The Tests, Trials, and Adversity

We can not avoid trials or adversity. Everyone goes through something. Whatever you’re going through always remember that others are through more than you’re going through. As we look around us. We should be thankful for open our eyes each day. Our faith will be tested. We will be tested in every area. The more we go tbrough the more we’ll learn how to deal with those trials.

When we go through we should consider the benefits. Looking at the bad will only make us feel sad. We should look at the growth. Each trial will offer us something that we need. We may not see it at first but once we’ve been through numerous trials. We will develop the way we’re suppose to. Some may become angry because certain things to have to endure. That’s because they’re without understanding. Once we understand those tests, trials, and adversity will become easier to deal with. So when they come rolling in. Think about how you’ll get through them. We can “overcome.” We have to put our minds in a place where we’re able to withstand those things that will challenge us. Unfortunately life will have bumps, in fact there will be many bumps, once we understand that we will find ourselves handling situations better.

How do you handle adversity?

Adversity can creep in at anytime. Sometimes we can see it coming and other times we can not. Whether we know that adversity will meet us today or tomorrow. We should accept it and find a way to get through it. There’s always a way. We shouldn’t feel despaired because adversity doesn’t have to be handled alone. It’s up to us how we want to deal with the adversity and if we want or need to deal with it alone. Sometimes a test is thrown our way to see if we will pass or not. Even if we fail a test. We shouldn’t be bent out of shape about it. We will face numerous tests and each time there’s opportunities for development. Be thankful because those tests, trials, and adversity will offer a life filled with substance.

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Be Careful What you Step Into

Sonetimes people become overly anxious or greedy so they’ll poke tgeir nose where it doesn’t belong. They may be unaware of how much trouble their actions can cause. Once they’ve stepped into the confusion they may want to find a way out. They may not realize that their way out is repentance and admitting that they were wrong.

That’s why the bible speaks about greed. It can cause all sorts of problems. If someone’s life is in danger then we should step in but when we don’t mind our business. We can end up in a nightmare. Sometimes people become so desperate that they will pretend to be someone else in order to reap some benefits. Not realizing that they won’t benefit from anything.

We really have to watch ourselves. We can’t be anyone else but ourselves. We can’t live another person’s life. We can’t take over someone’s identity. Perhaps people refuse to learn this but we do reap what we sow. Some people are trying their best to fix their situation on their own instead of allowing God to deal with it.

When we try to fix things that are too complex for us on our own. We really do more damage than good. God can take care of any issue that we have. Prayer and repentance can help us gain our lives back. Sonetimes we don’t learn the easy way. We must learn the hard way. Minding our business seems to work. We don’t have to know everything. We don’t have to be apart of everything. We have to remove greed and just try to live the best way that we can. Sone may not realize how devastating our actions can be.

Once we’ve made mistakes and we realize them. We can ask for help with them and things can turn around for us. We can’t expect good things to occur with a dysfunctional mindset. As long as we’re here we have opportunities for improvements.

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Reflect on What’s Next

Sometimes we have to sit back and think about our next move. What we’ll do next. Where are we going to be most effective? Sometimes we have to shift our focus from one area to another. If we’re less effective in one area then another area may need our attention but we must think first and consider what’s best.

Reflecting on things will help us develop the proper strategies so that we’re able to achieve more. We may need to shut off everything in that are except the tools we need for the reflection. Once we’ve decided where to go then we should head there and do as much as we can. Sometimes we will have a little to work with and that’s what we’ll need to use.

When we begin to realize exactly what we need to be doing then we will soar. No interuptions will be followed because we’ll be so focused on getting things done. We should be focused on the improvements. We should reflect on those things that will help not only ourselves “grow” but others as well. If one area seems to be on the same page then we should spend more time there.

When our reflections are up to par. We will rise and handle numerous things at one time. We can really get ahead when we seek out those things that will offer the most growth. It’s alright to spend some time on those things that aren’t as beneficial but not too much time.

There’s a lot that we can do with “reflections.” We must remain focused and driven. Find what works and find the best solutions. There’s a lot to accomplish in this,world but we have to want to accomplish them. We can’t just sit back and hope for the best. We have to make the best happen. Do you love to reflect on things?

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Jump Over it if you Have to

Let no man stop you. No one can stop God’s plan. Not one. We sometimes immobilize ourselves by our thoughts. Someone throws something out there and we start to “believe” it. Who are they? Who can tell you what you can and cannot do? You can but if you want. I wouldn’t suggest telling yourself that you can’t do something. If an obstacle gets in the way. Jump over it and “keep moving.”

If we want to do something extraordinary then we will need to think “extraordinary.” It starts with our thoughts. Sometimes we fall prey of the pity myself syndrome. We shouldn’t do that. There’s a lot that we can accomplish but we can’t do it if we’re fearful and if we haven’t allowed positive thinking in. We should start “inspiring” ourselves then inspire others.

It takes courage to be “different” to not go with the crowd. So many have fallen because they decided to follow the crowd. We should want to be unique. We all have something to offer and why should we allow some challenges to hinder us or defeat us? We can do some great things by “transforming the mind.” When we believe it can be done then it can.

Having will power is very important. Being motivated and determined is something we’ll need when wanting to conquer something great. Greatness is within us and although we may not always show it. It’s there. Get over the hurdles. Jump, run, and even if you walk over it. That will do. ¬†Utilize your gives and be courageous.

“Don’t Give up on Your Dreams.” It doesn’t matter what anyone tells you. We all have the ability to perform, take action, and progress. Not everyone will attempt to do it. It’s up to them but we shouldn’t hide our talents and gifts. We’re blessed. We can do amazing things because God has instilled it in us but He gives us choice. We may not talk or behave like His son Jesus but we are created to (Amaze). Do some great things. Help others and be what God called you to be. It’s that time. It’s “uplifting” time. Spread some love. LOVE.

“Keep the Soil”

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Focus on the Path Ahead

Keep going, moving, and run if you have to. Remain on the path that was designed for you. Get the job done. We all have something to accomplish. We have a “purpose.” Are you doing what you are designed to do? If not then you may want to consider getting on board. We shouldn’t waste our talents. Let them “shine.” Encourage others to go after their dreams.

Are you talking the path you want to take? Get started and you will feel better about starting something rewarding. If it will elevate you and others then it’s something worth doing. When you start on the path don’t stop. If you find a hurdle. Jump over it but don’t give up. A lot of people refrain from doing what they’re gifted to do for whatever reason.

There’s so much that we can accomplish. If we believe that we can make it from point A to point B then “we can.” Don’t feel discouraged by a setback. As long as we get back on track. We can accomplish those goals. Don’t be afraid to be apart of a journey. It helps to travel on a path where there’s some inspiring people but a lot of times we may have to travel alone. Keep the focus and believe that you’ll get there.

Fear has hindered so many from following a certain path. When fear is removed. We will be able to focus on our journey. We may come across some trolling when going down that path but that shouldn’t prevent us from going forward. We never know what we can accomplish. Keeping the faith and being patient is important.

People will try to get us off the path at hand. They will try to redirect our attention elsewhere so that we don’t accomplish our goals. If we get off track. We should quickly get back on the path that was set before us. Never be afraid to somethjng extraordinary. Be unique and feel good about what you’re blessed with. “The Path.”

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