The Power of Prayer

Prayer can get us through the toughest of times. It can keep us sane. Prayer generates peace. When faced with adversity. We should pray non stop. We should pray when things are going well. There’s so much going on in the world and we’re unable to control what occurs. We can pray for those who are suffering and for healing.

Whatever we go through in life we’re able to heal from it. God won’t put nothing on us that we can not bare. In troubled times prayer is the answer. I would hear my grandmother prayer and worship. It kept her sane. She witnessed a whole lot and dealt with so much. Prayer kept her strong and it does the same for me. Not a day goes by that I don’t pray. Prayer is uplifting, peaceful, and generates joy.

The best prayers are done in silence when there’s no one around. We need quality time with the Lord and get to know Jesus better. He was the one who died for our sins. The world may be chaotic but we can find some peace in it. Sometimes we need to spend time with alone in order to become more spiritually connected. We’re here because of God and we’re able to get through trials because of Him.

Even the most painful events can feel less painful through “prayer.” Our hearts will ache, our minds will turn unhealth thoughts, but prayer can cease those things. When we pray. We become less fearful. Our less levels go down and we feel so much better. “Prayer Changes Things.” We shouldn’t be riddled with all sorts of stresses. If we take the time to give God some time then we will notice changes for the better.

The world is filled with good and evil. We should pray for ourselves and those who come up against us. We will have to face trials and there’s no way of getting around it. When we set aside some time to pray. We become stronger and we’re able to handle situations better. Prayer works. It makes the days less stressful.

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There’s Room for Everyone

There’s no need to push, throw down, or attack there’s room for all of us. Why should there be this need to bring others down? We’re all capable of greatness but it appears that everyone believes that. If people believed in themselves then they wouldn’t feel a need to try to prevent others from elevating. We should want the best for one another. There’s talent all round but people act as if no has talent. They will be mean to others so that others are intimidated and so that they’ll give up.

Don’t allow others to cause you to stop doing what you’re doing. If people are unable to accept others talents and ambitions then that’s too bad. Everyone has the right to try to reach their dreams. We all should be filled with hope and be happy that others want to “rise.” I’ve noticed that people are so in tuned with trying to compete with others that they refrain from polishing up on their craft. They become envious of others gifts.

Instead of embracing one another. They will try to bring anyone down that’s trying to accomplish something. Why? Why can’t we do what we love and people just accept it? If you feel you’re not where you want to be then try to get there but you don’t have to bring others down to make yourself feel better. It just won’t work.

Too many people are unhappy because they’ve been attacked for doing what God has put inside of them. It’s pretty annoying and I don’t think anyone should give up on their dreams because of what others say or try to do. We all have talents that should be shared with the world. Don’t be afraid to share your craft. God has given us the right to share the gifts that no one can take away from us despite them trying to do so. “Let Your Gifts Shine.”

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Another Blessed day

Even when we feel weary. We must show thanks. Tomorrow isn’t promised and we should try to accomplish one more goal or task. Sometimes we feel that we can put off things and leave it for tomorrow. We can’t do everything in one day but we should at least do something productive.

Some may not consider today or any other day a blessing. If you’re able to get out of bed then you should be “thankful” for that. Some people are unable to get out of bed. Give thanls to kindness. Sometimes we’re not exposed to it. Some rarely receive kindness. It wouldn’t hurt to perform a kind act.

It’s a cool morning. Quite early I might add. I thank God He allowed me to see another day and have a morning prayer. We can spend time meditating on our Creator. He’s good to us. My prayers flow to those who don’t know how to live. Don’t understand how kindness works. Hoping that the peace continues to flow about.

There’s times of trouble and when they make their way in our lives. We must remain hopeful and believe that they will pass us by. It’s still dark out but beautiful. We’re supplied with the light and the darkness. There has to be a balance. A day and night. A morning and evening. We have to deal with some good and some bad.

We shouldn’t give up. Yes, there will be days when we feel defeated but that doesn’t actually mean that we are. If we believe that we can overcome then we can. Even if there’s moments when we feel confused and doubt comes into play. We can quickly get rid of it and keep moving.

Those who refuse to give up will reap their rewards. We can’t think that all hope is gone. We’re blessed to be loved. To feel inspired in some way. Blessings will arrive if one is willing to embrace them. Have a beautiful day!

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Thankfulness and Looking to get Better

The world can be a cruel place and it takes a lot of strength to transform into a better person when hate, despair, and hopelessness goes on around you. It’s not easy when trials flood in and the people around you are acting foolish but with prayer and faith. We can get through those trials. We can overcome that old person, the one we use to be, the one who was filled with misunderstanding. Understanding comes through when we pray and get closer to God and Jesus.

