Peace is Nice That’s Me!

Some may view my attitude like Scrooge but I’m nice but will say what I’m feeling at anytime. That’s right. There are so many continuing to try to agitate but I’m so in tuned with my peacefulness that I’m gliding by. It’s better to proceed than to push backwards. Yes, sometimes there will need to be backwards motions but forward progress will incur the “right” results. “There is a reason or perhaps reasons why I’m moving along proceeding on my journey. There is a purpose for you!” (Tanikka Paulk)

Where am I to head to next? Somewhere is how I’ve viewed my journey. Despite what they’ve thought I would do my confidence has allowed the continuing. Oh I’m nice but some have really tested my patience. Oh yes indeed. Their outlook on what I’ve accomplished and what I’m to accomplish has caused some form of confusion. There is certainly more to discover and there is more to adhere to. My movement has probably surprised the crowds. They’ve witnessed my niceness.

Here I am and perhaps will be going to an “undisclosed” destination. If they’re aware of all of my ventures then there could possibly be some disturbances. my prayers continue. I’m thankful for what I’ve been able to do thus far. God has allowed thee to see, to discover, to imagine what some haven’t dared to imagine. There isn’t anything wrong with imagining. “There is always reality. “Some really do need nice some have caused irritation but I’ve learned to manage frustration.” BY: Tanikka Paulk

There are some wanting to test my patience but oh there is glorious movements anyway. There is prosperous glorious adventures although some may think otherwise. Time continues to move along and that’s great! What’s said isn’t always what’s needed. There is the “ability” to tune out however some of what’s said can be of great usefulness. I’m blessed no matter how I’m perceived. Oh the challenges aren’t in any means causing decline for this woman. No, no, no! The disruptions have taught actually and there is joyfulness in knowing that I’m apart of my own realness. Amen!

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Disagreements but Many Achievements Despite the Conditions

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Each day Creates Success

Some may laugh at those who’ve decided to step out and embrace their dreams because they stated late. A late start doesn’t mean that one isn’t capable of achieving just as much as one that started out early. We can do some great things but we must have the mindset that will allow us to do so. Everyday gives us that opportunity to grow and “prosper.’

When we accomplish the smallest task, we’ve achieved success, probably not the sort of success we want to achieve but it still falls in that category. We can achieve greater success but it won’t able so quickly. We will have to be patient so until then we must use each day to make progress. Progression occurs once we start, we keep moving, and we stay determined. Determination is a big part of success. Determination will keep us going and will help us accomplish complexities.

We shouldn’t take advantage of the days that are given to us. In each day something can be accomplished that will help us get closer to our goals. Goal setting is important but even when we’ve planned for those goals to occur. They may not occur exactly when we want them to. That means that there’s risks. Life can be risky but we must have faith that we can make it to our destination. We must utilize the time we have in a day to make something happen whether big or small.

Little steps will get us to where we want to be and although it may take longer. Longer doesn’t mean that we won’t get there. In fact sometimes we have to take our time. Rushing could land us where we don’t need to be. Taking our time to accomplish our dreams and our visions isn’t a bad thing. It doesn’t matter how many people perceive it to be so. We must do what works for us. So be thankful for the days and try to do something that will create a better for you and your family.

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The Less They Know the Better

It appears that more can be accomplished when everyone doesn’t know one’s moves. When trying to accomplish goals and pursing dreams, it’s best to keep it on the hush, hush. Not everyone will be happy about our accomplishments. They really don’t need to know every move we make.

Some will reveal the importance of keeping your dreams private. Of course we will want to share them with someone but some aren’t thrilled with our ideas. In fact people will spend more time trying to sabotage someone else’s dreams instead of trying to pursue their own. Doesn’t seem fair but that’s how that goes.

Some people have given up on their dreams because of the complexities. The complexities that are generated from people’s actions. Our dreams belong to us and we should embrace them. Sometimes going in silent until a goal is completed is helpful. Too many ideas have lost their way because people became overly excited about them.

