Hold Your Head up High

We live in a very competitive world. People doing whatever it takes to win. Winning is alright but what about succeeding? If people are trying to stop others from succeeding then they’re doing a disservice to themselves. Of course they may not view it that way but they are. If we don’t accomplish something that can create a brightet future then that can hinder those who come behind us. The ones who try to hinder those who are trying to succeed could be holding their children back. Those who are trying to accomplish great things could be the ones who open up doors for the ones who try to hinder children.

People probably aren’t thinking that way but they should. It doesn’t benefit us to stop others from excelling. It only creates more problems. Bigger problems actually. If people are trying to weigh others down for whatever reason then they will have to figure all to get around it. There’s always ways. We shouldn’t ferl bad about trying to achieve and trying to set up things for the future. Anyone trying to make us feel bad about that is a helper. They hinder. They ferl bad when they see others trying to accomplish their goals or “live their dreams.”

It doesn’t seem fair that people rather try and sabotage one’s goals but this happens when competitiveness is in the works. No mattet what comes up against us. We can overcome. We should hold our heads up high and feel good about where we’re headed. No need to keep looking backwards when good things are in front of us. If we give in to those who want us to stop prospering then we will suffer a defeat.

Some may give up because they feel it’s difficult but difficulties are apart of the “process. ” We either accept or we simply give up. Giving up shouldn’t be an option. We have to push ourselves and block out what needs to be blocked out. Never allow anyone to stop you from creating a better future. We should all want better and we can have it. No mattet how tough it gets. Keep going, keep believing, and feel confident.

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay Free to use Even Commercially