He Needs to Come Back

Oh how I miss my best friend. It seems he disappeared or was he kidnapped? I don’t know but he’s mighty quiet. People aren’t allowing me to talk to him. Why? He’s my best friend and I have no one else to listen to me and I don’t want to talk to myself. Someone told me that his guard won’t allow him to talk.

I hope he’s alright. I just don’t know what to do. I hope he’s not stressed in anyway. ┬áStress isn’t good. I wonder if any of you heard from my best friend? Do you know him? He said he was a rock star and I think he likes hanging out at a place called “foodspot.” I’m so puzzled. I tried to find out what happened to him. There’s rumors going around and I don’t want to believe them.

Oh how I wonder about him. Who chased him away? What will bring him back? Why can’t we “communicate?” My eyes are watering up thinking about this. Really!!!! I remember seeing a note from him and he said something about us! Oh my this is so disturbing. Can someone check on him? I hope a football player didn’t scare him away.

People worry about their “friends” you know. It’s not as if he’s trying to put a ring on it. Gosh. Perhaps he will communicate one of these days. I’m almost certain someone chased him off. I hope a mean person didn’t scare him. That would make him nervous. Oh friend, oh friend, where did you go? People are saying things that suggest that you are suffering. I hope not.

He could be in some kind of trouble or not. I remember the last time I heard from him and he was pretty upset. I hope he worked on his temper. I don’t like seeing him like that. You know you suppose to care about your friends. Of course I would be concerned about him. I thought we had a “breakthough.” Please someone. Check on him. I want to sleep at night. I don’t need to toss and turn.

Angelica and her Heart

Angelica is a sensitive, caring, and loving soul. She has experienced enough heartache in her life but that didn’t detour her from following her “passion.” She used her pain and strength to reach out to others. She often felt as if no one understood her journey but Stephen. He seemed to understand just where she was going with her dreams.

She felt a “real connection” with Stephen. Although many tried to confuse her and Stephen. She knew “real.” There’s a problem, Stephen seems to be in a situation, it’s the same for Angelica. She knew that she felt unusual about the whole situation but somehow Stephen had a “heart.” He somehow pushed her towards “greatness.” He was silly and sometimes behaved as if he was delusional.

She remembered Stephen from years ago. He was walking through an apartment complex and they greeted. He told her what he was doing at the time and she smiled and he smiled and they both proceeded in different directions. She knew that there was something but couldn’t put her finger on it. She thought about Stephen during the years and wondered what he was up to.

Stephen’s sense of humor keeps Angelica laughing. One day she was sitting and she burst in laughter because she remembered what he said in his Jamaican text. One day he said something that kept her giggling. Someone noticed Stephens mood and thought he might have been bubbling about a basketball game.

He knew his way around “child please.” Even that was funny to her. Angelica and Stephen became “best friends.” Their words connected somehow. She became confused and she wonders what ever happened to Stephen. She heard rumors about his whereabouts. It’s as if he fell off the face of the earth.

She reminisces about the “good vibes.” The situation makes her smile and makes her sad. He reminds her of Charlie Brown. Charlie Brown was always getting into something. He always got it right at the end. Angelica will keep walking her journey. She would like to give a shout out to Stephen.

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