Hold on to joy

Don’t you think this world is filled with enough troubles? Why should we keep adding more and more anger, hate, and despair? There is always something to be thankful for. Reach for that positive ?(gift). There’s always a caring heart. There’s always some comforting words somewhere. Feel the joy in your space. Even when some try to make your life gloomy. Smile and be grateful. There’s special in us. “Allow joy to be apart of your life.

A bad day becomes great with our thoughts. Think about good things. Good memories. Good vibes. Even if your mind lands on good food. It’s all good. We have to change our perception. If we think negatively then those vibes will find us. Embrace the good days and feel the joy.

When those trials come rolling in. Look at them and face them head on. If you got through before. You’ll get through again. Our lives don’t have to be filled with turmoil. We can gain something positive through a negative situation. Yes, some will try to steal our joy but that doesn’t mean that we have to allow it. We have every right to be happy.

It’s up to us whether we want to feel happy, joyous, and “blessed.” No words can dampen our day unless we allow it. Take in the joy and live life. Surround yourself around those who will lift you up and bring out the best in you. There’s greatness within us and we should embrace it.

When the troubled mood comes streaming in. Remove it quickly. Place those thoughts on something that generates a smile. Life is filled with enough challenges and we don’t have to keep adding more. Our perception can sometimes become distorted and that removes our joy. If we feel we have no friends at all. We have a friend in Jesus and he certainly wants us to be “joyous.” Think about how much we’re loved and the joy will come. 

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It Will Get Better Just Believe

We will go through challenges but those challenges will strengthen us if we allow them to. We can’t give up and we can’t give in. We can overcome the pain, heartache,  anything that weighs us down. Believe that it will get better. Focus on the good and you will see how things will change in the most magnificent ways.

We won’t be without trouble but we can learn how to deal with those troubles in the right manner. The world is filled with tormoil but that doesn’t mean that we have to be filled with it. Joy comes in the morning. Tears can be wiped away. That “smile” will develop on your face when you allow the sunshine in. It won’t be easy all of the time but it does it easier.

We should keep those who will “upliftt” us in our lives. We all could use some uplifting don’t you think? We don’t have to continuously surround ourselves around the negatives but some negativity will help us embrace the “positivity.” Change within us will generate a better world. Change may not occur right away but in due time it will.

Think about the path to enjoyment. Consider yourself blessed if you can hear, see, and speak. That means you can see change. You can hear testimones and you can share them. Not everyone is in a position to do so but even if they’re unable to tell their story. You could be the chosen one to do it for them.

Lift up your hands and be “thankful” for a new day. Another day to improve. We should want better. We don’t have to sit in a corner and be down in the dumps. There’s always something to be thankful for. Appreciating the small things is a wonderful feeling. We don’t miss those small things until they’re gone. That’s why it’s so important that we learn to be appreciative. “Continue to spread some love.” Be blessed and smile.

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Feel the Joy

Why are we wasting our lives on things that won’t bring us joy? Sometimes we can avoid those headaches. If we surround ourselves with positive people, the positivity will rub off on us. There’s people who thrive off of stealing other people’s joy. They may get a kick out of misery. The best thing one can do to shut joy killers down is to “smile” and be happy.

They may not want to see you smiling and laughing but that’s alright because it’s up to you whether you want to be happy or not. Misery loves company and if people are miserable then they want others to feel the way they do. We have a lot to be joyous about. We’re here, if we can see, and talk then that’s a lot to be joyous about.

We should engage in positive activities and listen to positive music. Anything that will drag us down should receive less of our attention. People shouldn’t want to be unhappy and miserable but some seem to embrace misery. Happiness feels good, enjoying life is something we deserve, when we allow others to bring us down we’ve allowed them to steal our “joy.” Can we really afford that?

When we’re in healthy environments, we feel better, we’ll project positive vibes. We will have off days but that doesn’t mean that we don’t feel joy. If we’ve allowed others to make us feel guilty about being happy then we need to stop. Some people will try their best to make sure other people are unhappy because it annoys them to see people enjoying their lives.

No one should make us feel low but we’ve all allowed someone to lower our mood. Once we decide to stop allowing it then we’ll be happier. God wants us to be happy. People may not want it but they can not send us to heaven or hell. Choose to be happy and find those things that bring out the best in you. Joy is a wonderful goal.

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When You’re at Peace no one can Disturb it

People will try to steal your inner peace, the only way they can do that is if you allow it, life is precious and it should be enjoyed. When you’re confident and secure. You won’t feed into negativity. You’ll be at peace with yourself and even with those who try ro come up against you.

If it doesn’t help you grow, make you smile, then it’s something you can do without. Surround yourself with people who want to see you “prosper.” If they don’t want the best for you then they don’t deserve to be in your life. We often find ourselves questioning our past when we should be looking towards our future. No one. Absolutely  no one can stop us from “succeeding.” If we allow people to get the best of us then they will.

Sometimes we have to go away and ponder a bit. We should develop positive friendships. People who do nothing for you have no right to tell you a thing. We have to learn to enjoy those who touch our lives. Those who make us complete. Those who love us “unconditionally.”

