Patience is Wonderful

It may not happen when we want it to but with patience it will. If we just keep moving and wait for the right time then things will fall into place. Our efforts don’t go unoticed. There’s rewards through hard work and dedication. If we just hold on. It will work out in our “favor.” We have to believe it will and “faith” is trusting and believing.

Each day that we’re here we’re provided an opportunity to prosper. We prosper by action and by not rushing the process. Our prayers won’t go unheard. Our will to keep on keeping on will provide us with dirextion to the right destination. With our patience we can accomplish a whole lot.

Aa,we learn to be more patient we will receive greater blessings. That call we’ve been waiting for will occur. That opportunity we’ve prayed for will be handed to us. The doors will open with abundance. We simply have to continue to build faith and allow our Father to work things out.

A lot of times we’ll miss out on something because we refuse to be patient. If we rush it then we can receive the minimum when we deserve the maximum. People misconceive because they’re not patient. They won’t believe something will happen until it happens. They won’t have enough patience to be confident.

With patience opportunities are lost in the wind. Those goals won’t come togethet if we settle for less. We grow through learning how to wait. Wait on the right opportunity and wait on the right timing. Timing makes a difference. What we need will find us. All our needs will be met through faith and patience.

How many of us have messed up something because we refused to be patient? We wanted something to happen right then so we rushed it and messed things up. Don’t rush. Rushing can get us in trouble. When the time is right then it will come. We have to believe that we deserve to have the good because we’ve worked for it by getting closer to our Heavenly Father.

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay Free to use Even Commercially