Love Will Conquer all and Prayer Will Change Things

Love is so powerful and when people remove love and replace it with greed. There will be nothing but trouble.Anyone who claims to be in the Ministry or a child of God and refuses to teach or demonstrate love is a false prophet. God is love and He doesn’t honor hate. Greed is similar to hate because people won’t care who they throw down when greed presents itself. Greed is one of the deadly sins. Sin is sin. If a hateful person comes in contact with a person filled with love. They will try to run and hide and sit and wait in darkness.

God won’t allow the destruction to continue. He may allow us to go through trials but there’s nothing that we go through that is too great for us to bare. We can fight battles with prayer. Taking all our troubles to God and Jesus. People may come up against us but they will not win because God is always in control He never forsakes us. Don’t be amazed who will come up against you. It could be a mother, sister, or brother. If there’s bitterness then it will try to devour anyone who comes in contact with it. Prayer is our defense. Putting on the Armor of God is very important and without we can not win.

Running into a Church building can not save us. God looks at our hearts and if our hearts are filled with envy and destruction then no amount of Church will do us any good. Prayer and asking for forgiveness will put us exactly where we need to be. Evil exist but love conquers evil. Hate exist but love is more powerful. We must pray for protection. Pray for our children  and families. The enemy will try to attack us and he will send a army to come up against but with God’s words he shall be defeated.

Attacks will come but the will of God will prevail. When under attack we must pray and allow God’s words to flow within. Pray for peace and the removal for anything that is ungodly. We will continue to make mistakes because the flesh is flawed but as long as there’s breathe in our bodies we can ask for forgiveness and believe it in our hearts. Love one another if not then we will suffer again and again. Love conquers all.

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Even if you Love Them From a far

W should love one another and sometimes it’s not so easy, especially when some people make attempts to weigh you down, but we should love anyway. Even if we become upset with others that doesn’t mean that we’ve removed the love. Sometimes it’s best that we lovd people from afar because it gives us protection. Protection of the mind. We don’t have to be in the same room with someone that doesn’t understand how to stop trying to create uneasiness in other people’s lives.

We should be trying to help others grow but unfortunately not everyone thinks that way. When we find that some people are unwilling to remove their insecurities and they’re focused on trying to compete then we may have to keep our distance. Not everyone wants or can be helped. Some refuse to accept that they have issues. Even if they’re unwilling to accept it. We should still love them but we don’t have to accept their behavior.

There’s no need to carry around hate. Hate will get us no where. We have some races hating their own race and some hating others. We’re all created equal and we should “love.” Where’s the love? We can disagree but we don’t have to knock one another down. Loving self is the first step to loving. A lot of people don’t love themselves and they’re incapable of loving others.

We have to do better and we must respect others right to be who they are. If we don’t agree with what they’re doing then we have s right to tell tgem but we should avoid bullying to get them to be what we want them to be. That’s not love. Anyone wothout love doesn’t know God. God is love. He loves us enough to forgive us and yet human beings can be so unforgiving. Love generates peace. Hate creates division. Love should be here.

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Still Here to Tell the Story

As long as we can see, talk, and write. We’re in a position to tell our story which is called “testimony.” God is pleased when we share our testimony or testimones because some of us have so many to share. Our testimones expresses how God works. It demonstrates that we’ve been through something and God brought us through it.

Some people are ashamed of testifying because they may think that it will generate shame. Fear of testifying is lack of “faith.” I’m sure at some point our faith demunished but regained it back. Even spiritual leaders sometimes lessen their faith for whatever reason. Once they meditate on the Lord their faith becomes strong again.

Faith xomes from hearing. Hearing the word of God. Reading the word. Praising and giving the Living God our time. Some may express how they don’t believe that God exist so they may not consider telling their story as a testimony. They may consider it when they’re close to death or they’ve gotten themselves in a tight jam.

