Oh my Disturbed Technology

There’s so much going on. It appears as though technology has become wired. There are so many uses and there are so many individuals abusing technology. Just imagine persons running havoc inside of a device or devices. How will some manage such things? After being exposed to so much harassment they’ll probably want to explode. That’s why it’s so helpful to power down devices so that there can be experiences of peacefulness.

There should be protections so that hackers are unable to run havoc inside of devices. My device currently being used is filled with what some may call as trolls. They’re more than trolls actually. They’ll aggressive and annoying. They’ve caused so much disruption. I’m continuing to proceed but there seems to be periods of being annoyed. So therefore I’ve decided that shutting down the device is a great experience.

The joy of not having to deal with the trolling is a wonderful thing. They’ll constantly try to annoy and will watch be like a hawk. They’re so disruptive. How can one keep their calm when having to deal with the persons? Sometimes just sitting back and thinking about good experiences help.¬† What are they after? The breaches are the reason why they’re all there. Perhaps not all but there’s a lot of individuals in my device trying to see if they’re able to create an upset.

I’ve found that I’m beginning to not be so thrilled about technology. So spending less time on the device and online seems to help create rejuvenation. They may believe that I’m defeated somehow but no. There is joy in knowing that eventually I’m going to complete the necessary goals in order to generate mor progress. Soon enough their actions will receive the justice. “The technology is helpful but can be quite annoying when having to deal with the trolling.” By: Tanikka Paulk.

“My technology has suffered greatly but I’m seeking justice to gain back order.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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Proceeding is of Great Importance

No matter how many times persons try to disrupt what has already been declared. The person or persons chosen will continue. The ones continuing to try to distract and cause ceases will discover that their actions have no meaning. That’s right. What some try to do will only incur more problems for the persons projecting the attacks. No visionary should be worried about their vision because what they’re doing has already been destined. There will be a lot of envy but the “determination” will keep the vision going and the visionary on the right track.

So many have discovered that the adversities can be overwhelming however the adversities are also lessons. We’ll learn more and more on the journey. The problem is that so many believe that they’re suppose to travel on the journey when they’re actually not. Not all persons should be coming along. There will come a time when we’ll “need” to remove some from the journey. There will be distractions and there will be a lot of noisemakers hoping that the visionary becomes disconnected.

There should be lots of focus on what’s important. No matter what’s communicated the vision should continue. Of course there will be a lot of opinionated individuals wanting to cause a decline. The key is to remove the doubt and keep believing. Even “relatives” will try to cause discouragement. So many refused to put fourth their ideas or vision and may not welcome others visions. “Be Encouraged the Adversities Will Leave and There Will be Joy After Completion.” By: Tanikka Paulk

The frustration may enter due to so many wanting to travel along or because they’re constantly attacking. “I’m Experiencing the Attacks. My Devices Were Breached and There’s Continuous Harassment.” By: Tanikka Paulk. Tanikka Paulk is a victim of such. The experiences are like no other. Of course I’ve heard of so many experiencing bullying but nothing like what’s taking place now. It’s amazing that the motivation hasn’t left. I’m continuing on despite what has occurred and probably will continue. I’m remaining confident and certainly not discouraged.

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I Tanikka Paulk Continue to Excel Despite What has Been Placed Before me=Tanikka Paulk. You, you, YOU. YOU! you! Etc. By: Tanikka Paulk

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Throw up the Prayer Hands When the Harassment Comes

Harassment is something so many may have to deal with. Do something remarkable and watch and see how many haters some running out to harass. In order to avoid being harassed one would need to go into a cave. That’s right! Why should any gift go unnoticed? Some may not be happy with what’s taking place in their lives and feel the need to harass others. There’s some who act as if they’re getting paid to harass God’s children. Whatever shall one do? If the harassment is continuous then contacting lawyers as well “authorities” is necessary and especially if there are threats involved. Take the names and information and supply the information to appropriate agencies.

There are some who will become envious of what others are trying to accomplish and will begin projecting insults and perhaps some will try harassing a person or persons by phone. There are “many reasons” why some choose to harass others. If they’re angry for some reason then they may start harassing a person. Some are mentally unstable and will harass because they’re not seeking professional help. No one should tolerate harassment. No matter where the harassment is coming from. A lot of celebrities are continuing to be harassed and targeted. Individuals who are trying to rise in some way may be harassed. Once authorities get involved they’ll be able to monitor who the individuals are who are harassing others.

Some may decide to harass others because they’re in need of something and instead of asking properly they’ll start harassing to get their way. Harassment is a way to cause problems for others. To either get a person to stop or start something. Some may do so in hope that individuals stop making any progress. The harassment could come from an ex., a stalker, or someone who is mentally ill. No matter what the reasons are the authorities should be aware of such harassment. They’re in positions to legally stop the individuals from harassing the victim of victims. When some are envious then they’ll do just about anything to make sure they’re “efforts” work.

Some have received numerous threats and there will be some who are too afraid to speak out about the harassment. A lot of advocates are harassed and some activists have been assassinated after the harassment. There are a lot of unstable people in the world and there should be precautions taken. Some may not stop until there’s some sentencing. Jail time. There are some people who will continue on with their antics until there’s some sort of severe consequences projected.

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“Proceed and Watch and see the Blessings and Breakthroughs Make Their way in.” By:¬†Tanikka Paulk

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Tanikka Paulk

Some People Really Need a Tune out

If you haven’t gotten to the point wh where you no longer give a hoot what people have to say then you should. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying positive people and caring people but giving time to trolls is a waste of time. We lose valuable time when we allow people that could care less whether we’re breathing some of our world. Some people live their lives trying to block others from their “purpose.”

Anyone who works online will see the trolls trying to gain attention. They’re cynical and they want others to get down on themselves. Some may consider them haters but they may not be haters at all. Some of them are simply looking for some attention. A lot of people have mentioned how annoying trolling is.

Trolling is annoying but one can’t spend their lives worrying about what people say. People can say what they want. Not really. They can criticize, laugh, and try to bring others down. It’s up to us whether we allow them to bring us down. Some thrive off of ruining someone’s day. Misery wants some company.

Sime things have to be addressed but choosing the right battles is important. If it’s total nonsense then it should be ignored. If people are afraid that others will get ahead then they will try to do anything to disrupt your “journey.” It’s amazing what some will come up with.

If you want to enjoy life then you should surround yourself with happy and positive people. Ignoring the trolls will generate some peace. Of course some are very determined to try and weigh others down. How,about praying for them? No one should want to deal with trolls but at some point. One will have to address them.

Finding the best way to address trolling is important. If you handle it wrong then watch out! Anyone who blogs or uses social media knows what trolls can do. Troll seems harsh but it simply means that they follow people in order to provide their cynical comments.

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