How to be Happy in a Dysfunctional World

We have to transform our minds. We will be surrounded by people who have difficulties being expressive and or are upset about their lives and they may dish their insecurities and unhappiness on others. We can either be swept in their storms or we can choose to be uplifted. We don’t have to be in darkness just because others around us are. That’s why it’s important that we practice smiling. Yes, we live in a world where people will try to get us down, but it’s up to us whether we will allow that to happen.

It may seem as if compassion is far away. When there’s groups of people who demonstrate that they are unable to show love and are cruel to others. We have to find a way to keep ourselves from sinking into the same boat. We should listen, read, and watch positive messages. If there’s a lot of negativity around then we should quickly find some positivity. How can we do that? We can listen to inspirational music. Upbeat music when keep us in tuned with the melodies and not the negativity.

There’s a lot of fun and happy activities that we can engage in. We shouldn’t allow the troubles of the world to get us down. Of course we should be concerned but we shouldn’t be depressed, especially allow depression in from outside forces, we can keep our minds on healthy information. It’s important that we surround ourselves around people who will uplift us. The most important part is that we uplift ourselves.

Our days may have trials in them but that doesn’t mean that will have to ball up and feel bad about ourselves. We should think of happiness, think of things that make us feel good, tell ourselves that we’re beautifully created. God didn’t make no junk so we should never feel as if He did. It doesn’t matter if half the world views us as being not accepted. We don’t need the world to accept us. It’s our Creator and His son that we should be concerned about.

Being happy is a state of mind. If we think that nothing will go right and no one will care then that’s what we’ll generate. We have to love ourselves first and be happy for others. Some will never understand that the world doesn’t owe them anything so therefore they’ll always be in a depressive mood. Happiness is something we should want and we should thrive to obtain it. We have to be happy with ourselves before others will be happy with us.

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Living for Today and Being Happy About it

We should all want to be happy but unfortunately not everyone experiences happiness. The best way to be happy is to love ourselves. Happiness comes from wothin. We have to figure how to regain ourrl happiness.

There could be people in our lives who would rather see us down and out. Sometimes it’s because they’re envious in some way. All we can do is pray for them. Not everyone feels happiness so therefore they may try to create misery for others. Sometimes people pretend that they’re happy for us but deep down they’re not.

Never allow anyone to steal your dreams. Be careful with people who keep encouraging you to turn away from what you’re passionate about. Envy destroys people. It discourages instead of encouraging. It will bring out the worst in people. So choose happiness. Be happy for others and focus on the path.

If you find out that someone isn’t happy for your accomplishments or your journey then it’s best to refrain from reminding them of it. Even husband’s feel envious towards their wives because they’re taking risks they probably would never take. Praying for their sanity and heart will help the one living their dreams.

Sometimes people are afraid that you will surpass them. Their fear comes from knowing that you have “gifts” within you. So they become fearful and they’ll try to destroy your smile and your happiness. If people understand that we’re all capable of rising up then all the mellow drama will cease.

You can’t live someone else’s dreams. We have to follow our own and be happy about. For those who try to dissect someone’s happiness and dreams. Hear this, you can’t accomplish that if a person doesn’t allow you to. It’s a waste of time. Leave people be and allow them to grab hold of their dreams.

Pray for your happiness, mind, and pray that those who try to come up against you are healed. There’s some people who are so consumed with misery that they’re destroying themselves. Trying to stop God’s plan will leave one messed up inside and outside. “Love one Another and be Happy.”

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