Did you Have fun?

Oh sometimes people enjoy having fun with us. It could be amusing to them but what if the tables turned? How would they feel? I suppose if something like that happened then they would wonder why? It could possibly happen. They may get some laughs off of people trying to fight the paparazzi off. Could you imagine trying to escape from some insane people, those people trying to bully you, I’m sure one can’t imagine that?

It sounds crazy? But is it really? You never know what can happen. It seems as if people are entertained by the craziest things. That’s why we must keep our eyes open. The one’s who we think are suppose to be for us. They could very well be the one’s trying to spook us. Well, either way, we all reap what we sow. Sometimes the pranks and jokes turn out to not be so amusing to the ones being pranked or the one’s being the “butt of the joke.” Ha, ha, ha! Well, some people probably got a laugh, and others probably just enjoyed being on the sidelines.

People often forget when they say, ” You Reap What you sow.” It all seems as if it’s a vicious cycle. You did this to me and now I’m going to get you back. One never knows what a person goes through unless they’re there 24/7. Anyway. The pranksters will eventually figure out that they can’t prank people and get away with it. Small pranks are probably harmless but what if the pranks went beyond? I suppose people are just trying to have some “fun.”