We may have to push harder than most.

We must accept that a lot may be required from us. There’s a way to solve an issue. As we grow. We’ll figure the best solutions to our problems. A dreamer doesn’t quit. Their minds continue to ponder. Their hearts grow stronger. They’re believers and achievers. Believing it can be done is apart of “greatness.”

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Find an Uplifting Place

There’s nothing like being surrounded by positive people. Listening and reading positive communications. Sometimes we listen to people who aren’t in any position to encourage themselves let alone others. Our lives will be better if we surround ourselves around people who want to do better and see others excel. Those who are intimidated by others success won’t be happy and will behave negatively towards them.

When people are in no position to uplift us. We should at least “uplift” ourselves. A lot of times uplifting ourselves is the most that we would have. It’s so important that we build a positive mindset because a positive mindset will help us achieve more. Have you ever came in contact with someone who rarely offers positivity? When we find ourselves in a situation where there’s no uplifting going on then we should find a peaceful place.

Peacefulness relaxes our minds and in order to obtain it we must remove toxicity. Sometimes we keep people in our lives who are filled with toxin. They’re so envious that uplifting is further from their mind. We should protect ourselves from those who try to bring our moods down. If they want us to feel bad about ourselves then they’re toxic and toxicity can create havoc in our lives.

One of the things that prevent people from uplifting others is intimidation. If someone is intimidated for whatever reason then they won’t be able to uplift anyone until that intimidation is lifted. Envy can cause people to want to bring others down and tear their world upside down. Not everyone will be with us and that’s something that we must accept but there’s ways that we can deal with it.

What’s important is that we keep ourselves happy. Occupy our minds with good thoughts and stay encouraged. When we come in contact with those who want to see us fail we must remind ourselves that they can’t not create failure for us. If we want to “rise” and overcome then we must be willing to remove the doubt so that we can proceed. Surrounding ourselves with those who believe in us will make a world of difference.

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Don’t get Angry get Prayed up

When people don’t want others to succeed. They will put in lots of energy to stop them. How does one deal with a person or people who try to bring them down? The best way to deal with them is to pray. Allow God to deal with the situation. We can’t always fix things on our own. We may try until we realize that we’re unsuccessful.

It’s difficult for anyone to remain silent when they’re being attacked but one must realize that people don’t waste time attacking those worth attacking. The main reason why people try to stop others from succeeding has to do with intimidation. The persons or persons they’re trying to stop makes them feel bad about themselves. They’re envious of their talents and they think they’ll feel better by trying to bring others down.

Prayer is the defensive magnanimous. He is a powerful tool that is used againt the enemy. A loving tenderhearted person won’t spend their lives trying to bring others down. They will gave enough confidence to encourage others to excel. Those who are insecure will find ways to try to knock others down. They’re vulnerable and they may feel that others succeeding makes them look unsuccessful.

If they loved themselves then they would be loving towards others and would be happy that others are excelling. In their minds they feel unworthy and insecure. Their insecurites are noticed through their actions. Happy people would be happy seeing others pursue their dreams. People who try to bring others down are fighting a battle. They don’t love who they are.

Constant prayer is necessary. Although we may think that things are taking long. God works it out on His time. He can handle anything. Even when we feel alone. God is there. All our trials are meant for building. He wants us to become stronger and wants us to love one another. We have to love ourselves before we can love one another and anyone who doesn’t love doesn’t know God.

“Pursue Your Dreams Despite What Others try to do.”

Go After it

Don’t dismiss your dreams because others want you to. No one should put aside their aspirations. Don’t listen to people who try to tell you to turn back. Don’t allow their fear to stop you from doing what you love. Way too many people listen to people who refuse to live their dreams. Anyone who isn’t happy with your journey will try to hinder the process.

It doesn’t matter if things start out slow. Take it all in stride. The hard work will pay off if you believe it will. It’s best to surround ourselves with people who have the same or similar interest. Those who don’t understand the path you’re taking will try to stop you. Don’t allow people’s opinions make you turn around.

