The Blessings of Natural Beauty

Place the hands upon thy face and then reveal what appears on thy face. Take the hands and gently rub the nose area. The blessings incur what is on the face. To be able to touch the nose, cheeks, and lips is certainly a blessing. How many ever think of the blessings in store? There are so many reasons to remain blessed. So many aren’t considering :what has” been given to God’s Children. “My lips are an asset and I’m so grateful that the lips on my face belong to me=Tanikka Paulk.” By: Tanikka Paulk.

Beauty can be seen by so many, how many are enjoying the beauty that they see, they’re looking?” (Tanikka Paulk. I’ve been challenged to pay closer attention to my own beauty but every woman has beauty within and outer. How many really appreciate the beauty that they’ve been supplied? Perhaps some have lost their confidence due to their circumstances. There is beauty here and the beauty continues to make it and has made it. What is it? It is it=Tanikka Paulk. How many have tried to replace it? There are many but there are many reasons why it continues.

Oh yes there should be time put aside to just reflect on what God has given. There are many options available to it. My touch is so great and I’m enjoying the reflections on it. “Where will the reflections move next?” (Tanikka Paulk)? They’re asking questions, they’ve seen it through virtual realities, there has to be a difference in it. There is so much joyfulness when “viewing” my features. I’m so thankful that God is allowing the continuing of this that journey. I’m going to proceed to the touch that God has allowed.

“I’m with you right now, I’m touch your eyes, and I’m touching it.” (Tanikka Paulk). There is a smile on my face that shall not be displaced. The tone to my move and the groove to my soothe. Oh, oh, there is hope here and there will be further elevation.” By: Tanikkka Paulk. I’m appreciating just what has been given and what will be given to. The time is now and how many really understand that there is beauty living right now?! Proceeding, yes the light is continuing and thank God.

The Proof About it, it was flipped, there’s all sorts of motions.” By: Tanikka Paulk

I’m Living and I’m Proceeding how About That?

That=Tanikka Paulk. So there’s so many continuing to be intimidated by the gift, gifts, and creativity huh? Just observe how many are trying to stop the progress. No matter how many attacks there are. I’m going to be determined and continue to remain focused on the journey. The noisemakers have caused distractions and although there were some setbacks there is still hopefulness. God already ordained my purpose. Mankind doesn’t seem to understand exactly how God operates. “I’m Headed In the Right Direction and I’m Feeling Excited About it.” The it=Tanikka=Tanikka Paulk.

There’s hope even when the storms reign in. It’s important isn’t it? There are so many continuing to try and cause a decline. God is still with me=Tanikka Paulk. Jesus Christ is still with me=Tanikka Paulk. What so many don’t understand is that God has favored me=Tanikka Paulk. My journey doesn’t require that all travel. In fact there shouldn’t be any person on the journey trying to cause disturbances. The ones continuing to throw arrows aren’t confident. Tanikka Paulk is certainly confident.

My viewpoints won’t add up to the others. What I’ve demonstrated should be enough but there will be others wanting to witness more and more. They’ll try to place pressure on the person traveling on “the journey.” There are some wanting to throw me=Tanikka Paulk to the flames. God loves me=Tanikka Paulk. God loves all persons. The motivation is still here. I’m not feeling defeated. The actions projected hasn’t caused discouragement. No!

It’s Tanikka Paulk and Tanikka Shajuan Wilson is my Birth name. Name is of great importance. Just look and see how many try to come at me=Tanikka Paulk. The words spoken have certainly caused some distress but no longer. I’ve learned how to deal with the cynics. I’m in a better place now. Meaning that I’ve transformed from one stage to another. “How many would love to see my success occur.” By: Tanikka Pauk. I’m already successful and although some may not perceive this to be so. The work I’ve created has caused some to become dismayed. I’m continuing just think about the why.

“My name is Tanikka Paulk and I’m hopeful and blessed. ” (Tanikka Paulk)

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Remove Discouragement From Your Life

We all go through patches of distress. Whether it’s a loss or some other traumatic experiences in our lives. Whatever we go through we can “overcome.” We may not have the support we want or we may sometimes feel as if no one cares. Someone always cares. We should be encouraged and remove discouragement. We have to find that “inner peace.” We can find it through changing the way we think. Our thoughts have a lot to do with how we’ll fair through trials and adversity.

We don’t have to feel as if we’re hopeless, we should remain “hopeful,” and remove those negatives that keep pushing down. There will be people in our lives who try to discourage us but we don’t have to listen to their negativity. We should find activities that we enjoy. For those who believe in the “Power of Prayer” it truly works. Some may not believe that but it’s quite effective in my life. We have to find something that will make it better and not worse.

We shouldn’t sit around thinking that we’re defeated. A defeated attitude will only bring sadness in our lives. We should feel victorious. There’s so much material that will help us get through whatever it is we’re going through. We shouldn’t lose hope. It will get better but we have to believe that it will. Sometimes we hold on to things that we should’ve let go long ago.

We keep people in our lives who discourage us and who hurt us because they haven’t healed from the pain they’ve went through. We can not take on other people’s storms. We have enough to deal with but we can try to encourage others. Encouraging others helps us as well. We have to generate peace. No one should have to live a tormented life. We should love ourselves and allow peace in our lives.

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Find Your Comfort

As long as we’re here. We’ll go through things. We’ll be challenged and we will have face some of the most discomforts. Our lives are planned out and we have a purpose to fulfill. We will suffer in some way but the sufferings shouldn’t break us. We should fight our way through adversity. We have the ability to overcome.

