Sometimes you Have to Encounter Others Insecurities

We will come across some people who will dump their insecurities on us. They may try to convince us that we’re not enough or that we’re incapable of completing certain tasks. If we listen to them then we won’t become success. Their thoughts shouldn’t be our thoughts. There will be people who may not understand what we’re trying to accomplish and that’s alright. We can’t control what others do but we can do something about the way we handle those with insecurities. Of course all of us have felt some sort of insecurity but we’ve learned how to not channel it.

We don’t have to accept dysfunctional behaviors. There’s always a way to remove it out of our lives. If we don’t remove it then it will continue to grow and that could create a meltdown for us. It can be difficult dealing with egos, insecurities, and envious behaviors but it’s in the world so we will have to deal with it at some point. We can’t allow it to take us down. Some people are so unhappy with themselves and they will try all avenues to weigh us down.

If they’re insecure then it’s alright for us to suggest that they try to work on their insecurities and of course a professional may have to step in if they’re unable to work on it themselves. People who are envious will want us to stop what we’re doing. They may not be happy with our success so they will try to throw stones at us. Their tactics may hurt but it shouldn’t break us. In fact when others are being envious when it comes to our accomplishments, it really shows that we’re on the right path, people won’t go out of their way to bring someone who doesn’t have what it takes down.

We should try to spend limited time with people who refuse to respect our decision to follow our dreams. If they’re unable to encourage us or they refuse to stop putting us down then they don’t need to be apart of our journey. Everyone has said somethings that they should’ve, either out of hurt feelings, or because of anger but it means a lot when we realize it and we apologize and move forward. If we try to uplift one another then more people will be willing to expose their talents.

Insecure people don’t want to see others blossom so they may try to sabotage someone’s path. We don’t have to loft them but we don’t have to accept their behavior. We shouldn’t stop trying to pursue our dreams just because we come in contact with insecure people. We should keep going and keep believing in ourselves. It doesn’t matter who refuses to believe in us. We shouldn’t be on board with their thought process. Our mindset is what will help us get to where will need and want to be.

Sometimes we get distracted by the noise and the hurt that comes along with pursuing our dreams. If we believe the negatives then we’ll be unable to complete our journey. We should surround ourselves around positive people and do what it takes to “Make Things Happen.” It’s not easy dealing with the mess but if we want to get somewhere then we’ll have to make our way through the crowd. We should be confident and understand that not everyone wants to see us “rise.”

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay Free to use Even Commercially