We Live in a Competitive World

It doesn’t matter what we do. There will always be someone who challenges us. There always be someone who want us to stop what we’re doing but we shouldn’t stop. We have to expect to be challenged. We may not like it at times but it helps us “grow.” Of course there will be times where the competing gets out of hand. We should focus more on improving our lives and the lives of others.

We should be concerned with helping others. Rising above all the mess. If people focused on the fact that all of us can reach the top then we would be in a better place. A lot of competitiveness comes from insecurities. One may view another as a threat and that might not necessarily be so. If we encouraged one another and showed compassion then we would fair better.

There’s men feeling insecure because women are stepping up their game. They want to feel macho and think that women are trying to take over. Not so. Women just want to be respected and accepted. There’s nothing wrong with anyone wanting to get better and do better. There’s no reason why we should feel defeated because another is trying or has advanced.

Of course we should be surrounded by those who will push us. We should make strides. Improve each day. It’s a tough world. Some will try to pound us into the concrete because of their insecurities. We certainly have to develop thicker skin. We will come across some mean ones. Yes, they may not care at all about being prissy and all, they just want to win.

Will some go to the extreme? Yes they will. They will take it to the highest level. It can seem like madness and a lot of times it is. Some days oneay feel like pulling out their hair but don’t. Keep grinding and working towards those goals. We should want to advance. Succeed in every way. Well of course there will be times when we may have setbacks. Setbacks occur and even those who reached their “greatness” have suffered some sort of setback. “Don’t Worry About the Challenges. Just get Over the Hurdles” (T. Paulk).

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We the People Will Thrive

Oh yes! We can accomplish some great things when we set our minds to it. Speak it to existence and it will be. There’s no need for us to put one another down. We can lift ourselves up and others. There’s “hope” and although things may seem rough at times. We’re in positions to stand firm and “Make Things Happen.” Yes indeed. Do you know how much we can accomplish if we “unite?” Have you ever considered it? If not then perhaps you should.

We’re not put on earth to just soak up some sun. We’re here to make a difference, help others, and to grow spiritually and educationally. With each step, we’re making progress, with each action we’re getting close to our destination. Advancement occurs with continuous action. If we put those great minds together then we can overcome those obstacles that have been keeping us back. We can’t expect positive changes with a negative mindset.

A little competition is healthy but too much can drive people mad. Perhaps working together would be more effective. Coming together as a people, unifying, and creating new ideas is something that will make our world more beautiful. We can accomplish a lot on our own but we can accomplish more together. “Unification” is what we need. Some may be too stubborn to team up with others and make this world a better place.

We can’t be filled with greed. Greed is awful and it will only weigh us down. We should be willing to help one another achieve “greatness.” We need to economically advance, advance socially, and educationally. Progress is hindered when we refuse to assist others even in the smallest forms. A little here and there can create “abundance.” If we all chipped in then we will see more advancements. Be willing to help others even if you have very little. We can create “prosperity” but we can’t do it through selfishness.

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The Process is Real

When we’re trying to be apart of “movement” we will go through all sorts of things. No matter how tough it is we shouldn’t give up! We have to go through those trials to develop. It will generate strength for “us.” “We” will understand more as the “process” continues. It will be difficult without a doubt but it will be worth it. Nothing worth waiting for will be easy. We will have to work hard for it.

Sometimes the process will be short or long. It depends on our travel. Some will be able to travel with us while others will either remove themselves or be removed. If it’s meant for us then we will continue on the path. Quitting shouldn’t be apart of the journey. Sometimes we may need to regroup and we shouldn’t feel disappointed when we do.

Even if we experience setbacks during the process. Those setbacks doesn’t equal defeat. A fall or two can be expected. Yes, we will become flustered, and we may feel fatigued but we should rest and get back on track. There will be times when we’ll enjoy the process and other times that so much.

If we really want to have “abundance” then we will need to work for it. “I” know all about that. We’ll meant some for a season, some will be seasonal friends, and some for a life time. It all works for me! Once we’ve completed the process. We should be in a position to help more and give more.

Accept the process. Grow from it and live life to the fullest. A journey consist of learning and pulling up as many as we can so that we have better communities, cities, and a better society. It doesn’t mean much if we’re not willing to help others. Our process should include that. We can’t go around it but we can go through it. Much love!

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We Should do What we can

There’s so many ways that we can help others and ourselves. There’s so many people who are down and out and they could use a friendly voice, smile, and words. We never know what someone is truly dealing with and we should show “kindness.” There’s so many people who are without the basic essentials and there’s people who have more than enough. We should care about ourselves but we should care about others as well. Even comforting words will go a long way. We never know. We could make someone’s day with a bright smile.

The world could use some more compassion and kindness. We should embrace one another, encourage one another, and care. Caring can make a difference in someone’s life. When we care. We can change the world. Change the world in a very positive way. There’s way too many people going without the very basics. There’s people with more than enough passing by those who could use a little help. Sometimes people are skeptical about giving but we should give whether one chooses to do right with their blessing or not.

