Be an Overcomer

Life can send us some hard realities. Sometimes challenges can occur back to back and we may wonder when those challenges will end. God won’t put anything on us that we’re not able to withstand. If our minds aren’t focused on overcoming then we may have difficulties withstanding challenges that come into our lives. We can not live in this world and not go through something. Of course we can learn how to deal with situations better as time goes on.

We may go through certain things so that we can build strength. We’re all equipped with armor but it’s up to us whether we want to use it or not. There’s so many people who’ve gone through some of the most traumatic events but they’re still here to tell their story. Those stories are called “testimonies.” We all have the gift to testify and some may choose not to but there’s no punishments for it. Of God wants us to testify so that people will know just how good He is.

We will fell pain and our hearts will be broken but if we allow our hearts to heal then they will. We may find ourselves battling again and again. Those battles are placed so that we’re grow and win. We don’t have to face anything alone. We’re always provided some back up. Yes, life can be difficult, but we will go through periods where things will come together. We’re meant to conquer but in order to conquer we must love.

Each day that we’ve been given an opportunity to see the light. We should be so “grateful.” There’s another day to make a difference, to overcome whatever yesterday generated for us, and to give thanks. We’re blessed when we have the ability to open our eyes and use our ears to listen to God’s creations. What we’ve been through a year ago will be a memory that we can choose to hold on to or choose to let go. We’re all in positions to overcome whatever it is that entered our lives.

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Take it to the Father and the Son

Life will supply us with ups, down, and complexities. We may not be able to solve everything on our own so that’s why we have a comforter who we can entrust all of our concerns to. God and Jesus will listen to every problem we have. They know just want we need. We will never have to worry about it being shared with others we can go to them in confidence. Taking some time out to meditate with the Father and Son is important because it allows us to get whatever it is we’re dealing with off of our chests. Everyone goes through something some have bigger issues than others but we will face some adversity.

We may need to go to a quiet place and just spill out our hearts so that we’re in a position to seek another day in “peace.” Peace is needed. Some rarely find it because they’re so consumed with the world. The world can’t offer us peace but God and Jesus can. We don’t need to be put altogether when we go and talk with them. They know every problem and know when we’re troubled.

Some may not believe in the “Power of Prayer” but it works. It has gotten me and others through tough times. It relieves us of anything that we’re dealing with. Comforting words are so important and we can receive them through meditation. We all know how tough it can be sometimes. There’s so much to deal with and a lot of times we try to deal with it on our own. It’s alright to want to handle things but we need some help and there’s nothing wrong with going to our Creator and His son for some guidance.

There’s comforting scriptures in Psalms. Reading God’s words and asking Him to help us is a joy. We should want to obtain some peace and we should want to cover ourselves and our families. We don’t have to endure pain alone, we don’t have to go through any complexities alone, we have help close by. God and Jesus will be there always. They never forsake us. There love for us is unconditional. If you’re going through anything. You may want to try them. We can rest assured that they will work it out for us.

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Just Hold on God Will Reveal it

When people come up against you and try to discredit you. Don’t despair because God knows and He will make sure you’re bot swollowed up and Jesus will lead us to God. There’s no way that we can get to God without going through Jesus. The flesh will attack your character, try to bring you down, try to convince you that you have no worth. God doesn’t make mistakes and He would never create a worthless being. We all have worth in good and bad and in every season.

No one has the right to tell us that we can’t do something. If God said it then He meant it. God and Jesus never forsakes us. Never ever so the ugly words that come from our mouths can be rebuked in the name of Jesus. No man or woman can pull us my the hand and drag us to hell. We have every right to live in a peaceful dwelling. Never allow anyone to take your God given talent and bring you down.

We should feel confident within and give when we can. Help ourselves but help others as well. If we allow on minds to focus on everything thing bad someone has to say about us then we will become ill. That can be avoided if we replace the bad with good. Flesh can say anything but God and Jesus can transform us into heavenly beings. We may not always behave right, speak right, but we can do right.

Be confident and believe that you can overcome what people say you are and who they say you are. It’s what God says that truly matters. We should be happy with ourselves and others who try to help others in anyway that they can, we should be “cheerful givers.” Stop allowing people to dictate what we should be doing and not doing. If you took it to God and Jesus tgen there’s nothing to worry about. Be blessed.

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Live it With a Smile

If no one stands by you or supports your “movement” or journey don’t despiar. Most people who pursue something worth pursuing in their lives will receive resistance in some way. Smile when people try to make it difficult because that means that you’re doing something that shales them. Some people may get irritated with your journey. They may wonder why you’re even bothering with a “vision.” Well, good, somehow their attention is drawn.

Smile through and through. Somewhere somehow the inspiration will flow and those who are envious will be that way but keep moving. Anytime a person decides to “advance” somehow they will receive some flack but the person who tries to move should be self supportive. Be happy that you’ve been chosen for the assignment. If people are honking then you’re on the right track.