It’s unfortunate that some people are inspired that someone wants to better their lives and others. Due to envy or insecurities, people will try to wash others ideas, and goals away. We can’t speak out about every avenue we plan on taking. The ones closest to us should be happy but that isn’t always the case.

They could feel bad about seeing us accomplish our goals. Instead of cheering us on. They may try to stop us from completing our goals. It really puts them in a bad place because no one likes it when someone tries to sabotage their dreams.

Sonetimes we have to be quiet and just move forward. When they ask what you’re up to. Just say, “up to something great” and leave them in thinking. They will want to know but if you tell them then it will be a mistake. We should dream and we should be happy about it. If people aren’t satisfied with our ideas then they don’t need to be apart of them.

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Everyone can Reach the Top so Let’s get it Done

Don’t just take yourself to the top. Take others with you. Take who stood with you when the going got tough. Bring along the “anoited.” Remember those who listened to you when you gave them positive communications. “Love one Another.” We can build something strong. There’s no room for kicking a brother man or sister in the rear.

Encourage one another to reach their “greatness.” Never settle for the minimum when you can reach the maximum. We should feel “good” about inspiring others. When we coke in contact with those who try to discourage us. We should focus on the road ahead and keep enjoying the journey.

Some may not believe in helping others but they should. We should want to create a solid foundation for others. Why wouldn’t anyone want to see others “prosper?” It’s time to “rise.” We should keep climbing to the top. Project positive words and smile while doing so.

Show that you care about people. “There’s room for everyone.” ┬áSo come on and display your talents, your brands, your products and more. We must continue to work together and “build” one another up. Up, up, and away.

Calling all entrepreneurs, musicians, and Entertainers. Writers and Authors. Let your light shine. Shine oh so brightly. We’re capable of doing great things. We “all” have talent and we don’t have to hide it. Allow yourself to get better and encourage others to do the same.

Be happy when others make progress and achieve their dreams. Don’t fret if you haven’t reached your goals as of yet. As long as you keep pushing. You can make it if you try. Don’t worry if the money hasn’t reached you. It will come when you push on. We should want to continue to work on our craft. It will all work out. Believe it will and it will.

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On to the Next one

We can do lots of things at the same time. As long as it doesn’t burn us out then we should accomplish as many “goals” as we can. Some may be afraid to attempt goals because they fear that they’ll be unable to complete them and in their minds they believe they will be defeated. If you start start something you won’t knew what you can accomplish. Don’t listen to people who try to stop you for completing goals and following your passion. They will try to do that because they’re afraid to make efforts to their dreams.

Sometimes you have to learn the hard way. Oh yes, you may be excited about your ideas, you may want to tell the world but wait a minuet. The world won’t be happy that you’re trying to be “creative.” Oh no, a lot of people want to see you fail, not everyone enjoys watching people “shine.” Sad but true. You can’t tell all your moves because there’s always someone waiting to steal them. You will learn how to be silent and just do your thing. “make it Happen without having to give away all the secrets.

Never give up and in. It may take longer than you expected it to but as long as you’re moving in the right direction that’s what matters. Trying to get multiple things done won’t be easy but it can be done. Just remember that everything can’t be revealed. You will have to hide something and you’ll know which ones you have to hide them from. Your goals won’t be pleasing to everyone and that’s alright. Keep up with the creativity and enjoy the journey.

A lot of people decided to give up on their dreams because they were impatient. You have to be patient when traveling on a long road. It won’t happen overnight but keep going. You don’t have to stop pursuing whatever it is you want to pursue. There will be chatter, laughs, and insults but that doesn’t matter. What truly matters is doing what you love and making the best of it.

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Believe in you at all Times

It doesn’t matter who you are, what you’ve done, or what you’re doing. There will always be someone waiting to try to take you down. A lot of people have stopped living their dreams because they’ve faced attacks. They’ve came in contact with envious people. The world is filled with them. There will be groups of people who will try to take you down but don’t allow it. If no one else believes in you. Believe in yourself. Believe that you’ll make it through every test.