Some may feel ashamed in asking for help so therefore they miss opportunities to receive it. If helping others in truly in our hearts then we will be lead to help those who really need the assistance. Sometimes we’re the ones in need and it may take sometime to receive help but God is always looking out. We can be a blessing to someone even if we have very little. “A poor man can assist a rich man.” (T. Paulk). We shouldn’t be fueled by greed. If we have some leftovers then we can share. Sharing is a great way to bond with our fellow brothers and sisters.

The world we live in could use our brightness. We can shine our light on some in some dark places. We can reach out to someone who is going through a tough time. Perhaps we should take sometime out and hug someone or tell someone that they’re cared for. We all know what it’s like to feel as if no one understands. We can make a big difference in someone’s life. Give with all your heart. It can produce change.

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Love has it Covered

We never know the changes that “love”can create. It’s something that everyone needs. Whether it’s love from their children or love from parents but love is necessary. The most important love to most is the love from God and Jesus. Their love is unconditional and it never changes. Romans 12:9 says’ “Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil cling to what is good.” When love is real it can cause people to transform in ways that present a glow. It doesn’t matter near or far.

When love is sincere, it is caring, it is understanding but when it’s false it’s cruel and spiteful. That’s not really love but anyone can say, :I love you,” but if it isn’t real it will revel that’s false. There’s no love like God’s love and when one has God’s love they’re able to love others. We should love one another and the reason why things get so messed up is because hate is demonstrated more than love. If there was more love hanging around then we would fair better.

Love encourages. It doesn’t try to knock others down and love is filled with greed. Anyone who is greedy they may not display a loving character. They may say, “You have money,” that’s not human love but it’s the love of money. When people love things more than people they may feel a longing inside. They may not understand why their lives are so troubled. We will all go through things but when one loves money more than people. They aren’t listening to God because God loves people.He loves His children.

Those who are without love will have no problem putting others down. They may have been taught how to disconnect and aren’t connected on a spiritual level so they may not quite understand love. Love makes people want to give and show concern for others. It’s filled with empathy and it tries to understand. Love isn’t spiteful and it certainly won’t stop people from growing. Without love we would be in a bad state. Of course hate exist but once love enters. Love can remove hate.

Love conquers and it is needed. Anyone not filled with love doesn’t know God’s words. The Promises that God has made to us. Even when we have no human connection. We have God’s love to cling to and Jesus’s love to cling to. It can heal our hearts from whatever has seeped into it. Sometimes people take time to show that they love others but once love is on the scene it never fades. If love can cover a multitude of sins then love is certainly needed.

“Spread Some Love”

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Still Blessed in it all

Don’t worry about the storms, the chaos around you, and who’s trying to do what. We can find calmness through our thoughts. We can generate peace where there seems as if there’s none in the atmosphere. We can smile and make someone’s day. Even when trouble finds us. We can still say, “I am blessed,” that’s right. There’s no need to sit in a corner with our heads hanging down.

There’s too much to live for. There’s good in every bad situation. There’s peace even when there’s noise surrounding us. It doesn’t matter what people say, what they do, and what they want to do. God has the final say. We should ferl good about giving and encouraging others to do better. Be hopeful and be happy. Consider ourselves blessed because there’s people going through something awful. Think about mother’s who have to hold tgeir dying child in their arms. If you’re in a position to help someone then do it.

We may complain about the smalkest things and not consider ourselves blessed. If you have a bed to lay in and water to drink and bathe in tgen you’re blessed. There’s people who would love to have a clean cup of water. When people come up against you consider yourself blessed. May soubd strange but if you didn’t have something within you. They wouldn’t bother. Greatness can either draw people together or it can make them irritated. Envy exist.

Call yourself “Blessed” because there’s favor. We can do some remarkable things. We have to believe that we can accomplish a lot of things through “faith.” It’s all good. Those troubles will leave and even through troubled times. We can bless someone. Through the chaos and the tirbulance be blessed. Be cheetful givers. Someone needs you today. We can make this world a better place. Believe and be blessed.

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Stand up for Yourself and Others

Some may become fearful when it’s time to take a stand. Speaking out and up for yourself and others is nothing one should feel ashamed of. There’s way too many people who will ne silent when trouble arises and people are being attacked. People will turn their heads when others are being bullied. Is that fair? Would you want someone to stand up for you?

Compassion is something we should be thankful to have. Having enough compassion to speak out when someone is being attacked. People are so afraid that the atttacks will land their way so they remain silent. What if your child or children were being bullied? Would you remain silent? Some of the bullying would leave if everyone took a stand against it.

We need more “leadership” and less fearful people. People are condemned for every mistake they’ve made but yet people won’t call others out when they’re being abusive and bullying others. Violence continues when there’s not enough people standing agaibst it. People will encourage others to be attacked and bullied but will refrain from encouraging “peace.” Sounds pretty pathetic doesn’t it? More leaders need to develop. Don’t hide, speak up, stand a stand.

