The Meaning of Comprehending

The ability comprehend what is said, heard, or read. There’s lots to comprehend. Some seem to either refuse to comprehend to understand or perhaps they’re lacking the ability to understand. There are difficulties when there are groups of People refusing to accept the what is. No matter how many times they’re told or provided the information they continue to indulge in misguidance. Reading can help in so many ways. To read effectively and to listen closely. Sometimes we’re unable to listen because what’s being said isn’t what we’re wanting to hear.

There’s all sorts of information to discover and some of the information could entail complexities. There has to be focus on the areas in which to understand. Some of what’s supplied requires that there is careful examination. Some lack the skills to comprehend because they may want their own way. The desire to grow to learn will help incur the skills of comprehension. “When a person states that they would rather be left alone and persons continue to harass the person either they are cynics or they lack the ability to understand what’s being said.” By: Tanikka Paulk.

There seems to be a battle between understanding and ignorance. Perhaps there should be more listening skills developed. Sometimes individuals will want to hear whatever it is they want to hear. The information in which they should intake they’ve omitted. Skills are developed by allowing the skills to occur. Obtaining the necessary skills could help the persons with their abilities to comprehend. Lacking could result in missing important information and losing.

I’ve discovered that there are so many unwilling to accept. Acceptance is appreciated by so many. Should appreciate acceptance. It’s amazing how so many continue to decrease their effectiveness. “Mankind demonstrates that they’re destructive and without understanding which causes declines.” (Tanikka Paulk). When dealing with such groups there has to be patience because there could be the irritation of the nerves. Calming helps to learn just how the persons behave. Behavioral Analysis. It’s difficult to be challenged by the groups but there is the ability to obtain more skills in order to deal with the other complexities.

They’ve continued to challenge my every move. Perhaps they’ve desired to prove that I’m lacking intelligence but what have they actually proven. The constant battle to move forward seems to be a problem but there is also the ability to strategize. The strategy of my journey. “There are certain individuals continuously projecting abnormal behaviors either they desire being challenged or they aren’t thinkers.” (Tanikka Paulk).

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The Full Armor of God and Prayer are the Only Defense Against the Attacks

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When God Says It’s Enough!

Yes God will allow the trials to occur and will intervene when He feels there are lessons learned and there is strength obtained. Job went through many trials and although Job experienced suffering Job remained faithful to God. “Every person must face trials but how mankind deals with the trials will determine the outcome.” by: Tanikka Paulk. There is a battle between good and evil the winner must be filled with love. Love conquers. No man (meaning mankind) can defeat God. So many continue to demonstrate their selfish ways but God knows all things.

God promised that there would be suffering there isn’t a person on earth who hasn’t suffered in someway. Some may demonstrate greater strength and others may appear to be weak or weaker. Strength can be obtained when facing the trials there is more to learn. Wisdom is gained when there are many trials and yes there can be fatigue but determination will and faith will the proceedings to occur. I’m a firm believer in the “Word of God.” I’ve been misjudged and God will administer the discipline. No matter what they think of me=Tanikka Paulk God has declared my anointing.

Jesus Christ weeps and I’ve certainly have shed many tears there will be a time when there’s sadness, gladness, and peacefulness. Although the trials arrive there can also be peace. My peace is obtained by reading the word, prayer, and praising God/Lord the same. When there is death there will be birth. When there’s darkness there will be light. Day is right here light is within and outer. So many have underestimated my purpose. There are so many who’ve doubted me=Tanikka Paulk. They’ve tried to prevent my journey from continuing but God has given the green light.

There are miracles occurring. There is devastation when mankind chooses to disobey God and when they continue to believe that attacking the anointed will position the individuals. Mankind will have difficulties admitting when they’re wrong. They’ve proven that there is lacking of love. Love is what makes the world go round. So many haven’t thought about how their actions will and has affected the population. There should be focusing on growth there should be building up.

