Love can Overcome Hate

Hate is a strong world. It’s a poisonous world. It can’t solve not one problem but it can trigger many. Hate has brutalized so many, attacked so many, and degraded so many. It doesn’t care what one has accomplished. If it’s in person, place, or building then it will spill from within and from side to side.

Hate doesn’t believe in truth. It feeds off of insecurities and it’s resentful. It adds no value to anyone’s life. It eats away at the flesh. It makes the heart unhealthy and the mind riddled with envy. It’s so dangerous. It’s like an epidemic that can’t be controlled. Anyone filled with it will become sick in the mind.

Love is beautiful. It conquers all things. It can get rid of hate and although it may take some time for it to remove hate from a place. Love is strong it embraces. Love can change a person from a silent being to a very expressive one. It wants to grow and give. Love builds up not tear down. It uplifts people.

What can Love do

Love teach us how to know. It can turn a mean one into a caring soul. Love can embrace the nature, animals, and people. Love can also be stern and praise God for the loving blessings He continues to send. Love doesn’t fade. It stays with those in their darker days. Love is compassionate and understanding.

Love can overcome attacks and ask God for relief. Love knows how to generate peace. Love doesn’t want people to fail. Love wants people to excel. Love defeats. It can immobilize hate. Love can be silent and it tries to resolve some of the most complexities. Love is bold and courageous. Love wants people to “rise.” Love can certainly overcome hate. God loves and God would never honor hate. Anyone who is filled with hate doesn’t know God or Jesus because they both are “Love.”

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We Should put joy in our Lives

Sometimes things can get pretty hectic and we need some relief. There’s no need no reason why we shouldn’t enjoy our lives. Sometimes we get so stuck with trying to make things better for others and we forget about ourselves. Life can be challenging so why shouldn’t we have some fun? We should laugh and smile. There’s a whole lot to be thankful for. Our happiness is very important in fact our happiness can make others happy.

Enjoy your time with family and it wouldn’t hurt to watch some funny movies with them. Laughter puts us in a better mood. It lifts us up and there’s a lot of people who could use some “uplifting.” We don’t have to be stuck in a rut. There’s a lot of fun activities available to us. Spread some joy around and embrace people. There’s a reason to be joyous. Some may say, “What’s That?” Being a live is joyous. If we’re able to get out of bed and complete tasks then why shouldn’t we be “joyous?:”

I know there’s some people who would frown at joy because they’re going through so much but with the right attitude we should expect great things. Be filled with joy because we’re “blessed.” Each day that we breath in and out, there’s a blessing or blessings that are delivered to us, we should be thankful for that. There’s music surrounding us and that seems pretty joyous. Create joy.Make someone’s life a little easier.

Could you imagine not having any joy in your life? There’s people that live in misery because of their environmental conditions or mindset. We can live peacefully and we can encourage others to make things better not only for themselves but for others. Putting a smile on someone’s face is a blessing in itself. If we’re not feeling joyous then we should surround ourselves around joyous people.

Sometimes being in troubled environments can bring us way down and we may not feel like smiling or pepping up. There’s a lot of reading material that will help us be joyous. Seeing positive words and hearing them produces happiness. The world is filled with a lot of violence an despair and we need to be surrounded by positivity. Our minds can’t focus on issues all of the time and that’s where joy comes in.

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