Think Possibilities

Transform those thoughts so that accomplishments take place. We don’t have to be super busy but we should accomplish something each day. Make some headway and get those things done that will create “better living” for you and others. Allow your thoughts to go beyond limits. No limitations in the mind. We can certainly accomplish son great things if we start thinking that way.

Tune out and block out those things that will hinder your growth. If it doesn’t add value then it doesn’t need to be in your thoughts or in your life. Our thoughts can either keep us moving in the right direction or not. Thinking about the possibilities and believing that your goals, hopes, and dreams are possible will allow those things to be possible. We should listen to positive communications and read positive material so that our minds become calm. A calm mind will get more work done than one that’s consumed with stressful events.

We may need to distance ourselves from people who won’t help us think about the positivity’s. Allow good thoughts into your daily lives. More can be accomplished if we think about what we’re passionate about. Having positive thoughts are important and when the positive thinking leaves us we start to our motivation. Don’t allow that to happen.

If changes are needed then by all means change them. No one should want to stay in the same position. One that won’t offer growth. Think that you can’t and prevent thinking about what can not be done.  We can do some awesome things just by changing our mindset. Our minds are powerful and if we allow trash in it then we may do sluggish work. That can create a setback for us.

Even when we hear negative things. We should try to allow something positive in. That way we will focus on the positive and we’ll feel more energized when it comes to accomplishing. What we think we believe so if we believe that we’re capable then we’re capable. Those thoughts can make or break us. They can certainly offer value to our lives or they can offer tormoil. We have a choice whether we want good or bad thoughts to enter into our minds.

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Laugh Because Sometimes it Really is Funny

Laughter is a joy. We may shed some tears but laughter fixes things. There’s so many funny things going on. Sometimes the laughter keeps going like the enigizer bunny. There’s a lot of comedians out and although not all are professional. They’re still funny. I mean funny. Those tear jerkers keep coming.

It’s a joy to laugh.  What would we do without laughter? Some people may have difficulties laughing. Some may have difficulties smiling. For those who choose not to smile or laugh. They just don’t know what they’re missing. When the laughters produce tears that’s when you know something is truly funny. Oh boy, there’s some funny stuff going on, the laughs keep coming.

Some people are too funny. It’s almost like people unintentionally produce laughter. Laughter is laughter. We should be thankful for being able to laugh. It helps us stay happy. Who doesn’t want to be happy? Sometimes we’re the butt of the joke but it’s still funny. Have you ever laughed so hard that makes your side hurt. There’s where I am right now.

There’s some jokers and some comical material floating around. We never know when something funny will head our way. It can happen in our home. It can happen on our jobs or it can happen online. It doesn’t matter what day the laughs come rolling in. Those laughs will make us feel better.

It’s so entertaing. My goodness. Some people are so talented. All they have to do is open their mouths and the laughs come rolling in. There’s people out there that are just that funny. Comedy can be seen or heard anywhere. Once one gets a dose of it. They may not stop laughing. “Still laughing.”

Laughing can make someone’s day. It surely makes my day. All of the comical junk moving about. Who can deny laughter? I don’t see why anyone would want to. Some of this stuff is funny. Too funny. Ha, he, he.

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Moving to Another Location

Sometimes you have to make that move. Rise above it all. Leave all that junk behind and find a new place. A new residence. Somewhere filled with love and comfort. Why should any of us stay in a cold dark place. A place filled with aggravation. Oh yes, we should be thankful for a roof but if someone is causing a bit of a rift then we should move to another location.

Not everyone is meant to stay with other. Some of us really néedon’t our space. Imagine feeling as if you’re suffocating. Not fun is it. Not at all. Well, we have to make preparations for something better. A better life, a less stressful one, and a moving one. A place where there’s some settling in. A place called “home.” Like the sound of that. Traveling is what we do.

Can’t wait for that big move. Oh boy, I dream about, I can see it as if it’s a “vision.” Oh someone won’t be happy I’mean sure but we can’t live for others. Although some expect it. There’s no way it can happen. It just can’t. There’s a lot of great things ahead. Blessingso continue to head our way. A move of any kind may not produce that happy smile for some. Well, too bad, we can’t make everyone happy now can we?

Someone somewhere will be disappointed with our decisions. It would be nice if people could be happy for others. Unfortunately we don’t live in a world like that. There’s always something that makes us happy. Just to think about the whole “transformation ” generates joy. Shouldn’t we want joy in our lives? We have to move. Move in the right direction and be apart of beautiful things. How many of you will make a move? That move that produces elevation. Be blessed my people.

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It’s a Brand New day Filled With Thankfulness

Thank God for this day and those to come. It’s a blessing to be able to get out of bed. Not everyone is able to do so. The moments are to be enjoyed but there’s nothing wrong with looking towards the future. I wonder what it will be filled with? Well, I won’t focused too much on it, I have to enjoy the now. I’ll be a year older tomorrow and I’m thankful for that as well. I’m still alive and I’m so grateful.