If it wasn’t it then people wouldn’t view every move you try to make. They may try to discourage the process but praise God that you’re able to accomplish even the smallest of things. Not everyone hates but some may get irritated with something they either can’t do or refused to do. A smile can change a day.

Those who try to stop someone’s growth is insecure about change. They may not feel secure that one is trying to better themselves and help others do the same. They will try to get you off point because of fear. Competitiveness can interfere somehow and people become troubled because of it. When it’s time to “shine” then do so. When it’s time to work then do so.

Give into your passion. It’s ashame that some people whether see people standing still in order to boost their ego instead of wanting growth. It doesn’t matter what people say keep with the journey because God has a plan. Only those who are intimadated will be concerned with those trying to pursue their dreams. The cheerleaders will cheer, the hecklers will throw stones, and the critics will criticize. Smile through and through. If people are trying to stop what God has given you then that says a whole lot about where they are.

Be glad when you have an assignment. Be passionate about what you’re purposed to do. Leaders lead and encourage others to do the same while haters hate. One has to love themselves in order to not hate on others. If they try to stop what can make a positive change then they must not have too much going on in their lives. Kerp going and smile ear to ear. The promises from God won’t fail. Blessings to all.

“Smile you can and will Produce Growth”

Remember successful don’t care who tries to grow and help others do the same. It’s the insecure who have a problem. They will work hard to stop anyone’s dreams because they eother chose not to live theirs or they were afraid to do so. Live it, breath it, and smile about it.

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Prayers and Meditation is Needed

The world is forever changing and we will have to face some of the heartless. In those times when trouble comes up against us we will need extra shielding and “prayer.” We weren’t promised that we wouldn’t go through troubles and face adversity but we’re promised that we would be supplied with the armor of protection. God gives us the choice to choose whether we will want with Him or we will leave Him out of our lives. If we want to receive any peace then we need to keep God and Jesus near.

Evil exist and some may perceive that their wrongs aren’t actually wrongs so they may come up against those near and far. If one has removed God from their lives then they won’t see how to be right with anyone. Prayer is our solitude, it helps us when times are good and bad, it keeps us close to God. Praying in silence with no distractions is the best way to hear what God says. Asking Jesus to help us get through our days will help with carrying loads.

When people try to come up against us we must realize that we’re not fighting with the flesh but we’re fighting against principalities. It may not be so easy for those who aren’t spiritual to understand but James 1:19-20 says,”My dear brothers and sisters take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen slow to speak, and slow to anger, 20 because human anger does not produce the righteousness that God desires.

Through anger comes destruction if not controlled. We will get upset and angry but we shouldn’t allow our anger to cause harm or to create war we’re in times where we must pray harder and longer. We must remain strong with the word because evil exist and although we won’t be filled with all good. We can overcome the attacks that are orchestrated by Satan. We all have the capabilities to allow Satan to use us and he does so when we’re most vulnerable. We should remain quiet and listen to what God tells us. We can place the “Armor of God” on when we’re under attack.

Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual Warfare is real. The way that we get through it is by being close to God and Jesus and using the weapons that we’re provided. We must pray continuously and ask to cast out anything that doesn’t create peace and will create malice and destruction. When we come up against others we are being sinful. God says that avenge but that vengeance belongs to Him. If we need to feel is wrath then it will provided by the Living God and not by any man, woman, or child.

When attacks are headed our way. We should think about what Jesus went through. Satan wanted to temp Jesus but because Jesus had strong faith and he is the Son of God. Satan was unsuccessful with his tactics. He works harder on us because of our sinful nature but although we may sin. God forgives us when we ask and have it within our hearts. Thank God. We should also consider what Job went through. Job was full of “faith” and he went through trial after trial but he remained faithful and received more than he had before.

We’re tested and we go through processing periods. We will face adversity and that’s apart of life. It helps us to be strong but not every attack is made for that. Some attacks are formed through envy and are formed because someone or others may not want to see us prosper. We should pray for them and pray for everyone. There’s nothing that God will allow that’s too great for us to bare. God can do all things and with Christ we can do all things. God can step in at anytime and He isn’t pleased when we take things in our own hands when dealing with His people. We should pray and allow God to deal with it accordingly.

Sometimes are hurt draws in destruction. Bitterness is a gateway and we cause people to come up against us or we’ll come up against them. That’s why it’s necessary that we pray and pray deeply. Our prayers aren’t unanswered but of course not all prayers are answered in our timing but in God’s time. We must continue to have faith that God will work things out and continue to love one another so that we don’t try to condemn ourselves.

