Foolishness can be Uncontrollable

Some people can’t help but fall in the cycle of foolishness. It can make its rounds when envy, superiority, and masculinity comes into play. When one wants to prove that they’re better and when they want people to see the best in them. They could be headed for foolish road.

It’s a reason why people say, “Stay in Your Lane.” Everything isn’t for everyone. If you’re better equipped to work on a job then why would you keep invading in people’s business? Some people are fueld with competition and they feel they have something to prove. The spectators get a good dose of foolishness.

There’s nothing wrong with having fun but some people don’t know when to stop! There comes a time when foolishness has to cease. When business has to be conducted and all those distractions removed. Instead of trying to make a better life. People are spending more time getting wrapped up in the foolish web.

Sometimes we don’t need to prove anything. Envy is a gateway to foolishness. It will create a long road filled with vicious cycles. Unfortunately some people can’t handle seeing others try to build a better life for themselves. Foolishness is the ultimate distraction.

Those who try to pursue their dreams or accomplish their goals will face distractions. People trying to get them off balance so that they won’t succeed in whatever they’re trying to accomplish. It’s best to avoid certain situations or at least learn from them.

When foolishness keeps going and going just keep pursuing your dreams. There’s always someone who wants to stop it but God has allowed it. You can always tell who wants to you others “rise” and would love to see others fail. The best thing to do is to keep pushing your way through the foolishness.

No one can stop a dreamer but that dreamer. Succeed anyway. If someone wants you to turn back then that’s their problem. Insecure people will try all avenues to make sure others don’t make it to their destination. Remove foolishness and you’ll go further.

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay Free to use Even Commercially