We can’t control what others do or try to do but we can control how we deal with it. If they attack then put on your armor and pray. Some may not believe in the “power of prayer” but I do. What “evildoers” try to do to you and anyone else will not prosper. When people try real hard to get next to you, it’s because they see something in you that makes them angry, you intimidate them and it drives them crazy. They would rather you stop doing what you’re doing.

God has placed something special and that could displease some but smile and “keep going.” People waste time on people who they think are talented. They want you to go away because you make them feel bad. What you accomplish or will accomplish is “heaven sent.” Sometimes people become angry because of the people who love you. Never stop dreaming and believing.

Think about all those who were determined to make it to their dream destination. They had to push their way through a screaming crowd but they made it. It isn’t and it won’t be easy but it’s worth it. Anyone trying to do good or trying to help others will receive their rewards and for those who try to hold you back, will suffer the consequences, it may not be today but it will come. God won’t allow those things to continue. He is always in control. Those trials are meant to make “us stronger.”

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Here They Come Again!

Where, who, and when? They’re back. Who’s back? Haters. Wait a minuet. They never left. Are they really haters? If you put yourself out there, they will come, they will seek you. Don’t fret about haters. They’re your undercover cheerleaders. They really want you to “succeed.” Of course they won’t admit it.

The best way to deal with them is to see them and don’t see them. Why? They’ll try to drive you nuts if you feed into them. Relax and let them do what they do best. Haters are really elevators. They will help you develop, help you move up, and they will change your “life.” “Oh my goodness.” Remember that’s what Shanaynay from Martin use to say. There’s nothing you can do about haters but “keep going.”

Don’t allow them to stop your flow. Some people have stopped living their dreams because of them. No one should stop you from living your dreams. If you stop, it’s on you, you decide that and not your haters. So, don’t be troubled when they jump out of the dark, sounds like a horror movie. To tell the truth some of them seem that way. Sorry to say so but it’s true. “You can’t give up.” You have to keep telling yourself that.

Giving up should never be an option. It doesn’t matter what you do. There will always be someone to doubt you, someone who wants you to stop, do’t worry. Those who try to “make it happen” get the punches from haters. They’ve been around for a long time. As time goes on, they will upgrade, when you’ve completed your journey there will be less of them. You won’t even notice them after that.

“Haters Help you Elevate. Allow Them to do Their Jobs. You Simply Can’t Stop Them.”

Business Partners Making it Work

I’m so proud of my business partner. He’s a pretty smart guy, it continues to do research on the best investments, he’s in tuned with business. I’m so thankful that he continues to “prosper.” When choosing a business partner, one should choose someone who’s willing to put in the work, a person who’s focused will do well as a business partner.

If both of you are on the same page then things will most likely work out. Some partnerships go sour because one is more focused on the money then on the bright ideas. Of course we all have to survive but if a “business partner” doesn’t care about others then they would get kicked to the curb.

Who wants to work with a controller? One who won’t listen to your ideas but what all of their ideas put to use. That won’t help in the real world or in business. I rather stick with someone I know very well and I know will get the job done. This person is busy but won’t hesitate researching whatever needs to be researched.

Of course he’s not my only business partner but he’s one that’s working overtime right now. Good for me. Huh? It’s time to get extra serious because we have a lot of work to do. There’s so much planning and there’s a whole lot of “ideas” on the table. We will set up a business plan and continue to put together proposals. That’s something every business owner should learn, they should know how to put proposals together, of course Mr. Business Partner isn’t fond of that and I can understand that. So for now, he’s the researcher, I’m alright with.

My other business partner is the one who gives a few names to speak about. That’s not all, he also goes to some football games, and that works. If everyone does their part then things will certainly come together the way that we would like them to. We have to continue working together and “making things happen.”

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