How can one explain a miracle? Giving is a miracle. A painful one but a miracle none the less. Giving birth is a testimony. We testify often and some may not consider that. If you’ve been through many, many, storms then you have a lot of testimones to share with others. Some may consider themselves private. Testimonies aren’t meant to be private. God wants us to tell His people about Him and His son Jesus.

When we hold back on our testimonies. We aren’t sharing how good God is. In fact God is amazing, extraordinary, and awesome. He gave us life and Jesus gave us rebirth. Born again that is. Some may perceive testimonies as sympathy stories. Well, if the testimony touched others, then it was effective and if it only touched the testified then it still is a testimony.

Some people are judged and ridiculed because of their shared testimonies. That could prevent others from sharing their testimonies. There should be no shame with testifying. It doesn’t matter who heckles at our testimones. They will have to deal with God about that. People will judge anyway. God knows this but thank God for He is a forgiving God. Don’t be ashamed of your testiminies. You never know how many people could be helped through them.

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Wives you Deserve the Queen Treatment

If men want to know why women become so cranky I’ll tell you. This is for husbands and soon to be husbands. Wives hold a very important role. They’re responsible for a whole lot of things and a lot of times the responsibility is shifted on to them and that generates pressure. Sometimes it’s hard for husbands to understand exactly what their wives go through. They may feel is they’re working outside of the home then the wife doesn’t deserve appreciation.

Looking after the children, working in the home, and attending to their husband’s needs. Women become fatigued and need attention. There’s more to their existence besides waiting on their husband’s every need. Wives enjoy it when their husbands ask them, “How was your day,?” or when they tell them to enjoy your day! Little things can do wonders. If a husband only calls his wife to ask her what’s for dinner then she may feel unappreciated because his thoughts are on his needs.

Any man who thinks only of himself is a difficult man. If rarely considers his wife’s needs then he’s a selfish man. Wives are to honor their husbands but husbands are to do the same. If a wife continuously feels unappreciated in the marriage then she will become distant from her husband and she will become moody. Husbands must consider their wives situations. They must try to understand what she has to deal with.

Ephesians 5:21 says, “Submitting to one another out of reference for Christ. This means that it should go both ways and not not way. The husband should tend to his wife’s needs. He should cater to her as she caters to him. When the husband demands that his wife caters to his every need and is unwilling to consider her needs then he is doing himself a great disservice. He’s not honoring God’s words and that could create consequences for the husband.

If he ever wonders why his wife is upset then he should consider the things that he does for her. Wives have to take care of themselves. They have to invest in themselves, and see after themselves. If they put all their time and into their husbands and the husband does not then they may find that their wives will be slow to move. Not attending to your wife’s needs is a bad move for husbands.

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The World we Live in

Now is the time when we may not be surprised what occurs. There’s more evil than love. Praying can keep one sane. If it causes your head to spin then distance yourself from it. We may not know who is who but when we find out. We better go into continuous prayer. Even when hell breaks loose. God is there. He sees and He knows.

When people attack us. We’re in battle and we should keep our armor on. Attacks arise when victory is near. As long as God loves us that’s the most important thing. We can be mocked, taunted, and have stones thrown at us but God protects us. Satan doesn’t bother with those who works for him. He focuses on those who are doing the will of God or making attempts to.

Praying for those who have chosen to be our enemies is what we should do. Not always easy but God said we should and He knows. We could either lay down and surrender or keep praying and moving forward. There’s always someone wanting you to give up.

When attacks come. The main target is your mind. The body comes after. A lot of the ailments we suffer from are Satan’s works. We can rebuke them. When people are trying to attack your mind. The best defense is prayer. Prayer along with “The Armor of God.” Don’t take the armor off. That’s when things spin out of control.

Being attacked isn’t easy but the strong ones are the ones who face the most attacls. The more you pray and read God’s words. The more attacks will come. Satan becomes fearful. He wants to defeat God but he can not. He roams the earth trying to devour God’s people. He isn’t that strong so he has to use people to do his dirty work. When he sends attacks. He seeks families. He will use those closest to you.

