That’s Right You’re a Star

Go right ahead and “shine your light.” No one can dim it. We have every right to let the world witness our talents. Yes, people will try to dim your light, and yes they’ll give you some flack about it but so what. If you don’t “pursue your passion” you will regret it. You don’t want regret to weigh on you. You’re a shinning star. If no one believes in you. You need to believe in you.

Don’t allow anyone to stop you. Even if you fall. Dust yourself off and get back on track. It won’t be easy. Some days it will be downright weeping. Yes you will weep. You may scream and yes, someone will think you have lost your mind, don’t worry. Give it your all. Shine, shine, shine. That’s right. You can shine without being boastful. You can let the world know that you exist.

The doubters will try to get you to turn back but don’t. If they didn think you were awesome then they wouldn’t ask you to turn back. Pray, you will have to fight, not physically but mentally. Don’t get discourged. Someone will want to shine some negativity on your dreams. That should make you go harder. There will be times when you stay up late. That apart of the journey. If you want then you have to go after it.

It doesn’t make sense to hide your gifts. It doesn’t how many people try to get you to stop. You can’t. You will have to encourage yourself. Be brave and know that there will ne at least one who sees the brightness in you. Medidate and allow yourself to breath. Don’t over do it but don’t under do it either. Focus on the road ahead. You may feel as if you’ll never get to that point but you will. Believe that you have what it takes.

Dedicated to the Boys






Featured Image Belongs to Tiki33 T.Paulk

Video Credit: Youtube