Fighting Difficult Battles

Some will go through battles some of the toughest battles and others will have it easier. Life can be unpredictable and we may not understand why we have to go through certain things at first but in time we will realize why we went through so much. Preparing for battle requires that we put on the armor. Sometimes we’ll go through battle after battle. It may seem as if we barely have time to breathe.

We develop strength and we’re molded when we battle. It’s a process and training period. We may not be happy with the process but it will only make us stronger. Sometimes we try to avoid going through certain processes because we don’t want to feel pain. Sometimes we suffer through more pain depending on the situation. Battles will be painful and life is sometimes painful. We may come in contact with enemies who want to see us torn to pieces.

We must remain strong and keep fighting. Sometimes it may seem as if we’re battling alone. We’re never alone. God is with us at every moment. He allows us to go through somethings so that we will develop. If we didn’t experience some of what life has to offer then we wouldn’t grow. It’s not easy having to fight but it will teach us what we need to learn. It will cause us to rise above.

We will have to find a way to defend ourselves against the attacks. The attacks in our home, on our jobs, and a lot of time in the Lord’s House. We will find out that even the one’s closest to us will end up trying to battle against us. That’s when we stay in constant prayer and meditate so that we’re able to get through it. It won’t be easy and there will be times when we become very upset but in time we’ll learn how to deal better.

As long as we’re in training. We’re learning so we shouldn’t expect to have it all together but we should be getting better. We’ll be challenged often and we must understand that. We should be discouraged when enemies and those who we thought were with us come up against us. This happens and we have to find the best ways to deal with it. Are you facing a battle or battles?

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Don’t get Angry get Prayed up

When people don’t want others to succeed. They will put in lots of energy to stop them. How does one deal with a person or people who try to bring them down? The best way to deal with them is to pray. Allow God to deal with the situation. We can’t always fix things on our own. We may try until we realize that we’re unsuccessful.

It’s difficult for anyone to remain silent when they’re being attacked but one must realize that people don’t waste time attacking those worth attacking. The main reason why people try to stop others from succeeding has to do with intimidation. The persons or persons they’re trying to stop makes them feel bad about themselves. They’re envious of their talents and they think they’ll feel better by trying to bring others down.

Prayer is the defensive magnanimous. He is a powerful tool that is used againt the enemy. A loving tenderhearted person won’t spend their lives trying to bring others down. They will gave enough confidence to encourage others to excel. Those who are insecure will find ways to try to knock others down. They’re vulnerable and they may feel that others succeeding makes them look unsuccessful.

If they loved themselves then they would be loving towards others and would be happy that others are excelling. In their minds they feel unworthy and insecure. Their insecurites are noticed through their actions. Happy people would be happy seeing others pursue their dreams. People who try to bring others down are fighting a battle. They don’t love who they are.

Constant prayer is necessary. Although we may think that things are taking long. God works it out on His time. He can handle anything. Even when we feel alone. God is there. All our trials are meant for building. He wants us to become stronger and wants us to love one another. We have to love ourselves before we can love one another and anyone who doesn’t love doesn’t know God.

“Pursue Your Dreams Despite What Others try to do.”

There’s Always Hope

We will go through challenges and we will feel sadness. Even when the storms head our way. There’s a way to overcome. Certain situations will bring us closer to God. We’re not hopeless. We should be “hopeful.”

People will do things we don’t agree with. They will hurt us and want us to suffer. Through our pain there’s healing. A broken heart doesn’t stay that way. It’s not easy when we come in contact with people who hurt us over and over again. We can decide to stay angry or we can heal.

Through trials we become stronger and wiser. We’re suppose to “progress” not regress. We move in steps. Allows us to get closer to that door. God has a plan and purpose for our life. He wants us to be happy. He wants us to be free.

Sometimes we suffer because of our choices and even when we make bad choices. We can correct them. We don’t have to tolerate certain things. We shouldn’t allow people to mistrear us. We have to believe in us and love ourselves.

Life changes. We may see things one way but it turns out another. If we have a bad day, we should still be “thankful,” that bad day could turn into a good year. We have to have faith. Everything won’t come together in our time but in God’s time. God works things out for us but we must allow it.

When we rush things. Things can fall apart. We have to make decisions that are difficult but we’re strong. We can’t allow defeat to be apart of our vocabulary. It’s time that we rise. Rise above the things that cause us to be down. Broken hearts are meant to be healed. In time we bounce back and we’re strong than ever. We can smile through pain. We can laugh through pain. The more we laugh and smile the close we get to true happiness.

Continue to be Filled With Hope.

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Life is Precious

We never know what tomorrow holds. Life is precious. My uncle passed Thanksgiving morning and that took something out of me. We could be hear today and gone tomorrow. It brought back the tears when my father died. I’m alright because I know that my uncle is no longer suffering.

Losing a loved one isn’t easy but it’s God’s will. Death was promised. With everything that goes on, we simply have to find a way to get through our trials, life is short. A lot of people are leaving this world and it’s ashame to spend it in sadness. It’s best to smile even when we’re going through. Laugh and feel the joy. There’s joy in this world even when we hear so much about war.

I will get to see my father’s side of the family tomorrow. My dad’s sister wants me to be there and I will be there if the Lord is willing. We never know if that loved one will leave us. Life can be unpredictable and there’s a whole lot of trouble in this world so we should spend time with our loved ones.

Time passes by, it moves rather quickly, at least it seems that way. Being able to talk to those close to us is a blessing. Sometimes our minds will wonder and we may think about those special memories that were shared with our relatives that passed on.

Losing a father, both grandmothers, and both grandfathers is rough. Losing the person who raised me is extra rough but life goes on. As long as those memories stay in minds. That means a lot. I pray they don’t fade. Our time is limited and we should be thankful for everday we’re able to rise. It’s time to do the things I love. We should love others and we need to love ourselves.

I Love you Uncle Tony. Rest in Peace.

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