“Everytime I think of it. It Makes me Smile.” It also made me cry. The memories are so strong. “Sometimes people come into our lives for a reason, a season, and sometimes they come to shake things up.” Those who offer value to our lives should be cherished. The protectors, caregivers, and inspirationalist. I’ll enjoy my days. There was a time that I felt nothing but stress. Some people are something to deal with but that’s another story.

I know God has something great for me. He will send “greatness” my way. What I’m very appreciative of is “love.” It feels good to be loved and you never know who really loves you. One doesn’t have to be in the same town, city, or state in order to feel love from a person. Love can travel near or far. It’s a blessing to experience it. God will send the right people in our lives and he’ll remove those who won’t do right by us.

The sun is shining once again. It doesn’t seem as if any coolness will head this way but I’m still “thankful.” I can’t wait to enjoy Christmas and New Years with the children. Those guys really keep me going and of course God does. I have to keep smiling so that the tears won’t fall. Sometimes we hold on to pain and the more we try to hold it in, the more those tears flow, I simply want to “smile.” Have a blessed day.

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Angelica and her Heart

Angelica is a sensitive, caring, and loving soul. She has experienced enough heartache in her life but that didn’t detour her from following her “passion.” She used her pain and strength to reach out to others. She often felt as if no one understood her journey but Stephen. He seemed to understand just where she was going with her dreams.

She felt a “real connection” with Stephen. Although many tried to confuse her and Stephen. She knew “real.” There’s a problem, Stephen seems to be in a situation, it’s the same for Angelica. She knew that she felt unusual about the whole situation but somehow Stephen had a “heart.” He somehow pushed her towards “greatness.” He was silly and sometimes behaved as if he was delusional.

She remembered Stephen from years ago. He was walking through an apartment complex and they greeted. He told her what he was doing at the time and she smiled and he smiled and they both proceeded in different directions. She knew that there was something but couldn’t put her finger on it. She thought about Stephen during the years and wondered what he was up to.

Stephen’s sense of humor keeps Angelica laughing. One day she was sitting and she burst in laughter because she remembered what he said in his Jamaican text. One day he said something that kept her giggling. Someone noticed Stephens mood and thought he might have been bubbling about a basketball game.

He knew his way around “child please.” Even that was funny to her. Angelica and Stephen became “best friends.” Their words connected somehow. She became confused and she wonders what ever happened to Stephen. She heard rumors about his whereabouts. It’s as if he fell off the face of the earth.

She reminisces about the “good vibes.” The situation makes her smile and makes her sad. He reminds her of Charlie Brown. Charlie Brown was always getting into something. He always got it right at the end. Angelica will keep walking her journey. She would like to give a shout out to Stephen.

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Better Days Ahead of us

There’s a time to laugh, cry, and a time to transform. Sometimes we find ourselves in a mess and we have to do something to fix it or we’ll continue to be in a mess. Have you ever wondered about all the sadness in the world? Why are people so sad and depressed. It appears that being in harsh environments for long periods of time can make us feel sad and not feel good about ourselves. We don’t have to feel defeated. Our environments can either make us or break us. We have a choice whether we want to be happy or not.

Starting right now, if you want to be happy, then you should feel that way. Yes, listen to music that makes you happy, listen to people who bring out the best in you. Surround yourself with those who want to see you do better, feel better, and make a difference. We have to believe that our situations will get better. We’ll be freed from agony and despair. We don’t have to settle for less when more is offered to us.

A lot of times we give people power over our lives and we shouldn’t. God created us and Jesus died for our sins so why should we allow people to make us feel bad? The sad reality is, there will always be someone that can make us feel a strong emotion, but we must learn how to control them and yes that may take some time. Once we figure out that we don’t have to accept certain things and that we’re incapable of pleasing everyone then we’ll feel 100 percent better. We’ll enjoy life more and we’ll know who deserves to be in our lives and who doesn’t.

In order to have better days. We must wake up loving ourselves. Embrace ourselves and allow those people who mean us well in. If it makes us unhappy then it’s something we can do without. Now, not saying that if your spouse or friends make you unhappy about something that you should remove them, not everyone will make us happy all the time but if it’s constant unhappiness then we don’t need that. We should enjoy life and feel good about what we’re accomplishing and what’s ahead of us. It will get better but we must believe it will and accept that it will. Be thankful for those “better days ahead.”

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Quiet Please!

Have you ever said, “quiet please,” well it something we either said or thought about it? Sometimes you really don’t feel like hearing chatter, noise, and nonsense. It seems to be plenty of it all across social media sites and in the “real world.” There comes a time when you get tired of all the hoopla. Some things aren’t necessary. Why do people feel they have to fight? Sometimes we have to sit back and mediate.

If we’re always exposed to noise then we won’t be able to hear what God is saying. If we’re always in some drama then we won’t get opportunities to spend time with “peace.” My goodness who doesn’t enjoy their peace? It’s obvious that some people rather be in confusion. We have to grow and learn from our experiences. Sometimes social media is annoying. It was suppose to be used for one thing and now it’s used for something different.

One thing I’ve learned is, be careful who you allow in your circle, some aren’t meant to be in your life at all. They may cause trouble that keeps going on and on. When is enough simply enough? Battles continue, people are becoming irritated, and it’s annoying (just raised my voice). Social Media seems to draw drama. It’s almost as if they get paid for people virtually fighting, bashing, and attacking others.

