A Reality Check

We’re all important and have something to offer. We will come in contact with people who may not see our worth and that’s alright because there’s always someone who does. In this world people can be selfishand self centered so they may not want to see others “rise.” Not everyone will be thrilled that some are trying to better themselves and others. Some may be genuinely happy for others and some may not want to see others do better than them.

Those are things that we must understand and face. We can’t think that it will always be peaches and cream. We have to take the good with the bath. We should be caring and want others to “prosper. ” Unfortunately not all will feel that way. Even if others want to see us fail. That doesn’t mean that it will happen.

Life will challenge us, test us, and give us a kick in the rear. We’ll learn and grow even if it’s a little. Life teaches us. We teach others and we learn from them as well. We become the teacher and the student. We can excel in one area and not do so well in another. That’s something we have to accept. Whatever we’re good at. We should strive to be better. Our success will depend on how much we’re determined. We have to be hungry for it.

Even when others say to us that we’re not capable of achieving this or that. We don’t have to say a word but we should prove it. Proof is the truth and it’s reality. Are capabilities are enormous but we have to believe it. If we don’t believe then we won’t achieve. We can to boost our confident. Not arrogant but confident. There’s a difference. Once we’ve accomplished something complex. We will strive for more. When reach our desired level. We will have that sigh of relief.

“Help others and Love one Another”

“Love yourself first”

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay Free to use Even Commercially