There will be many experiences there are lessons learned rather quickly and sometimes the lessons take longer to learn. I’m a firm believer in keeping The Full Armor of God on. There are some war filled but I’d rather proceed with peacemakers. To live peacefully is certainly a blessing. Peacefulness can be achieved in many ways. There are some unable to obtain peace because they won’t allow peace in. Transforming the mind will allow the peacefulness to occur. “I’m blessed and realize that the trials are a way to create the right movements” (Tanikka Paulk). Amen!

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Some Delays Doesn’t Equal Failure

It’s Important to Stay Motivated While on the Journey

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Transformed Line of Thinking Makes the Difference

When there are negatives there are ways to think about the positives. Troubles won’t last always. There will be trouble and then there will “be the good” moments which will stay within the mind. There’s a lot to think about and there should be a time when meditation takes place. Some are constantly subjected to negative environments. There has to be outlets. I’ve chosen prayer, meditation, and listening to music. My line of thinking has transformed and I’m loving how I’m thinking now.

If only others could change the way they think because having to deal with individuals constantly trying to disconnection my path and others paths is annoying. There are some thoughts about what will incur in the next few months. There could be surprises start thinking about elevating instead of trying to harm a purpose. Removals are necessary. To remove the negative thinking will help with accomplishing more and more.

There is more focus on getting, achieving, obtaining etc. Although there will always be negative People there’s positive ones. Having fun? Think on a level where there’s mucho advancements. Mucho meaning much. Spend some time with thinkers. The ones having the ability to look closer and to see what others are unable to recognize. My focus isn’t where the negatives are my focus is on reaching heights. Thinking what some refuse “to think” about.

The words which come out of some folks mouths aren’t words which will assist with further developments. There are some trying to tear down Nation with their words. There is way too much to accomplish. My progressive state is right. Although there are some disagreeing with my new found line of thinking. They’re unable to recognize where “the growth” is brightened up! There are the traveling destinations they’re trying to reach where some have chosen to proceed.

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Hope and the Ability to Conquer


“Looking Up!”

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How Many are Continuing to Compete?

What are so many competing for? It seems as though some could be competing to rise higher or to keep their freedom. Whatever the reasons are they’re competing strongly. That’s right. There are some continuing to be overly competitive. Would some need therapy because of their overly competitiveness? Anyway I’m continuing and really can’t afford to be focused on what the competitors are doing. There is so much to accomplish and the groups aren’t there yet. Oh where will that destination be?

There’s the wait and see. My purpose was already designed and it appears as though some haven’t figured out how to “understand.” I’ve climbed higher and I’m so thrilled that there will be the abundance. Shouldn’t individuals claim their abundance? Yes indeed. I’m aware of what my path is suppose to be and there are some thinking that they can disconnect my pathway.” (Tanikka Paulk). How many times will they try to prevent what has already been declared? They’re still trying.

It’s important that the proceeding continues. The said objectives haven”t been met as of yet. Yes it appears as though the processes are time consuming but will be worth the pain and tears. There is no way of getting around the adversity but one thing is for sure there “will be the abundance” yes there will be. I’m keeping the faith. I’m a believer and I’m aware of what God can do. He’s continued to try and protect me=Tanikka Paulk. The journey is for you=Tanikka Paulk. It’s my journey. There seems to be way to be many wanting to overpower my journey.

I’m an advocate and I’m fighting to keep what belongs to “Tanikka Paulk.” Wow! They’re so determined to try and rid of what I’ve worked for. “Papers said so, the Good Books says so, The “confirmation” agreed.” By: Tanikka Paulk. I’ve made my decisions with my own mind. I’m continuing to discover and have explored my options. What are the rest so focused on? Should they be focused on my journey or should they focus on their own gifts? Yes they should focus on their gifts and try to create a better world. There should be more togetherness.