“Let the Peace Flow in Through Love and Understanding”

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Giving Praise in all Conditions

It doesn’t matter what we go through we shouldn’t stop believing in ourselves and we shouldn’t stop giving thanks. We’re being cared for even when the lights go out. We should have a victorious attitude. Smile when trouble arises, without trials we wouldn’t grow, growth is something we should want and for those who don’t they may not be able seeing others trying to do it. Give praise anyway. Give thanks for each day that you’re able to see the light. There’s always something to be thankful for.

We have to go through something and sometimes we have to learn how to get through it. The best way to get through any situation is to give God time and to pray, pray, and pray some more. Remember that God is love and He won’t forsake anyone but we must ask for His help. We’re able to conquer but we must believe that we. Praise Him when the days seem long. Praise Him in the morning and at night.

We live in a trouble world and there’s people who are going through worst than we’re going through. Thankfulness should be apart of our lives. If we’re able to see, hear, and speak then why shouldn’t we be “thankful” for it. Having faith is very important and it will help us get to where we need to be. Allow blessing to enter your life by praising and giving. Don’t allow others to dictate your days and to stop you from praising.

Psalms 2: Let us come before Him with thanksgiving and extol Him with music and song.

If we have a little. We’re still blessed. There’s people without clean water to drink and we’re able to walk to our kitchen and get a cold glass or water then we should be thankful. God is able. He will get us through those trials. Believing that He’s worthy to be praised is so important. All we have to do is go back to a difficult time in our lives and look at where we are today. Who brought us through it? We didn’t do it ourselves.

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Discernment and Facing Attacks

Without the power of pray. We will handle things poorly. When we’re being attacked by the enemy we may try to handle the attacks ourselves. That’s the wrong approach. We must put on the “Full Armor of God.” We’re not fighting against the flesh and blood but against principalities. When we take off our Armor we will be attacked greater. The best weapon to use against evil is prayer.

Any one using the past against others is not being Godly. We’ve all done it and some of us are still doing it. We must pray for healing. Satan will use those closest to us to project attacks. We may try to rationalize the attacks through arguments but that will only make Satan happy. When we remove our pray walk. We remove the protection and those days when we’re being attacked with great force we’ve removed our Armor.

Each time that we pray to rebuke Satan. We should say, “In the Name of Jesus.” We have the power to rebuke him in Jesus’s name. Satan attacks us when we’re vulnerable and he attacks us at bedtime and in our sleep. He attacks the mind. When people claim mental illness. They’ve taken on a lable that isn’t of God. God does not attack the mind and body. Satan does.

When we pray. We should pray for our minds because the mind is what the devil will attack first. When the flesh is trying to operate on your mind. They are being used by the devil. Pray that the weapon formed shall not prosper. Satan uses those who are in our lives because he knows they have the greatest influence.

He will attack anything that is good and anything that will help us. Praying for discernment will help us determine who is with us and whose against us. Sometimes those who portray to be with us are actually against us and those who may seem to be against us may be with us. We won’t know that without discernment.

With the Full Armor we will become frustrated and be without understanding. We will have to go through extensive prayer. We face battles that could leave us in a state of depression if we’re not prayed up. The devil enjoys using husband’s against wives and vice versa. He wants to create division. He isolates. When someone in your life wants to isolate you from others. They’re being used by the devil.

When we feel depressed, feel anger, and bitterness we’re being attacked. When there’s envy. The devil works over time. He doesn’t want us to prosper. He takes away from us. He makes us believe that we’re unworthy and that we’re losing our minds. He will tell us that we have mental illness and certain situations are taking a toll on us. He uses foul language and if we’re not careful that foul language will become our language.

We have to ask God for protection in the name of Jesus so that we’re able to overcome those things that are keeping us from being prosperous. God wants us to prosper but Satan does not. He will try to make sure that we suffer financial attacks. Suffer from sickness and that we become weak. He uses anyone while in their vulnerable stages. He’s a great pretender. He will make things look as if he’s doing good but he’s actually hiding his deceit. He attacks us at all hours. He uses people to sholve us in a corner so that we’re attacked.

No matter how upset we become. We can not fight against evil that way. Our weapons are prayer, worship, and fasting. God wants us to get closer to Him and sometimes those attacks are the answer but that doesn’t mean that every attack was formed to get us closer to God. Being attacked means that the devil realizes that God has something in store for us and he wants to stop it.

He wants to stop our “purpose.” He wants to steal our joy and take our peace. He can’t stand when we work for God. He’s God’s adversary. He will try to work extra hard on God’s people. He wants us broken, angry, and filled with despair. He wants us to feel hopeless and feel as if we have nowhere to turn. If he can keep us away from our assignment then he is pleased.

We have to stop allowing the devil to use us. We can’t fight evil with evil. When people have done or doing harmful things to us, things that upset us, it’s best that we pray about it. The devil uses our anger to create division and tormoil. We have to remove those things that keep us from having a relationship with God and Jesus.