To be honest, it does create more money for them, the more people drawn to it the more money the founders make. They could care less if people are fighting and attacking one another. It’s best to allow things to settle down because one can’t always try to speak on it. In time people will realize that bullying and acting out won’t get anyone anywhere. You don’t get compensated for that. Is it not a waste of time?

A lot of people do it because they’re trying to cause trouble for others but really they’re creating issues for themselves. Who needs that stress? There’s better things to do then to surround ourselves with “bad company.” Some people are too busy being happy and they have no time for foolishness. That’s basically what it is. If you find yourself being surrounded by people who just want to cause trouble then you should pray for them and keep it moving. They’re simply trying to stop the flow and hinder your “journey.”

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Occupy Your Mind With Good Thoughts

When we fill our minds with thoughts that are unhealthy, we start to do unhealthy things, our minds are like a temple. We should take care of it. Thoughts that generate stress for us should be avoided. We should spend limited time with people who try to get inside our heads. This happens a lot on social media. Instead of people following God’s plan. They want to follow “their own plan.”

Be careful who you spend time around, listen to people’s words, if they’re negative or if they seem as if they’re coming against you, stay clear of these people or at least keep your eyes open. Not everyone wants to see us strong and healthy. Some want to invade our minds and want us to miserable. Unfortunately we will come in contact with these people but we shouldn’t allow it to bring us down.

There’s things we can do to make our minds healthier. We should be some time reading an informative book or information. Spen time with like minded people. Listen to music that uplifts us. Walk around and be one with nature. Take mini trips and het more involved with hobbies that you enjoy.

Find Your Inner Peace

Spend time with yourself and enjoy it. There’s some soothing music on YouTube, meditation, and mind relaxation music. That will help us experience peace. Try some dance steps that will make one feel better and this is also soothing.Sitting in your backyard will help soak up some sunshine and help us stay connected with the outdoors. Not too much sunshine but enough to generate energy. If we feel drained. We should sit, lay down, or take a warm bath. Crossword puzzles helps our minds stay engaged. It not only keeps our minds active but it helps keep dysfunction thoughts out. Watching informative and educational shows on television will fill our minds with knowledge and it will help keep our minds connected.

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A Smile Goes a Long way

We never know what people are going through, how hard they’ve worked to get to where they are today, or why they choose to smile when they’re facing trials. Smiling helps put us in a better mood. It offers a bit of peace. It certainly feels better than frowning. Of course we’ll feel sadness, anger, and disappointed but if we try to smile when those emotions head our way. We’ll get through it. Some people would rather hide their beautiful smile that God has given them. Why not share it with the world?

There’s no one on earth who hasn’t been through adversities. We’ve been through the rain, storms, and pain. Some of us feel it everyday but we don’t have to be stuck in a storm. We have the capability to come out and an easy way to help us do that is to “smile.” There will be people out there who would rather erase our smile but we shouldn’t allow it. If we smile at them then perhaps they will change their attitude and smile back at us.

Can you imagine not being able to smile? We should be thankful that we’re able to smile because there’s people in this world who aren’t here to smile and there’s people who are unable to smile. We will go through things and yes, it’s hard to deal with at times, but through those challenges we shall grow. Offer a smile to someone and you may just change their lives forever. You never know who needs your smile. When we smile we show that we care.

“Go Right Ahead and Smile”

Yes, there’s people who smile but are going through a whole lot of pain, but they rather smile than to show the pain on the outside. When others see their smile they may offer some kind words which will brighten up their day. We never know who can use our smile and kind words. There’s so many going through and why shouldn’t we help them get through if we can? Try it. Smile and see how it goes. You never know what impact your smile will make.

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Make Peace With Yourself

A lot of people aren’t able to rest in their minds because they can’t stop thinking about the what if’s and the “what did I do?” Even when we’ve done things that aren’t pleasing. We should ask for forgiveness and live. No one can change the past but you can make a great future. Smile and fly high in the sky. Believe that you’re worth more than gold.

Close your eyes and rest when it’s time. You don’t have to fight the battles within your mind. What’s done is done and what will be will be. For now, live life to it’s fullest, and know that you’ve made progress. If we find out that we’re headed in the wrong direction then we need to make changes to get on the “right path.” Love yourself enough to forgive yourself. The past is just that. What ever you’ve done before has been washed away.

Tell yourself that “you’re special.” You have a heart and despite what others may say or have said about you. You have given

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to your brother. You embraced others in your own special way and your heart is as big as Texas. Every emotion is “real.” Allow yourself to be happy and ease your mind. Don’t think too much. Don’t allow anger to get the best of you. Learn to wait and be patient.

A tear drop doesn’t mean that there’s sadness, it means that there’s joy, joy to know that you’re unforgettable. If no one ever told you, “thank you,” here it is. Sometimes it takes something drastic to figure who our “real friends” are. Those who never were will make their way out of our lives. The tears that were shed are for a reason. Strong emotions is what makes it real. Keep your head up. Love Always.

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