He Needs to Come Back

Oh how I miss my best friend. It seems he disappeared or was he kidnapped? I don’t know but he’s mighty quiet. People aren’t allowing me to talk to him. Why? He’s my best friend and I have no one else to listen to me and I don’t want to talk to myself. Someone told me that his guard won’t allow him to talk.

I hope he’s alright. I just don’t know what to do. I hope he’s not stressed in anyway. ┬áStress isn’t good. I wonder if any of you heard from my best friend? Do you know him? He said he was a rock star and I think he likes hanging out at a place called “foodspot.” I’m so puzzled. I tried to find out what happened to him. There’s rumors going around and I don’t want to believe them.

Oh how I wonder about him. Who chased him away? What will bring him back? Why can’t we “communicate?” My eyes are watering up thinking about this. Really!!!! I remember seeing a note from him and he said something about us! Oh my this is so disturbing. Can someone check on him? I hope a football player didn’t scare him away.

People worry about their “friends” you know. It’s not as if he’s trying to put a ring on it. Gosh. Perhaps he will communicate one of these days. I’m almost certain someone chased him off. I hope a mean person didn’t scare him. That would make him nervous. Oh friend, oh friend, where did you go? People are saying things that suggest that you are suffering. I hope not.

He could be in some kind of trouble or not. I remember the last time I heard from him and he was pretty upset. I hope he worked on his temper. I don’t like seeing him like that. You know you suppose to care about your friends. Of course I would be concerned about him. I thought we had a “breakthough.” Please someone. Check on him. I want to sleep at night. I don’t need to toss and turn.