Praying for protection is what anyone who is under attack should be doing. He hates when we pray and talk to God and Jesus. Jesus told Satan to get behind him. He refused to listen to what Satan had to say. He had nothing to prove to him and why should he? If you’re facing attacks then you should read and consume the word of God. If there’s no prayer then no protection will follow.

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Mothers Love but Don’t Control or Manipulate

Unfortunately a lot of mothers become so attached to their children’s lives, they feel the need to control, and cripple them. This prevents men from taking charge of their marriages and their lives. They have difficulties letting go of the apron strings. Men should have close bonds with their mothers but they shouldn’t allow their mothers to control their lives.

Matthew 19:5 states, “and said, ‘For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh.”

When husbands put their mothers in front of their wives they devalue their wives. It leaves the wife feeling unappreciated and as if she can not compete with the mother. No wife should have to compete with a mother. It will cause a rift in the marriage and things could spiral out of control. Some men may feel as if their mothers should be catering to their every need and that could be one of the reasons mothers feel as if they’re allowed to control their children’s lives. It’s not just husbands who have to deal with this. Daughters as well.

It’s not easy for children to stand up to their mother or father but one can do it in a respectful way. It’s crippling when a man and woman depend on their mother for everything. That can create a detachment in the marriage. The union could feel turbulence. The couple may have to seek therapy if they want the marriage to survive. Mothers shouldn’t be isolated but they shouldn’t make their children feel guilty for loving their spouse. .

There’s a lot of pressure on a son that feels the need to please their mother. He has to deal with the mother, wife, and children. It’s not fair all on ends but their has to be a balance. Men who still have the apron strings won’t know how to release the attachments. They may feel that their lose all the rewards if they stand firm. No mother should make their child feel guilty for uniting with their spouse and especially those who call themselves “Women of God.” Allow the union to come together and if it’s not meant to be then it won’t last. “Love” your sons and daughter but don’t invade in their marriage.

I Will Continue to Pray

Pray for your enemies. They are unaware of what they’re doing. That means that they don’t know the punishments of God. God is forgiving. Man may not forgive but God will. He’s also loving and because He loves us so. He will punish when there’s wrong doing. When we ask God for forgiveness and truly mean it. He grants it and so does Jesus. He washed our sins away.

Man doesn’t seem to understand that. When I say, “man.” I mean “mankind.” They will take upon themselves to project what many call “karma.” It can be a dangerous game because those who try to intentionally cause harm to a person or persons will face the wrath. That is the wrath of God. His punishment isn’t like the punishment mankind projects.

So when people do us wrong and want to set us straight. They will face consequences. When we do wrong and we all have. We will suffer consequences but once we’re forgiven for our actions. It is over but not where man is concerned. For all those who attacked me and others. God isn’t pleased. He sees everything and He will not allow persecution against His people.

For some it may seem like a game and others may think that it was karma. God told us that vengeance belongs to Him and He means it. I pray for those who try to harm others. So many do so for personal gain. Some may wish for people to be broken but what they don’t understand is, that wrath will set things straight, it willl teach lessons that no man can teach.

When we try to find what we so call, “dirt” on people. Someone will find it on you. Isn’t it amazing how people can point fingers at others but never point fingers at themselves and that goes for “Christians” as well. There’s those almost everyday Church going folks trying to call people out more than anything. Just because one holds a seat in church doesn’t mean they will go to heaven.

Jesus can wash sin away in sand but man will try to chop your spirit until you break. If you have strong “faith” you won’t break. As the wrath comes, we should stay out of the way, and meditate because it will come. I’ve had people come to me face to face and apologize for their actions. When they went through, they had to think, and they learned. We all have flaws. Yes we’re perfect but our actions aren’t always that way.

I will pray for persecutors and for everyone. No matter what comes up against me. I can and I will get back up. Those who seek to cause harm doesn’t know what God can do. We may hurt people but to maliciously attack people is something those attackers have to live with and the punishment will be greater for those who are called by God. Have a blessed day and don’t forget to pray.

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