Soon enough there will be the breakthroughs in which I’ve been waiting for. I’m satisfied with my progress and although there were setbacks there seems to be some acceleration now. How wonderful! I’ve been pushed and certainly didn’t think they pushed too far. Perhaps some have gone too far but what are the consequences? There should be further developments. Standing in the way won’t help it’s better to allow the journey to proceed and that’s what God is allowing. I’m certainly grateful.

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Strategies are Extremely Important When Trying to Advance

Craft Confidence is Extremely Helpful

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The Many Attempts to Produce Takeovers

Why is it that so many believe that their in positions to takeover in areas in which there is demonstration that their efforts are powerless. Some seem to think that they’re in positions to takeover God’s authority. “How many are apart trying to takeover the missions and movements?” A lot. Are the persons effective? No! If there are expectations to achieve a more stabilized economical system then the persons trying to prevent such events from occurring should be removed. Which means that sending the individuals to state or federal prison is more likely necessary.

There should be decisions to create more positive changes but there seems to be so many highly disconnected. There’s way too many injustices occurring and there needs to be some intervention. The ones being apart of disconnecting the unification which is necessary in order to create further stability within communities, neighborhoods, and society shouldn’t be apart of the mission or path. Whatever it is that the “leadership” seeks should be allowed. Most leaders will want to create positive changes however there are some refusing to do so and perhaps some would consider the individuals as dictators.

“It’s the best path in which the necessary changes shall occur in order to witness a more connected groups of communities.” By: Tanikka Paulk. There will always be the competition and some continue to demonstrate their over competitive ways. There should be continuous actions in order to produce what is needed. The desire to create further growth is so. They’ve tried so many times to create a cease. “Why should the actions in which will add no value continue?” (Tanikka Paulk) The persons shouldn’t be allowed to continue to try and tear down the buildings.

There should be continuous motions. What will occur will certainly be effective and will assist so many. To think that so many would rather tear down instead of rising up! They’ve caused havoc and what are the ones in authority going to do about what has occurred? There seems to be some actions towards stopping the individuals from sabotaging. “The journey will continue despite what is placed before the person in the said leadership position-positions. There are some spitefully and could cause some to become very irritated. The dreams, visions, and ideas will continue to prosper.

Leadership “Tanikka Paulk”

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Competitors Just Can’t Handle It!


It appears as if competition just can’t get a grip on it. They’re unable to try and cause discouragement and the tactics used are some of the most ridiculous tactics ever. Competition can become quite risky when individuals are addicted to competing or are overly competitive. Some will tell all sorts of lies in order to stop their competition from excelling. No matter how many attacks there are Tanikka Paulk will continue as long as God the Father of Jesus Christ permits. A rough journey of course but also a learning process. The very ones who may think that they’re able to bring me=(Tanikka Paulk) down will find that I’m no ordinary. That’s Right! Chosen and that’s why so many work so hard to come up against me=(Tanikka Paulk).

The competitors may continue to take many risks because either they’re insanely disturbed or they’re just not pleased with their own potential. If the journey is meant to be then the person will continue. Despite what has occurred and may continue to occur. I’m not intimidated by all of the hecklers who continue to try to cause distractions. My journey was ordained and it is good. To be frank what they’re doing proves just where I (Tanikka Paulk) stand. My position is what so many want to be. I’m being everyday that I’m here. “What Causes so Many to Become so Disturbed? Greatness, Higher up, Envy.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

Not all will be able to tolerate hearing or seeing individuals get ahead. Some will become so angry and want to cause harm to their competition. The best thing to do is to keep moving. Don’t allow what’s being said to cause a cease. So many have been challenged on their journey but continued on and then there are some who stopped their journey because of all the pressure. They wouldn’t bother with the mediocre. It’s the one who has achieved and continues to achieve in which so many are so interested in. “No Matter how Many Lies are Told. God Knows What is What Anyway.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

It’s unfortunate that so many think that claiming the work will actually create a gain. Their character will be exposed. The true colors will come out. The ones who continue to try and knock me=(Tanikka Paulk) down are low life’s. “Yes, they’re not even worth wasting my time on, they’re behavior is an indication of just where I’m headed.” (Tanikka Paulk). As I’m continued to be watched which is another indication of just how important my journey is. I’ve gotten used to the watchers of course some will declare that they’re observing but really?