There’s a time to be silent and there’s a time to speak. Speak loudly if you have to but don’t sit back and watch children and others be attacked. Some will even stand around while a child is being beaten by a group of people. Having evidence is great but don5video tape and not call for help. What’s wrong with our way of thinking? We criticize people for this or that but won’t say a,word when people are being attacked. In fact a lot of people will encourage it.

There’s more bullies then there’s “peacemakers.” Kind of sad. We have a long way to go when it comes to bullying, racism, and hate. Hate seems to be one of the causes people encourage violence. If we remove hate and project love then there would be a lot of positive changes. Remove envy and encourage people to excel, do better, and make positive differences within society.

“Remove the Hate and Allow the Peace in” (T. Paulk)

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Make it Better Somehow

One kind act can go a long way. Your kindness and giving attitude could create a better world. Even consoling someone when they’re down and out can make a difference. We never know what others are going through and yet people will be so cruel. We never know why someone reacted or didn’t react, we never know what pain lays beneath, we should at least make attempts to display kindness. We can live in a more productive world if we just reached out and showed that we truly care. Projecting a smile won’t cost us anything and it can make us and others feel better.

We could use more positivity and more understanding. People are quick to condemn others but aren’t quick to help others. Someone somewhere could use some kind words and could use a hand. We all go through something and yes, we would want someone to show that they cared, a kind act is all it takes. We miss out on so much because we’re so consumed with our issues but if we reached out to someone that can help us heal from whatever we’re going through. We can do some things to make it better for ourselves and others.

Displaying that we care isn’t a sign of weakness. Some may feel that showing compassion and care will make them look weak. It doesn’t. There’s a whole lot of hate going around when there should be love and peace. We should want to see people “prosper.” We should want to see others doing well. We should be encouraging others and not trying to knock them down. We can uplift someone, even when troubles come our way, uplifting someone can make our day brighter. We certainly can use some more love. Hate flows in the air and grabs hold of so many. It’s unfortunate when people aren’t able to display that they truly care.

We can’t be totally selfish. Helping others will help create a more positive world. We never know when we’ll need a helping hand so we should be considerate. No need to be disgruntle and to be filled with anger. Extend your hand and help someone. Help a friend, help your brother, help your sister. Someone needs to hear that they’re loved and appreciated.

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Giving and Positive Living

We should all want to live a positive life. We should love and help others when we can. Surrounding ourselves around positive people will create happier living. We can’t expect to be productive when we’re surrounded by negative people. That will make us feel depressed. Being positive produces positive living. It helps us to be more productive.

If will filled with positivity and we’re happy then we’ll feel good about giving so that others can have a better. We should try to be happy and have good thoughts. This doesn’t always happen but we should at least try. Being upset and disconnected won’t make us feel satisfied. We can’t be our best in such conditions. It’s a great feeling when we’re able to lend a helping hand. Our days can be better with positive thoughts and we can feel better with a small.

Not allowing positivity in can really put a damper on our day. Of course bad days will come our way but we can feel better when we think about things that offer joy. Our friends can help us feel better by offering some of their positive communications and calming energy. It’s important we live lives that aren’t always riddled with stress.

When we’re stressed we’re unable to think clearly so it’s important that we surround ourselves in peaceful environments. Living a better life can occur through joy filled actions. If we’re consumed with negativity. We won’t flourish and we won’t prosper. When we’re feeling good. We want others to feel the same and we’ll do more.

If we’re not unable to be surrounded by positive people then we should engage in positive and healthy activities. Life can be so enjoyable if we think about things that will offer us peace. Peacefulness within us will lead us to make this world a better place even if it’s just one step at a time. Positivity helps in so many ways.

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Proceed and be Grateful

Don’t fret when troubles arise. They’ll add not subtract from what’s needed for your journey. A lot of people give up and in because they feel the pressure of opinionated people. People can not define you and they certainly can’t take away what is God given. Yes, envy will come knocking at your door, we can shut it out. If we allow people to stop us from achieving then we will surely fail. We should be building one another up but unfortunately not everyone feels that way. That’s why it’s so important that we guard our minds. Fill it with positivity.

If you want to succeed then you’ll have to tune the crowd out. Have faith that you will male it. Although it may be difficult. Determination equals achieving. One can’t be over in with fear and expect to conquer. Bravery must be apart of the journey. Without it one will be restricted. We have to stop allowing people to tell us what we can and can not do.

Complexities will come but if we take some time to figure out how to get around then we’ll get to where we need to be. Anyone that’s able to start on their journey should be “grateful” for it. So many continue to hold themselves back because they fear not having a support system. Being supported is great but most of the time journeys are traveled alone.

No matter how much the crowd boo’s and throws insults. Proceed, add more toughness, and more determination. Create a stronger mind and fill it with positivity. Don’t allow negative thoughts to travel with you. Those who didn’t or were afraid to follow their dreams will probably be apart of the naysayers crowd. That’s alright. We will never be able to please everyone. Don’t even try.

When people are dissatisfied they may become irate about anything that someone does. If people aren’t pleased with what you’re trying to accomplish then that’s too bad. We can’t stop or start something just because people like or dislike it. If your cause is going to help others then that’s something to be “thankful” for. Proceed no matter how complex it is.

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