Life isn’t easy but we’re built for toughness. There’s people willing to uplift us. Those who want to see us achieve will push us. There’s no progress what so ever without struggles. If we don’t go through storms then we won’t develop strength. We need lots of strength to deal with the adversities of this world.

If the people around us doesn’t push us then they should be around us. We can’t expect things to be handed to us. We have to fight and work for them. Believe that you deserve to make it through every hurdle in life. Let no one tell you that you’re no good enough. There’s always hope in every situation. Failure should live in your heart, mind, and soul.

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Enjoy This Life

We will only pass through here once so why not enjoy our time here? We should have fun, spend time with family, and enjoy every moment. Of course we will face trials and that’s to be expected but that doesn’t mean that we have to stop living. So may of us have wasted precious time trying to please others and we’ve forgotten about our own happiness. That shouldn’t be. Looking out for self doesn’t mean we’re selfish.

There’s so many fun things to do in this world and there’s also things that can create havoc. Why should we consume ourselves with other people’s lives and miss out on living our own lives? There’s no need for hating and there’s so much room to grow that each and everyone of us has that opportunity. As long as we’re breathing, we’re able to make some positive chances, why shouldn’t we?

Take some time to meditate. Enjoy the sunshine and listen to birds sing. Make new friendships and share. Don’t beat yourself up by past mistakes. Don’t take everyone’s advice. Live your life and enjoy it to the fullest. A lot of people aren’t living their lives and that can generate misery. It’s an awful thing to live a miserable life. Misery does love company and it’s best to stay away from it.

If you smile, you will feel better, you’ll glow. That will help one to be a happier person. Could you imagine living your life in a miserable state? I certainly can’t imagine doing that. No fun, no “action,” and no living. Ugh! Bot good at all. There’s so much to do and so many places to visit. Love life. Spend time with the ones you love. Communication and enjoy listening to productive conversations. Sometimes we become so consumed with what others want and we forget to live. Make the best of this world. Call that person up who cares even if they pretend as if they don’t . Love living and enjoy every moment of it.

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A big Celebration

There’s a big celebration happening around the world wide web. Oh what ever could that be? The celebration of joy and happiness. The celebration of feeling free from negativity. Shouldn’t we be happy, shouldn’t we want to prosper, we should feel the “joy?” It’s a lovely evening and the peace surrounds us. Smile from ear to ear and enjoy what life has to offer.

We’re celebrating over there at Bubblews. Why? We believe that spreading love and kindness is contagious. Why should we be grumpy? We’re feeling the presence of God on “Twitter.” Let the “tweets” roll. Oh TSU I haven’t forgot about you. You’re in this too. Google+ with all the cuteness, those animals sure are cute, you’re a joy to be around as well. Blogjob, you’re shinning brighly, helping us gain our fair share of joy. Love, love, love you all.

We’re continuing to allow the positivity to flow. That’s right. Having fun, celebrating a “lovely life.” Lets continue to be uplifting and care about our neighbors and friends. Please oh please don’t let this celebration end. It’s so nice to have such loving people trying to “rebuild.” Lets make this happen again and again.

Bloggers, writers, and business owners. Lets do our “share.” Show the online world that we truly care. Be encouraged because here’s to a brand new day. We will work and we certainly won’t forget “play.” Laugh and feel so free. Avoid all of that negativity. Lets be loving and make this place better. Caring about one another and sending out some sunshine.

It’s your time, your time, your time. We will continue to make these communities grow. Your financial situations will get better, your stress will cease, just “believe.” Continue to create positive friendships and watch the positive changes. This is what we need. Keep celebrating and continue to be happy.

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Accomplishing it In Spite of

When ever you do something that others may not agree with or don’t understand, you may make some uncomfortable with that, and that can make them angry. It doesn’t matter what people think. They can’t live for you. We all must do what’s best for us. Don’t stop going after what you want out of life because it will make people uncomfortable. Fight for those dreams. By fighting I mean, keep going, even when the hecklers present themselves.

Why did you put your dreams on hold in the first place? Was it fear? Fear holds people back. People would rather do away with their dreams in order to please others. While they’re sitting happy somewhere. You’re disappointed and sad because you didn’t do what you enjoy. Life isn’t about living to please others. We can help others that’s something we should do but we can’t spend our lives trying to make others happy. That’s up to them.

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If you haven’t started on your “journey” then perhaps you should. There’s no time like the present. You certainly don’t want to live with regrets. Regrets that you’ll be reminded about each day. Doing what we love will make us happy. If we waste our lives on doing something just to get by then we will be miserable. Misery is certainly no fun. So don’t indulge in it.

Experience new things. Laugh and continue to be apart of “growth.” You were destined to do great things so why should you sit back and allow those “opportunities” to pass you by? You will be criticized but if you don’t do anything at all, you’ll be criticized for that, so shouldn’t you follow your dreams?

Be happy, find something that will make you smile, love deeply. Enjoy this life because you only have one. We’re here on this earth only one time and then there’s eternal life with our Father. As long as there’s breath in our bodies, we have a chance to do something great, we have a chance to be apart of “greatness.”

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