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There’s a lot of Dramatics and There’s a Choice not to Engage

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It Really Does Take a Whole lot of Strength to Proceed

When facing many battles at once some may become consumed with stress or feel less confident. The ones who have been in training most of their lives will most likely develop greater strength. The strength is needed to overcome the many obstacles which can be placed in any person’s way. The more one accomplish the more negatives will arise. Meaning there will be some individuals who aren’t pleased with where some are headed. They’ll constantly follow the individuals trying to see just what they’re “up” to. Be strong because there will be some days when the troubles is severe.

“It takes confidence, determination, and drive” in order to try to get to from one point to another. No matter how many storms reign in. There should be movement taking place. Of course it can be unsettling when having to deal with some of the most difficult people day in and day on. There’s a phrase which says, “Haters Will Hate.” For some that’s all they know. They may not know any other way to be. There was a person who said to forget about what people are saying. Individuals may try to discourage any movement. Their disagreeing with the movements aren’t a reason to feel less confident.

No amount of disturbances should make a person won’t to stop growing. No amount of noise should cause a cease in a dream, vision, or ideas. The determination is way too strong for so many to even consider giving up on their dreams or goals. I’m certainly pleased with having the opportunity to grow in someway. So no matter what’s been said or will be said I’m going to look up to the sky and will continue to praise God for the many “blessings” He’s supplied. The negatives aren’t my problem. They’re causing problems for so many. There are some who are getting in their own way.

Haters don’t really hate or maybe not the ones who they’re projecting their hate on. Most of the time the individuals are really dissatisfied with themselves. The strength will continue to come. There will be adversity and most of what we’re going through is a way to gain “more strength.” To become the person we were chosen to become.  Too many have fallen victim to discouragement. Some will continue to listen to the opinionated individuals. The ones who are continuous trying to hinder individuals won’t prosper well at least not the way they should.

Don’t listen to the negative voices and when one is on a journey there could be a lot of people trying to make sure the journey doesn’t occur. Don’t ever allow any of the words to cause discouragement. Growing is what some are trying to do and they’re doing the right things. Moving forward and not wanting to remain in the same “position” is a good thing. Of course having to deal with a lot of individuals not wanting to see progress can be difficult but the movement isn’t impossible. “My Strength is way too strong for so many to handle.”  by: Tanikka Paulk

‘My Work Tanikka Paulk Work.”

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Oh Yeah I’m the Writer, Blogger, Founder and Advocate. Multi-Tasking and a Mother of 5 Sons and I’m Still Blessed. Still Smiling and Praying. By: Tanikka Paulk

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Featured Photo Belongs to Tanikka Paulk “The Soil is Needed in Order to Incur Growth.,” By: Tanikka Paulk

Help to Revamp a Site

Business can be tough at times. When a business is prepared for losses and other troubles that can come along with business. They’ll see a business go down hill or suffers a demise. Just because a business is down for a period of time that doesn’t mean that the business will stay that way. Lets talk about online businesses. Online businesses may incur small amounts of money at a time due to low advertising compensations.

In order to make that online business grow again people have to be willing to be active and share the advertisements, blogs, writers or whatever generates income for the site. It may take some time for the site to earn enough income to pay their writers or bloggers depending on what type of site it is. advertisers are unwilling to pay for advertising space on a site that has little traffic. The traffic needs to increase and in order for the traffic to increase. There needs to be some sharing going on.

