No Other Love Like Yours

Love is a beautiful thing, there’s all sorts of love, temporary love. There’s peaceful love. Everlasting love and desperation love but the love from our Father and His son is like no other. That unconditional love can be brought. We should love one another and love ourselves. The deepest love comes from our Creator and without putting that love into our daily lives and in our relationships. There will be no “prosperity.” Not everyone believes in God and Jesus’s love but if we just look around we should figure out that a Higher Power exist.

If we remove love then all will fail. Love conquers and it overrides hate. When love is removed from our lives. We become bitter and we face many, many challenges. It’s best to put God into it. Jesus loved us enough to die for our sins. Is love runs deep. No one can love us like that. Our spouse, relatives, and friends may love us but they can never love us the way that God and Jesus loves us. Listening the words from our Father and His son will make our lives better. Our bad situation can turn into a peaceful situation.

We can generate more peace by loving one another and removing hate. Some are so fueled by hate because they’ve either removed God and Jesus from their lives or they’ve never had them in their lives. Even when we fall their love covers us. They love us in the good and the bad. Some may only love us when we’re doing well. God and Jesus’s love stays whether we’re up or down. The unconditional love can bring us out of darkness.

Even when we’ve suffered a setback. They will hold us up and put us back to where we need to be. Now that’s real love. Their love is fake it never fades. It stays with us and even when we feel all alone. They’re love is still there. They never forsake us and who else will feel that way about us? Having the love from a partner or from our friends is great but God’s love and Jesus’s love is eternal. It carries us from here to there.

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Love has it Covered

We never know the changes that “love”can create. It’s something that everyone needs. Whether it’s love from their children or love from parents but love is necessary. The most important love to most is the love from God and Jesus. Their love is unconditional and it never changes. Romans 12:9 says’ “Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil cling to what is good.” When love is real it can cause people to transform in ways that present a glow. It doesn’t matter near or far.

When love is sincere, it is caring, it is understanding but when it’s false it’s cruel and spiteful. That’s not really love but anyone can say, :I love you,” but if it isn’t real it will revel that’s false. There’s no love like God’s love and when one has God’s love they’re able to love others. We should love one another and the reason why things get so messed up is because hate is demonstrated more than love. If there was more love hanging around then we would fair better.

Love encourages. It doesn’t try to knock others down and love is filled with greed. Anyone who is greedy they may not display a loving character. They may say, “You have money,” that’s not human love but it’s the love of money. When people love things more than people they may feel a longing inside. They may not understand why their lives are so troubled. We will all go through things but when one loves money more than people. They aren’t listening to God because God loves people.He loves His children.

Those who are without love will have no problem putting others down. They may have been taught how to disconnect and aren’t connected on a spiritual level so they may not quite understand love. Love makes people want to give and show concern for others. It’s filled with empathy and it tries to understand. Love isn’t spiteful and it certainly won’t stop people from growing. Without love we would be in a bad state. Of course hate exist but once love enters. Love can remove hate.

Love conquers and it is needed. Anyone not filled with love doesn’t know God’s words. The Promises that God has made to us. Even when we have no human connection. We have God’s love to cling to and Jesus’s love to cling to. It can heal our hearts from whatever has seeped into it. Sometimes people take time to show that they love others but once love is on the scene it never fades. If love can cover a multitude of sins then love is certainly needed.

“Spread Some Love”

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How to Obtain “Inner Peace”

Peace is necessary in order to obtain movement. We’re immobilized when there’s no peace of some sort. We become consumed with frustrations and insecurities when there’s no peace. We can find peace in so many ways. One way one can obtain some peace is to forgive themselves and others. Another way is to read God’s words. Those words are filled with comfort and listening to spiritual music is way to develop calmness. It helps so that we’re not in tuned with the destruction’s of the world. We can not allow anything or anyone to steal our “inner peace.”

We should come to a point in our lives when things don’t upset us easily and we should allow joy in our lives even when things don’t go our way. Whatever God has for us will be good. Sometimes we have to spend less time with those who try to steal our joy. We may have to disconnect from those who want to see us unhappy because they’re miserable. We don’t need it. We can be happier by doing the things that we love and spending time with our Creator. There’s no need for our health to decline because of stress related to people or things that we have no control over.

We cannot control what others do or say but we can choose how we’ll react to it. Once peace is found then we don’t worry about what will be said about us. We should focus on the important things and do what we need to do so that we’re “progressing.” Progress is a wonderful thing. People will try to hinder us from whatever it is we’re trying to accomplish. If it’s something that will move us ahead or help others, people will try their best to hinder it, we should find ways to avoid it.

Inner peace is something that may take awhile to develop. It can be generated through the peaceful words that are in our bibles. There’s peaceful people who will offer us some comforting words. We should hold on to those comforting words because they will make us feel better even when trials arise. The world can be consumed will all sorts of dysfunctions that doesn’t mean that we should bring the world into our homes,. hearts, and minds. Keeping our minds healthy is so important and that can happen by allowing positive thoughts in.