If the passion is there then no one can stop you anyway. Yes, people will doubt you, and some will try to throw stones at you. Pick those stones up and build the necessary foundation. There will be regrets if we don’t do what we love. Fear is a major factor when someone wants to pursue their dreams. Once fear is removed. One will be able to move forward in the journey.

Small minds will discourage dreamers. Visionaries will encourage and suggest that people stick with their “vision.”  We only get one life and we should live it. Doing what we enjoy is so rewarding and despite the trials that come along with it. It remains rewarding. Even if setbacks occur. We shouldn’t stop pursuing our dreams.

No one will go through the journey without facing something but that doesn’t mean that they should avoid the journey. The rewards may not come right away but they will come. Patience is necessary. If there’s no patience then one will become frustrated and want to give up.

Don’t give up in your dreams no matter what people have to say about them. Remain on the path that will get you to where you want to be. The difficult moments will arise but they’re worth going through. Move forward and keep positive people around you. They can help make the process a little easier.

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Shine a light so Bright

When it seems so dark and the room spins. “Shine Your Light.” Someone somewhere could use some light. They could use a bit of inspiration. Sometimes others may try to dim our light and we may do it to appease others. Should we dim our lights? Not at all. We should be glad that we have a light to shine.

Shining your light as to do with sharing your talents with the world and living your dreams. Even if others become irritated with your dreams. You have a right to hold them, ebrace them, and be one with them. If anyone tries to stop you from moving forward with something positive don’t you dare stop.

Too many people have refused to allow their light to shine because of fear. Fear that they won’t be accepted. Envy will cause others to want someone who projects inspiration to quit. Quitting won’t inspire others. Getting back up will. Everyone is talent filled and why shouldn’t everyone have a right to shine? We can do great things but that can’t happen if we’re riddled with fear.

It doesn’t matter if those close to us want us to stop what we’re destined to do. They should encourage us to do what we love and get better but unfortunately it doesn’t always happen. God gave each one of us a gift and He wants us to share it with the world. What’s the use of hiding our talent?

Everyone could use some inspiration. You never know who you will inspire. Someone out there is so afraid to pursue their dreams and I want to encourage you to go for it. Don’t allow others to dictate your life. It’s time that we encourage one another to “grow.” Rise up and reach for the stars.

We have the capability to accomplish some awesome things but if we listen to the negatives then we’ve unable to do that. People will try to discourage others out of fear. Fear that they may do better than them. There’s room at the top for all. If you want it then you should go after it. Dream big. Live it, Love it, and Embrace it. Accept those blessings.

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It Won’t Happen Overnight

We live in a rush world. Most want things to happen right away. When living your dreams, you have to accept that things may start off pretty slow, that shouldn’t detour anyone from living their dreams. Not everyone will understand what you’re doing and that’s alright. They may think that it isn’t worth it because they don’t see the dollar signs right away. If one is “determined” then things will come together.

Giving up shouldn’t be an option. Sometimes people become intimated because they focus on how long it may take them. It may take some time but it will be worth it. One has to stay motivated. It won’t  be easy but anyone thing worth having isn’t. People may try to stop others from trying to live their dreams. Adversity is apart of the game. Without we probably wouldn’t grow.

A lot of people stop living their dreams because they’re afraid of hearing all the criticism. Critics will come out when they see you on the front line. It comes with the territory. It won’t  be fun to hear but it will produce a thicker skin. Anyone trying to do something big will have to face the hecklers. There will be taunts, laughs, and other nonsense but if one wants their dreams then they will have to endure.

Not everyone will be able to withstand the storms. Some will give up right before their breakthrough. There’s way roo many people missing out on some great things because they allowed fear to take over. Even if millions tell you that you won’t make it, that shouldn’t matter, not everyone is brave. Some people are afraid of disapprovals. There will always be someone who disapproves. That doesn’t matter. Not everyone will want to see others shine. Some may constantly express how much they disapprove. “Live Your Dreams and Soar.”

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