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Have you Ever sat and Watched the Moon

The moon is a blessing to us.God has provided to shine down on us when the darkness appears. Watching the moon and gathering thoughts feels so good. The moon looks peaceful and it takes my mind far away. Sometimes we have to place on thoughts away from the world. We should want to be in a peaceful place and enjoy the glorious things that God has provided for us.

The moon’s brightness can help one come up with some great topics or whatever needs to be completed. I’ve found myself finishing poetry and songs while the moon made it’s presence known. I enjoy looking up at the moon, especially when the moon is full, or it shines brighter than previous nights. I wonder how many people think about how blessed we are to have the moon to look at?

We’re blessed with so many things and sometimes we won’t appreciate all the things that’s offered to us. Thank you Lord for allowing us to be able to see another light shinning on the world. The moon is vibrant and offers us a lot of hope. I’ve read about the beauty of the moon in story books but it’s a blessing to see it up close.

Not everyone is able to see the moon and enjoy it’s beauty. There’s so much that we should be appreciative towards. We never know when that moon will leave us so anytime we can enjoy what it has to offer. We should go right ahead and do so. Some have written great literature under the moon. It certainly gives us plenty of light.

I’m so intrigued with the moon. Every night won’t offer us that brightness but tonight the moon seemed to be smiling. It’s as if it wanted to say something. I love the setting and how picture perfect the moon appeared this evening. It certainly brought a smile to my face. Enjoy the day as well as the nights.

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Meditate on the Things That Build you up

There’s some people who will look out for others and neglect themselves. It’s a difficult thing when you have to deal with someone who drains all of your energy. There has to come a time when one realizes that they are unable to help everyone. It’s is wise to invest in ourselves. Find the peace that we need.

If you want to find peace then you have to remove the toxins. Toxic things in our lives could create a deterioration in our health. I would love to be free of all the things that I view as toxic. It’s important that we keep our sanity. Some people aren’t in a position to offer us what we need. We have to do what’s best for us.

Meditating on the positive things helps but if we’re continuously exposed to dysfunctional behavior that could be hard to do. We have to limit our time with people who take away our peace. Find activities that will make us happy. Spend time with people who have our best interest at heart.

The best way to be happier is to stay away from things that tear you down. A lot of environments are unhealthy. One of them could be social media. If so then spent less time there or none at all. Anything that doesn’t generate calmness isn’t something one should be exposed to.

It’s best to find peaceful places. Reading books that you enjoy will help create a calm environment but anything that doesn’t produce positive thoughts isn’t something we need to be apart of. Stressful environments good affect not only our health but other parts of our lives. Listening to soothing music can help us relax and find the peace that we need.

If an environment generates discomfort. It’s an environment that shouldn’t be on your to do list. Find things that offer soothing. Watching the clouds. Watching a good movie perhaps. Comedies are great. They offer laughter.

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The Open Letter

I thank God for those storms, trials, and challenges. They help build me up. Each day that offers us breath, we can get better, we should want to. Well, God knows what’s in store, He continues to prepare me for battle. It doesn’t matter who attacks me and what hour. God is worthy to be praised. Attacks can either make or break a person but through “faith” all those attacks will cease. I declare “peace” for anyone going through war.

Cyber bullying, deformation of character, harassment comes from the enemy. Anyone who faces attacks should put on the “full armor of God.” ¬†You will need it. Trust God. No weapon that is formed against me or my family shall prosper. Satan is stupid. He attacks God’s people thinking that he can defeat God and Jesus. Jesus told Satan to get behind Him. Enemies I say, “you are behind me. If you weren’t behind me you wouldn’t try to pull me down.” Watch God work miracles in my life.

When you work for Satan. You will receive no pay. I’m not talking about dollars and cents. I talking the rewards from heaven. All that I’be done in my life. I’be asked God to forgive me for. As long as He forgives, that’s what matters, man can choose to forgive or not forgive but without forgiveness there’s no “reward.” I have no room for hate. Hate destroys and Hate belongs to the devil.

What people have tried to do to me, didn’t work, I’m still here, and I’m still praising. I ask my Heavenly Father to protect me from all things that are not of Him. I am strong. I shall not be defeated because Jesus is within me and His Father continues to guide me. Those attacks will cease in the name of Jesus. I’m uniquely designed. Be prepared for God’s punishment when you come up against me and God’s people.

I’m a”Believer of Christ and of God.” I will allow God to work in my favor. Vengeance belongs to Him. My forgiveness has nothing to do with what God promised. He declared that vengeance is His. I will continue my journey and pray for my enemies. I came into this world with “purpose.” My God is an Awesome God. So, there shall be no war without the armor, God protects me. Thank you Jesus. I receive the blessings.

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