Trying our best to be as positive as possible will help us generate “peace.” God is peaceful and Jesus is peaceful. Thinking about how much they love us is a great way to find peace. Of course we may not be at total peace but any amount of peace is a good thing. We don’t have to destroy our hearts and minds with the words that can seep into our lives. We can quickly think of positive words after we’ve heard some negative ones. If we “Spread Some Love” then that will certainly generate some peace. Love conquers and it covers multitudes of sins. “Peace & Love.”

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Flip it Around

If people are showing you hate then “spread some love.” The world has enough wars, destruction, and loss so why should we deal and why should we take on more hate? Sending out a wave of love. When we’re trying to get better. We will come in contact with people who can’t stand it. What should we do? We should love them. Yes, that’s what we should do, and pray for them.

Anyone who has hate in their heart is without faith. Jesus loves us and God loves us. God is love so all the hate in the world God can overcome. The more we face negativity, the greater the building of our faith, at least that’s how it should be. Hate can create cause people to do some of the most treacherous things.

If we’re exposed to lots of negativity then we should think about some positive things. Everyone has faced haters or people who don’t love themselves. The best way to deal with them is to ignore or get a bucket of love and throw it on them. One of the most ridiculous things is people hating on people they never met or know anything about. Some may preceive that as “ignorant” I don’t know.

Even if we come across someone who’s hating, we should smile, and brush our shoulders off. If anyone users their energy to hate then that means they see something in you that irritates them and “that” isn’t all bad. Anyone trying to do something “creative” will be hated on. Heck, you could put on a nice outfit and shoes, and there goes the hate. If we busy ourselves with “love” then we won’t bother with haters. Love conquers all because God is love. God overcomes the world. No matter how much hate spins in the air. I will love all of you. Stay blessed and Much love.

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Family Events and More

It’s a blessing to be able to have a grand old time with the family. We really enjoyed dinner at the Golden Corral. The food was about a 7 out of 10. The service was excellent and the wait wasn’t long at all. Mom, Dad, and kids enjoyed hanging out with one another. Of course my second oldest was intuned with his phone conversation.

There was plenty to choose from and the atmosphere was a pleasant one. It felt great to have all the kids there and doung family things. They were a didn’t want to take pictures at first but then quickly pepped up. We had to get it right and I’m glad they were patient. I suppose they wanted to make me happy and it brought a “smile” to my face. We spent a good amount of time in the restaurant.

We should try our best to be with our loved ones. We never know what tomorrow holds. We may go through ups and downs but there’s lots of “love” there. It felt good for all of us to get out and see the Christmas decorations in so many areas. There’s not too many homes around here with the Christmas setup. I think it’s because the neighbors are older and it would be difficult for them to put up the decorations.

We just have to keep praying and be hopeful. If yesterday was filled with pain. We must make today better. We will go through the storm but if we believe then a “breakthrough” will occur. Love one another and shed some tears. Crying doesn’t make us weak in fact, some of the strongest people let it all out, crying is a release. Enjoy the upcoming holidays with your family and don’t forget to tell them that you love them. Everybody needs love no matter how they put on. Have a blessed Christmas.

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Spiritual Maturity

In order for us to grow, some things need to be removed from us, we may not feel good when the growing occurs but it’s worth it in the end. A tree starts small and over the years it grows and expands. We’re like a tree. Sometimes it takes longer to sprout and sometimes we lose all our leaves because we refuse to “grow.”

When we’re growing, especially spirituality, we will be faced with harshness. We will have to hear and see things that we may not want to hear or see but it’s necessary. Not everything is meant to hurt us but it’s put before us so that we grow. I won’t say that it won’t hurt. Oh it will but the hurt will pass. Those who are more spiritually mature will help guide us.

Anyone who has to mature, will go through more than others, they will face different adversities. I’m not speaking about marurity from boy to man or girl to woman but maturity in a spiritual sense. We can’t grow with the same thinking as we had in the immature stage. There will be those tough days and we may feel unappreciated or misunderstood. When that happens. We must quickly snap out of it and get back on task.

One we’ve completed our assignment, we’ll be freed from the agony, we’ll be closer to God and Jesus. Even when we face difficulties we’re not alone. Those tough times are there for our spiritual maturity. We can’t give up just because we’re facing heaviness, harhness, punches. Not actual punches but some times we’ll feel as if punches have landed all over our bodies.

Don’t be alarmed when people think that you’re peculiar when you’re maturing. Not everyone will understand your travel, assignment, and calling. God knows just what we need and He will give it to you. All those troublesome times will pass. Not saying that you won’t face difficulties but they will be different and you will learn how to battle. To battle means to fight, fight against evil, fight against anything demonic. There’s no need to worry about who or what will come after you because God never leaves and neither does Jesus. God’s love will conquer all.

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