Where’s the Compassion is it Lost

There’s countries, cities, and states that are filled with people who need assistance. There’s the under privileged and the poor who really need help. No one person can do it all. Each day it seems the world is becoming crueler. No one cares to stop and lend a helping hand to their fellow brother or sister. The compassion seems to have faded away.

If more felt the joy of giving then perhaps we would see the positive effects of such a gracious act. A giving heart is a blessing and we should all have it but that’s not always the case. Some may not have to desire to reach out their hand to help someone to help anyone. Should we have the homelessness problem that we have? There’s even hard working people who have fallen on hard times trying to battle homelessness. There seems to be more cruelty than compassion.

Where’s the love for one another. Is this world consumed with hate? It appears so at least most of the time. When we come across helping hands we may be stunned because it appears compassion has ran off somewhere. Everyone can use some help at some point and wouldn’t we want to receive the help that’s needed?

Some have ┬ábig hearts and feel empathy for others and Empathizing isn’t a bad thing is a good thing. No one should be ashamed to feel it. We should be cheerful givers. We love one another. There’s a lot of malice and hate which won’t solve one problem but create a whole lot more.

Removing compassion does a adds no value to our lives. There’s great suffering all over the world and we have to feel something. We have to care about more than ourselves. Of course all won’t have the same heart but at least a,little compassion may make a large difference. We won’t have the same causes and we won’t act on the same assignments but if we just add some more love then this place we live in would be better.

Featured Image Belongs to T. Paulk