Giving Thanks for the Wonders of Life

We never knowknow where we’ll end up. We go through experiences that could prepare for the next phase in life. We’re constantly learning. When we go through things that seem like drawn out battles. We shouldn’t seem them as downfalls but they’re the door to something better.

So many of us have been through some of the harshes challenges but we made it through. We stood firm and captured what we needed to capture. We can’t grow by standing still so we have to endure somethings that will make us move. Adversity is our foundation and we should be thankful for it. Thankful for the molding and for the shifting.

When it’s all said and done. We’ll figure out why we had to go through certain challenges in our lives. Some of them occur from our doing and others to get us to where we should be. Life can be unpredictable and even when we get knocked down. We should get back up with praises. The journeys of life generates strength for us.

Some of us need more lessons so that we’re prepared for a position that’s created for us. We can’t be placed in certain positions and not be prepared. We have to endure some long and painful experiences for the assignment that we’re called to complete. We may fret when we’re going through but in time we will realize that those experiences are necessary.

We learn to be patient and we learn how to handle things effectively. God wouldn’t put us through anything that we’re not capable of overcoming. Sometimes it is difficult for some to overcome because of their mindset. They may allow those challenges to defeat them first through the mind and then through the body.

Life will challenge us and some of the challenges we’re prepared for and others we have to prepare for. We should appreciate the experiences because they could lead us to the best opportunities. Life can kick us when the sun doesn’t shine but it can offers us some wonderful and joyful memories. We should be encouraged and don’t allow adversities to dicourage us from “movement.”

“Overcome by Storms and Transforming”

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