Some may not like where you’re headed, they may look at you funny, some may come up against you but with determination to get better those things won’t matter. Being thankful for the sun, the clouds, the small acts of kindness is a

blessing. As we grow. We will learn how to deal with things better. We’ll see things in a different light. Those who aren’t equipped to come with us won’t. Those who want to see us elevate and do better will pray for us to do so.

Anyone who tries to hinder your growth isn’t suitable to ride with you. They will only hinder you at every stage. No one can get better with a whole lot of chaos around them. There needs to be moments of peace. Peace allows us to be able to think on good things. We all know that we will have to go through something but those rumbles are set in place to make us stronger and to give us what we need.

Whatever goes on in the world shouldn’t stop us from proceeding to greatness. We should keep those in our lives who want to see us succeed, get better, and progress. If one is willing to ride with us then we must make sure that they’re on the same page. If not then some clashing could take place. If you’re seeking God then your mate should be seeking God as well. They too help you get better. If you want to get some of God’s words in your spirit then they should want that as well.

Some days may seem as if you’re the only one on earth and others you may feel that you have a support system. We all need some sort of support system. Even if others turn away from us.We’re capable of moving forward and doing what we need to do to get better. Things change, people change, our surroundings may change. We should want to change for the better. We shouldn’t tolerate what we use to. We shouldn’t want to be filled with doubt. Doubt is removed with continuous prayer and “faith.” If things seem a bit gloomy. They will get better and of course there will be some down days but we have to set our minds up for “positive thinking.” Positive thoughts will also help us get better.

“God and Jesus Will Always be on my Team.”

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Appreciate the Small Things

A “smile” makes a difference, especially when darkness comes into play, with darkness there’s light. So many appreciate those little things. They may not need to live in tall buildings or drive a fancy car. They may appreciate the comfort that they experience in a place full of laughter. Some time with a loved one can help one find their way. There’s a lot to be appreciate.

Some are without the basic necessities and we may not consider how much suffering they experience. There’s so many that will pass the less fortunate by. They may have more than enough but are unwilling to “give” to those in need. It’s caused people to refrain from asking for help when they truly need it. Appreciate that Christmas dinner. Some won’t have anything near what we’ll have in our homes. We should appreciate life.

If we’re able to get out of bed and see the rising sun then we’ve been truly “blessed.” Some left this world in a sad state. We never know what someone is going through so we should try to be compassionate. Those unkind words could lead a person into a dark hole. We should consider our words. Saying the wrong thing at the wrong time could be devastating so appreciate kind words.

Appreciate clean drinking water. There’s a lot of people without it and we need clean water not only to drink but to wash our bodies. My husband was telling me a story about a young man who now plays in the NFL. He was raised by a single mother and the mother would go hungry so that her children could eat. They had to take cold showers. Can you imagine doing that in a cold destination? We had to do it for a short period and it was terrible and it’s especially disheartening when there’s members of the family with rheumatoid arthritis. So we appreciate warm to hot water. Thank you Jesus for that. Sometimes we fall into the pit of unappreciation but we shouldn’t go there. It would be so difficult to go without the basics.

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It’s a Brand New day Filled With Thankfulness

Thank God for this day and those to come. It’s a blessing to be able to get out of bed. Not everyone is able to do so. The moments are to be enjoyed but there’s nothing wrong with looking towards the future. I wonder what it will be filled with? Well, I won’t focused too much on it, I have to enjoy the now. I’ll be a year older tomorrow and I’m thankful for that as well. I’m still alive and I’m so grateful.

“Everytime I think of it. It Makes me Smile.” It also made me cry. The memories are so strong. “Sometimes people come into our lives for a reason, a season, and sometimes they come to shake things up.” Those who offer value to our lives should be cherished. The protectors, caregivers, and inspirationalist. I’ll enjoy my days. There was a time that I felt nothing but stress. Some people are something to deal with but that’s another story.

I know God has something great for me. He will send “greatness” my way. What I’m very appreciative of is “love.” It feels good to be loved and you never know who really loves you. One doesn’t have to be in the same town, city, or state in order to feel love from a person. Love can travel near or far. It’s a blessing to experience it. God will send the right people in our lives and he’ll remove those who won’t do right by us.

The sun is shining once again. It doesn’t seem as if any coolness will head this way but I’m still “thankful.” I can’t wait to enjoy Christmas and New Years with the children. Those guys really keep me going and of course God does. I have to keep smiling so that the tears won’t fall. Sometimes we hold on to pain and the more we try to hold it in, the more those tears flow, I simply want to “smile.” Have a blessed day.

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