We Should do What we can

There’s so many ways that we can help others and ourselves. There’s so many people who are down and out and they could use a friendly voice, smile, and words. We never know what someone is truly dealing with and we should show “kindness.” There’s so many people who are without the basic essentials and there’s people who have more than enough. We should care about ourselves but we should care about others as well. Even comforting words will go a long way. We never know. We could make someone’s day with a bright smile.

The world could use some more compassion and kindness. We should embrace one another, encourage one another, and care. Caring can make a difference in someone’s life. When we care. We can change the world. Change the world in a very positive way. There’s way too many people going without the very basics. There’s people with more than enough passing by those who could use a little help. Sometimes people are skeptical about giving but we should give whether one chooses to do right with their blessing or not.

Some may feel ashamed in asking for help so therefore they miss opportunities to receive it. If helping others in truly in our hearts then we will be lead to help those who really need the assistance. Sometimes we’re the ones in need and it may take sometime to receive help but God is always looking out. We can be a blessing to someone even if we have very little. “A poor man can assist a rich man.” (T. Paulk). We shouldn’t be fueled by greed. If we have some leftovers then we can share. Sharing is a great way to bond with our fellow brothers and sisters.

The world we live in could use our brightness. We can shine our light on some in some dark places. We can reach out to someone who is going through a tough time. Perhaps we should take sometime out and hug someone or tell someone that they’re cared for. We all know what it’s like to feel as if no one understands. We can make a big difference in someone’s life. Give with all your heart. It can produce change.

Featured Image Belongs to Tiki33 T. Paulk