We have to find a time to settle in a place where our minds can be freed. The world can be cruel and it can change us for the good or bad. If we refuse to find a place of comfort then wr can fall into an insane state. We have to find a corner where peace can find us. Weapons will be formed against us and it doesn’t mattet who we are.

Some days may seem like war. It may seem as if we’re on the battlefield. We will have to suit up and protect ourselves against harmful effects.  We should stand and know that it shall pass. Our minds can sometimes be filled with thoughts of how we’re treated and if we refuse to find comfory then we will be defeated.

We’ll face attacks some long and short. We will have to speak up and sometimes we’ll have to remain silent. We shouldn’t give up no matter what comes up against us. We will meet people along the way who will want to protect us. We will also meet some who will want to cause harm to us. We shouldn’t feel hopeless when we have to face these things.

There will be times when we hear the birds chirping nonstop. When the sun seems a little closer and the flowers are constantly blooming. There will be times when our hearts race and we feel fatigued but we shouldn’t feel defeated. We must find comfort somewhere. We must find “peace.” There’s a place where we can sit and just ponder away.

We have to feel comfortable at some time. We have to have days that offer us nothing but relaxation. We can’t our homes, our minds, our hearts to experience a spiraling effect. We have to feel comfortable. Imagine being in a place where there’s little to no comfort. It wouldn’t be good but even in a place like that. We have to find some solitude.

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It Shall Pass

There will come a time when we look back in ah. We will think about how we came through the storms. We have to go through something in order to get through something. The complexities will pass.The misunderstandings will pass. Sometimes we have to pondet on that in order to make our way through.

The pain, the sorrow, the hurt will pass. If we allow it ro. Yesterday is gone and today can be a day of new beginning. Sometimes we find ourselves in some of the strangest situations. As long as remain hopeful. Our troubled days will fade. Sometimes we have to be reminded of past events so that we understand how far we’ve come. If don’t go through then we wouldn’t  be “appreciative.”

Appreciate what God allowed. He has His reasons. We may not understand what the reasons are at first but in time we will. Sometimes we will have to go through nore than others in order to build us for what’s upcoming up in our lives. The madnes will end but it won’t end until we’re in the right position. The frowns will turn into smile. The sleepless nights will turn into restful nights.

The rotations will change. We will advance to other levels but we must complete the previous level in order to pass to the next. We shouldn’t be too hard on ourselves when things seem broken. Something broken can be renewed. The upsets will pass us by. We simply have to allow them to do so. Any malice in our environments can pass as well. All of these things can pass through prayer.

Our minds can be renewed. We may have to take breaks from certain situations so that we remain whole. We won’t stay in a slump. We will come out of the whirl winds. We will have to pray our way through the toughness. Life isn’t a bowl of peaches. Sometimes it’s like stepping on thorns. Even the pain from the thorns will pass. The world is troubled but everyday of our lives don’t have to be troubled.

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Another Blessed day

Even when we feel weary. We must show thanks. Tomorrow isn’t promised and we should try to accomplish one more goal or task. Sometimes we feel that we can put off things and leave it for tomorrow. We can’t do everything in one day but we should at least do something productive.

Some may not consider today or any other day a blessing. If you’re able to get out of bed then you should be “thankful” for that. Some people are unable to get out of bed. Give thanls to kindness. Sometimes we’re not exposed to it. Some rarely receive kindness. It wouldn’t hurt to perform a kind act.

It’s a cool morning. Quite early I might add. I thank God He allowed me to see another day and have a morning prayer. We can spend time meditating on our Creator. He’s good to us. My prayers flow to those who don’t know how to live. Don’t understand how kindness works. Hoping that the peace continues to flow about.

There’s times of trouble and when they make their way in our lives. We must remain hopeful and believe that they will pass us by. It’s still dark out but beautiful. We’re supplied with the light and the darkness. There has to be a balance. A day and night. A morning and evening. We have to deal with some good and some bad.

We shouldn’t give up. Yes, there will be days when we feel defeated but that doesn’t actually mean that we are. If we believe that we can overcome then we can. Even if there’s moments when we feel confused and doubt comes into play. We can quickly get rid of it and keep moving.

Those who refuse to give up will reap their rewards. We can’t think that all hope is gone. We’re blessed to be loved. To feel inspired in some way. Blessings will arrive if one is willing to embrace them. Have a beautiful day!

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It can be Done if you put Fourth the Effort

We live in a hard world. There’s not a day that goes by that some bad news is reported. People are doing some of the most unspeakable things. Not everyone will be nice or treat us the way that we want to be treated but that shouldn’t stop us from doing “good.” It isn’t always easy to turn the other cheek. Yes, we will become angry when people cause harm to us, but with prayer we can overcome it. When we understand how the world works we’ll be able to deal with it better.

If we’re willing to grow then we must be willing to take some of that pain through our growth period. We should strive to be better and do better. If we put in the effort then we will be able to accomplish the things that will get us to our heavenly home. I don’t want any part of hell do you? I don’t want to think about it. If we need to make some changes then we should make them. The world would be a better place if there was more good.

Where there is darkness, let their be light, we are the light but we may not always allow the light to “shine.” There’s good inside of us and although we may make bad choices in our lives. That good is there. Even when people cause us pain we should try to heal and remove those thoughts because if they stay in our minds then we will do or say things we will regret. Let the light shine and be a blessing to others.

It doesn’t feel good to be talked about, lied on, mistreated in anyway but with the help from the Lord and Jesus we can overcome those things. Pain is in the world and we can’t control what others do or will do but we can change ourselves. It may take some time but putting in that effort is a start. We can handle things better when we meditate on the Lord. We’ll have a better understanding of how we can’t change things but we can change the way we deal with certain situations. Have a blessed day!

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