If all bloggers and writers on the site agree to post and share on social media sites and others sites then a site may have “hope.” Could one imagine what a site owner must feel when their site isn’t flourishing? That an easy thing to deal with.  No one wants their business or businesses to fail. Sometimes they’ll need help from others in order to get their business where it needs to be again. If advertisers are going to dish out their money. They’ll need to see some”growth.”

Just allowing the business to sit isn’t doing the site any good or the site owner. Those who enjoy blogging may write from time to time but lest be real. Bloggers and writers want to get paid. Anyone putting in work wants to receive compensation. As soon as bloggers decide to help with revamping a site then the process can get on its way.

“It’s Time”

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The Adversity and the “Process”

Life will be filled with ups and downs. Some we may expect and others are unexpected. Nothing comes easy. Childbirth, moving to another location, or getting through school. Life is filled with all sorts of difficulties. We have to learn how to get through them the best way that we can. When we come across trial after trial it will teach us how to endure. Learning how to adapt is important and if we don’t learn how to adapt then we will have tremendous difficulties with any part of the “process.” Trying to accomplish something great requires a lot from us.

Yes we will feel fatigued but we can get through a process a lot smoother if we search for the most effective ways to do so. Not everyone will want to learn how to get through difficulties in life. Some may fall prey to adversity. Adversity can swallow one whole if they’re not equipped to get through it. Having adversity hit “us” at the most unexpected of times can throw us off guard but we can quickly get back on track. Don’t allow adversity and challenges to prevent you from going through a necessary process.

In order for us to move to higher levels in life. We must “grow’ and if we’re unable to grow then we will stay in the same place filled with misery. Time allows us to grow and time will teach us a lot of things. We can’t complete a process if we haven’t learned one thing. If we refuse to learn then we’ve admitted that “we” refuse to grow.  Growth is apart of a process and some may be unwilling to grow so they will refuse to go through a process. Sometimes we’re selected for a long process and we must generate the strength that will be needed for a long process.

There will be times when we feel as if we want to stay in bed for days. If we’ve experienced an intense time during the process then we will feel fatigued. Fatigue will occur but that doesn’t mean that we can’t make it through the process. Yes, we’ll need to take breaks, breaks are necessary but we shouldn’t give up. Some people choose to give up because they remove the “faith.” If the faith is removed then one will stop and that will leave them filled with regret. So be thankful for the process. It will get you where you need to be.

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Be Confident in Life

There’s nothing wrong with having confidence. We should feel good about what we’re doing and trying to achieve. We shouldn’t feel as if we’re unable to do whatever it is trying to get done. Sometimes people lose confidence because they’re constantly listening to others. Not everyone will give us good advice. Not being sure of ourselves is natural and we may feel that way sometimes but we shouldn’t allow those thoughts to hold us back.

Being confidence isn’t the same as being arrogant. Being confident is believing in yourself and knowing that whatever you’re trying to achieve will happen. We can do some amazing things but if we have to believe that we can do them. Our inner voice can sometimes generate doubts. That’s why it’s important that we listen to positive communications. Listening to and watching motivational videos help. Not everyone will have confidence at first but they can “develop” it.

If we surround ourselves around those who will build us up then we will become more successful in our endeavors. Those who uplift us will help us generate the confidence that we need to elevate in life. We don’t have to settle for the mediocre. It helps to build friendships that will helps us “grow.” If we feel about ourselves when we’re in contact with family members, friends, or even coworkers then we should disconnect from those relationships. Of course we may not be able to do so with coworkers but we should spend the least amount of time that we possibly can.

Believing in ourselves, our goals, and our dreams is very important. We shouldn’t deny ourselves of those things that will help us become better people. Sometimes we come in contact with those who have absolutely no confidence in us and their way of thinking can rub off on us. We shouldn’t allow those thoughts to become our thoughts. We will regress if we start thinking that we’re not capable of doing great things. There’s so much that we can achieve if we just believe that we can get it done. “Believe in Yourself at all Times.”

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