Give Thanks in it all

We may not understand why people come up against us or why they would choose to waste their time trying to knock us down. The main reason it occurs has to do with their issues that they’re unable to deal with. We shouldn’t fret about it because they will have to deal with more than they realize. Give thanks when people misunderstand or use mean tactics. God is working somethings out in your favor.

We may feel as if we’re unable to deal with certain people or things but God has equipped us with strength that will get us through. The best thing to do when dealing with situations that leave us weary is to pray and pray for those who come up against us. Our prayers are heard and we will come through whatever comes our way. What others do to us has something to do with them. Praise in and out, up, and down.

If a person didn’t have “greatness” within them then people wouldn’t bother. We must remember that Jesus was ridiculed for being who he was. He endure great pain and he wept for us. If people were unconcerned about how they treated Jesus then they’ll be unconcerned about how they come up against us. We should be joyful and filled with love because God assigned something great for us and some become intimated by it.

Moving forward with our assignments will drown out the noise. The people who love us will love us and the people who don’t will show us. Even if a mother turns against her daughter. The daughter should give thanks. A mother is a blessing from God but God isn’t pleased with any mother who refuses to embrace tgeir child or children. Even when the relationship is in turmoil. We still should be “thankful.”

We may not be able to control what others do to us but we can do something about the way we deal with them. God knows what we go through and through our giving thanks and praising Him. He will rectify the situation and deal with all accordingly. Be of good courage and know that good is present even in bad situations. Blessings to all 🙂

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay Free to use Even Commercially